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Swedish schools inspectorate bans IES chain from opening 4 schools

Even though the house is already half built, Skolinspektionen, the Swedish Schools Inspectorate, has refused to grant the chain permission to open a new planned new school in Nortalje, north of Stockholm. The inspectorate had even refused to permit three other schools, which the chain and already applied to get started in 2023.

Since the school refused to submit the required independent assessment on how many pupils the schools have, the application in all four cases has been rejected.

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According to the deputy chief executive of IEW, Jorgen Stenquist, IES never had to submit the data as it had always been able to point out the queues of pupil who seeks out admissions to the schools.  

Swedish schools inspectorate bans IES chain from opening 4 schools
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Previously there was no need to hire external companies to conduct a direct pupil survey. This is because they had so many lines. Back then, it was enough for them to report a large queue in the local area. However, if the School Inspectorate wishes to conduct targeted surveys and ask the parents directly if they wish their children to continue their education in their new schools, then they probably should start doing that.

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The newspaper states that when the inspectorate asked for pupil predictions, that chain refused, stating that they do not make student forecasts.

As per the DN, the inspectorate has been receiving complaints from other school chains that IES tends to get favourable treatment and has even excused some requirements other chains get to fulfil.

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  • Shimpy Siswdiya
  • December 8,2022
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