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Tamar Makharashvili Launches National Education Center

Tamar Makharashvili, addressed the participants of the National Center for Quality Development in Education 2022 in her opening speech. She highlighted the current reforms in the education system and the Education Quality Development Center’s role in processing these implementations.

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Additionally, she highlighted the collaboration among the Ministry of Education and Science, educational institutions, and education specialists in various fields to improve the quality of education and make it more transparent. She also spoke on the Center’s current projects, which include:

  • Introducing a cluster accreditation model
  • Developing extra criteria for the in-depth evaluation of doctoral programs
  • Promoting active accreditation from international experts
  • Developing the medical field characteristics

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Tamar Makharashvili Opens National Center for Quality Development in Education 2022 Conference
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The conference’s opening day focused on quality control issues in higher education. Amongst the speakers was Nunu Mitskevichi, the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, who shared her opinions on the challenges faced while developing a quality assurance system in higher education. Other notable attendees at the conference include David Gordon, Goran Dakovich, Colin Tuck, and other dignitaries.

The second day of this three-day conference focused on challenges in general education, while the third day was dedicated to issues in vocational education.

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  • Akancha
  • December 13,2022
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