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Auckland Institute Shifts to Online Teaching Amidst Flu & COVID

Amidst the surge of new COVID-19 cases on top of widespread flu, Carmel College on the North Shore has decided to opt for online teaching. Principal Chris Allen has admitted that, despite trying to keep doors open, COVID-19 cases surpassing 10,000 has forced authorities to take this measure.

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The latest surge in flu and COVID-19 cases has decreased the staff numbers to the point where the college cannot guarantee to maintain the safety of staff and students on campus. For the past couple of weeks, almost 20% of staff and students experienced ill health. However, the numbers shot up to approximately 30% in recent weeks.

Following this situation, Carmel College announced the resumption of online classes for the safety of students and staff. Fortunately, the transition to the online mode of learning has been smoother compared to 2020. In fact, educators recorded better attendance in online classes.

Auckland Institute Goes Back to Online Teaching Amidst Flu and Increased COVID Cases
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Students received the news positively since they were bulking under the stress of regular assignments. Moreover, despite the study interruption, the academic results were pretty consistent.

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While Principal Allen is unsure of the future, she has promised that the institution will do its best to support students throughout these trying times. The New Zealand government has decided against moving the country to red traffic light setting despite the rising cases. However, the new COVID-19 measures are expected to make masks mandatory for all students.

  • Ashwini Kumar
  • November 23,2022
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