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International Students Make up of First Years

Dutch tertiary schools are gaining popularity with overseas students. Studies reveal that forty per cent of first-year international students secure seats in higher education universities in the Netherlands. 

The rise in the number of scholars flying to the Netherlands to pursue their majors has been sharp enough to impact the concerns of university heads. Statistics Netherlands has rolled out the latest figures that show even the post-pandemic throes could not put brakes on the rise. 

According to other related studies, around 42,000 of the total 115,000 international students are overflowing Netherlands' universities for the first time. On that note, one in every four first-year students is an international in almost every university in the Netherlands. Ay institutions, forty per cent of the newcomers, are from abroad. 

International Students Make up 40% of First Years
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Almost 80,400 overseas students are pursuing higher education at Dutch institutions, and around 34,800 international students are at institutions of applied sciences in the 2021-2022 academic year. According to sources, European applicants have widely utilised Dutch education facilities and comfort and adopted them. Furthermore, sources reveal that European scholars' percentage has risen from 65% in 2006 to 76% in the current academic year.

According to sources, international students flew to the Netherlands to pursue tertiary education, primarily in law, business, commerce, and accounting. While on the other hand, design, languages, and art have remained other popular professional education courses on the list. At another handful of universities, the study courses frequently pursued were journalism, social sciences, and behavioural sciences. 

The universities' growing concern in controlling the influx is reflected in their use of instruments to safeguard the education quality in the country. They are introducing a quota for overseas students with the accord of Robbert Dijkgraaf, the Education Minister, though he issued a warning that this procedure will take time.

  • Namarta Virmani
  • December 6,2022
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