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Abroad Programs Attract Swedish Doctoral Students

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden signed NATO accession protocols for Sweden and Finland. Amidst the ongoing assault of Russia on Ukraine, the signed protocol moves the alliance defence closer to adding two wealthy, militarily advanced members. Earlier this summer, the approval of Biden followed overwhelming support from both chambers of Congress. With Senate ratifying the agreement last week

Swedish is one of the most innovative nations in the world. Swedish Higher Education attraction System is internationally reclaimed for its high quality. It is a home not only to world-ranked universities but also to top multinational companies like Volvo, IKEA, H&M, and TetraPak.

Studying abroad comes with numerous degree programs that also involve well-paid internships. Students don't need to learn English since there are numerous English programs. Staying there will not be much of a problem since they provide unlimited part-time work rights to international students. The post-study work visa duration is for 1 year.

Abroad Programs Attract Swedish Doctoral Students
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Some of Sweden's best cities popular for International Students are Lund, Uppsala, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Umea. The country has got many opportunities and scholarships available for international students.

 It has an excellent education system that provides various courses in the fields of business, engineering, science and technology and the humanities. It is also known to be one of the most budget-friendly countries for studying abroad.  

The international students get attracted to Sweden's affordable housing, high standard of living and affordable tuition fees. Stockholm University, University of Gothenburg, Karolinska Institut, Upsala University and Lund University are top Swedish universities.

  • Shivani Jain
  • December 7,2022
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