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Rare Antarctic Whale Spotted in Victoria

Sightings of a rare species of Antarctic whale swimming around in pods up to six times the size of typical whale pods in Victoria have caused quite a stir amongst the locals. The crew and passengers reported the first sighting on Wildlife Coast Cruises.

According to reports, the lucky witnesses saw at least 12 Antarctic eco-type orcas swimming in a massive pod off Phillip Island. This sighting is supposedly the first ever reported instance of the sighting of a rare species of whale in Victoria.

Rare Antarctic Whale Spotted in Victoria
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Wildlife Coast Cruises' Ben Dickie stated that this rare sighting was an exhilarating experience for all the witnesses. After all, the orcas have only been sighted seven times in Australian coastal waters during their migration to the north from Antarctica.

Dickie expressed his surprise at the opportunity to see a pod of that size. The typical size of a pod of whales is two to four. As a result, the sighting of at least twelve or more orcas was out of the ordinary. In addition, humpback whales are a more common sighting than orcas. Thus, the wonder behind this sudden sighting is undeniable.

  • Ashwini Kumar
  • November 21,2022
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