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Institutes Introduce School Supermarkets for Real-Life Skills

Woolworths has launched the Mini Woolies program in several schools across Australia to provide disabled children with the opportunity to gather valuable customer service experience. By establishing mini supermarkets in schools, the program lets the children begin their experience in a safe and familiar environment.

Woolworths has always focused on assisting students with special needs. That’s why, for the past 5 years, the company has been providing hands-on training to ensure the kids can transition well into society. For example, the current Mini Woolworths Ambassador Kiara Misciagna began her journey as a Woolworths employee by practising her skills at a Mini Woolies in her school.

Institutes Provide Real-Life Skills by Introducing Supermarkets in School
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Only 12 schools have collaborated with Woolworths regarding the Mini Woolies program. However, the numbers are expected to rise to 25 by June 2023. The expansion plans were announced at the launch of another Mini Woolies branch at a school in Northern Sydney.

The mini supermarkets are meant to be a miniature variation of the actual Woolworths supermarket. Therefore, you’ll find the Mini Woolies contain baskets of fresh goods, shelves similar to those in supermarkets, an operational check-out system and a Woolies uniform for all students working at the mini supermarket.

The students receive additional guidance from local Woolworths employees. According to the Principal of Clarke Road School, Rebecca Saunders, the Mini Woolies scheme is the perfect opportunity for students with disabilities to practice their social and essential work skills before progressing to a broader community.

  • Ashwini Kumar
  • November 21,2022
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