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Pandemic Causes Private Schools to be More Generous with GCSE Scores

Previously GCSE grades were graded using A to G. However, the pandemic throes modified the grading system of the GCSE, which is currently done using 9 to 1. 

The swap was found to be a generous approach taken by the Education Ministry; otherwise, inequality would have prevailed between the private and state English schools. FFT (Fast Fourier transform) Education Datalab was surveyed in 2020 and 2021 to evaluate the grades secured by private school students during the pandemic outbreak. The analysis revealed the generosity of private school instructors who awarded comparatively high GCSE grades than expected to peers of state schools. 

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Only after FFT predicted the performance of students in GCSE Maths and English it decide to conduct a survey in selective state schools with the grades granted by private schools. The results were inequal and surprising. 

Both private and state sector students performed commendably prior to the pandemic due to school attainment. A change in the picture happened post-pandemic when students were under complete house arrest with no provision for attaining schools. A drastic difference was noted in the grades secured by students of both private and state grammar schools. 

Pandemic Causes Private Schools to be More Generous with GCSE Scores
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The FFT analyst, Natasha Plaister, seemingly suggested that private schools graded students’ papers more generously than expected under both teacher-assessed grades (TAGs) and centre-assessed grades (CAGs). 

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According to the data from the analysis, state school students achieved 0.3 grades higher and private school students achieved 0.7 grades higher than expected. Private school pupils could benefit from doubt owing to the lesser disruption by the pandemic. However, the teacher-assessed grades should have adjusted for the inequality to some extent. 

Ms Plaister would see if the gap could be filled when pupils have sat for public exams for the first time since the pandemic became partly typical. 

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  • Ashwini kumar
  • November 22,2022
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