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Dubai Students Secure the Third Spot in FSN 2022

Students from the BITS Pilani, Dubai campus won third place at the Formula Student Netherlands (FSN) 2022. The 14-member Team Al Fursan comprised engineering students from multidisciplinary groups. The student team belong to the BITS Dubai Motorsports Club in association with MAHY Khoory & Co LLC.

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The students aimed to design a car that focused on ‘Driver Ergonomics.’ Drawing information from Biology, Engineering, and Design, the students designed the car to consider the driver's health, safety and comfort. The students developed the formula car model on the BITS Pilani Dubai campus, considering all vehicular environments for driver safety.

Dubai Students Secure the Third Spot in FSN 2022
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The students faced many challenges during their journey. For example, the lack of documentation meant that the students had to spend a long time figuring out the task details. In addition, according to a team member, Adhav Kumaravel, the team had to search for suppliers for components and parts in other countries due to the unavailability in the UAE.

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The entire project took nine months to plan, execute and complete. Fortunately, the team’s eagerness to learn, adapt and execute the operation allowed Al Fursan to rise to the challenge. The team has plans to develop more eco-friendly cars in the future that focus on high performance and efficiency.

  • Teena Jain
  • December 15,2022
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