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Student-friendly policies attract more Indian students to Germany

2022 provided breathing space to students whose overseas studying options were punctuated in 2020 due to COVID-19. And as students explore their dream universities, their preferences remain fixed to their usual county option – Germany. 

2022 has witnessed a pronounced increase in the number of students flying to Germany to pursue secondary and tertiary education. 

The reason for this notable upswing is attributed to several factors, including a considerable surge in the number of students pursuing their master's degrees. 

Most country-run institutions are significantly recognised and ranked in the Quacquarelli Symonds World University Rankings list. 

Student-friendly policies attract more Indian students to Germany
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In terms of courses, students can choose from a plethora of courses. In fact, it will hardly be a problem for students who don't know Germany as the universities offer students the option to choose English as their preferred medium of education. 

Other igniting factors pacing up Germany's universities with Indian students are excellent university facilities and infrastructure, little or zero tuition fees and internationally admitted degrees. 

Germany has limited human contact, with a more significant proportion of people still engulfed by the pandemic throes and shrugged by the infection tales. Nevertheless, the country has paid quality attention to allowing booster shots for inhabitants, isolating the virus-bearers, and cutting short yet compulsory quarantine days for everybody. 

Moreover, students can work suitably either during vacations or in term for one-hundred and twenty full days or two-hundred and forty half days every year. 

Germany has always remained an Indian favourite. Germany can be your one-stop study destination with penny-pinching living and educational expenses, a welcoming environment, and top-notch educational facilities. 

  • Lika Fouzdar
  • November 30,2022
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