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Germany to increase funds for EU exchange student programs

Young education in Germany is set to receive a new direction, with the state's education being financially assisted by the government. The members of the education ministry of the German state came together on the decision to provide financial assistance to non-EU students, with Bettina Stark-Watzinger, the head of the Ministry, confirming the rule. 

Erasmus is the exchange program of the EU that has been initially designed to support education among the youth in Europe for up to twelve months during their academic years. However, the opportunity is not limited to students and is provided to scholars who have completed their work experience and internships abroad.

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Germany to increase funds for EU exchange student programs
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The programme was still in its budding stage and earned complete recognition only after the head of the ministry of education confirmed it. According to the programme, the government willingly and under every circumstance accepted to fund the education of students engaged in the Erasmus + scheme. The programme was pronounced in a bid and with the intention to boost the living allowances of international students pursuing higher education in Germany. 

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Bettina Stark-Watzinger, in one of the conferences, mentioned that the new fund comprising Euro 57 million would enable support to 13,700 students under the Erasmus Scheme. 

As per the decision taken by the Education Ministers, the new fund distribution will commence from the winter season, and every student will be provided with an allowance ranging from Euro 490 to Euro 600. The allowances provided to students will entirely depend on the country they are studying in. Also, students from non-academic backgrounds or with a disability will be eligible for an additional Euro 250 every month. 

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  • Lika Fouzdar
  • December 3,2022
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