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Malay As a Third Language Opens Up New Doors

Schools always highlight the importance of learning a foreign language to extend employment possibilities. But even Lee Zi Xin could not have expected the direction her career would take when she took up Malay as her third language in school.

Lee Zi Xin decided to study Malay in secondary school due to her desire to have better communication with locals and her peers. Over the years, her dedication to learning Malay has made her fluent in the language.

Her efforts were rewarded once Lee Zi Xin secured an internship at a China-based venture capital firm. The firm hopes to expand its operations in Southeast Asia, providing the perfect opportunity for Lee Zi Xin to apply for the position.

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Malay As a Third Language Opens Up New Doors
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Currently, Ms Lee is a full-time investment associate at the firm. Her experience is one of many instances where learning a third language helps students secure attractive work opportunities in renowned companies.

Statistics show that individuals who know more than one language have a greater earning opportunity than monolingual people. For example, workers in Florida who are fluent in Spanish and English earn approximately USD 7000 more than their monolingual counterparts. Similarly, a Canadian study reveals that bilingual men earn 3.6% more than those who speak only English.

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  • Sweta Singh
  • December 14,2022
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