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Kutaisi International University Hosts Iconic Conference

Kutaisi International University hosted the “EU-Georgia - Full Involvement in Georgia in the Horizon Europe Program” recently. Mikheil Chkhenkeli, the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, opened the conference by highlighting the government's steps to develop science.

The EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, Maria Gabriel, who also attended the conference, highlighted the importance of signing the international framework agreement. She also emphasized that the EU will continue supporting Georgia in its new research and innovation program.

The two-day conference saw several dignitaries discussing the possible opportunities of Georgia's Horizon Europe Association. They also discussed the action plan for the current year and future plans regarding the Horizon Europe National Office. The conference also allowed to debate on Georgia's participation in activities related to Council for European Studies (ERC), Council for European Innovation (EIC) and COST.

Other conference attendees include:

  • Nunu Mitskevichi, Deputy Minister of Education and Science
  • Alexander Tevzadze, Rector of Kutaisi International University
  • Signe Ratso, Deputy Director General of the European Commission for Research and Innovation

Kutaisi International University Hosts Iconic Conference
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Those who had participated in 4 successful Georgian projects also addressed the conference and shared their experiences in an interactive session. The audience also had the opportunity to ask questions and clarify their doubts.

Choosing Kutaisi International University to host the conference has far-reaching implications. Amongst them, the most important reason is that it highlights Georgia's desire to make the university a hub for the internationalization of education, science and technology in the region.

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  • Shreya Singh
  • December 12,2022
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