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Sweden Becomes the 32nd Member of NATO

On Tuesday, Sweden and Finland have taken a step closer to making a full members of NATO by formally signing the accession agreement with the military alliance. President Joe Biden has signed up the NATO accession protocols for Sweden and Finland, thus making the defence alliance closer to adding two wealthy, advanced members.

Earlier this summer, its approval of Biden received overwhelming support from both chambers of Congress. Efforts to welcome the two Nordic countries to the treaty have received bipartisan support from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

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Sweden Becomes the 32nd Member of NATO
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Before signing the protocols in the East Room, Biden said that a new, better future that everyone wants to see could be created together with allies and partners.

Both Finland and Sweden are known to become NATPs 31st and 32nd member states. It was in March 2020 when North Macedonia joined the group; the most recent NATO enlargement came. Georgia, Ukraine, Heregivina and Bosnia have shared their interest in joining.

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  • Shimpy Siswdiya
  • December 8,2022
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