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Munich ranked the second-best student city in the world

The Schengen reports registered Munich as the state's second-most preferred by students willing to study in Germany. The first preference is secured for Berlin. 

Munich has performed excellently in providing studying facilities and experience to students, yet the capital city of Bavaria registered a lower position compared to the 2021's QS ranking edition. 

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I AM EXPAT is another surveyor that evaluates students' quality of studying and staying conditions. According to the surveyor, the best destination approved for students' education depends on six major categories, including student mixture, the activity of employers, the voice of students, university rankings, desirability to study, and affordability. While Munich qualified in four categories like rich culture, high living standards, career prospects, and diverse student environment, it failed miserably in providing affordable education facilities to students.

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Munich ranked the second-best student city in the world
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The complemented high standard of living in Munich turned out to be costly for students, which emphasised the second position of the city. 

And with tuition fees, students find it even more challenging to choose Munich as their study destination. 

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Moreover, according to other sources, the city's population is another vital factor in including a city in the ranking. As stated by the sources, the city needs to have a population of over 250,000 and accommodation of two universities that are a part of the QS ranking. On that note, 164 cities were chosen before ranking in the top 10, and Munich secured the position of two. 

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Apart from Berlin and Munich, Stuttgart is another student-friendly city that has earned a position in the QS ranking. Stuttgart was placed in eighty-eighth place. 

  • Lika Fouzdar
  • December 3,2022
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