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Teachers Undergo Intense COVID-19 Tests :Ensuring Safe Learning

As public and private institutes in Georgia begin offline classes in full force, the Ministry of Education has announced several measures to ensure a safe learning environment. For example, all schools will have access to disinfectants, disinfection barriers and thermoscreen devices throughout the academic year.

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Furthermore, the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia has collaborated with the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health representatives to train more than 400 public and private school doctors to conduct COVID-19 testing in schools. As a result, these professionals can conduct regular COVID tests to nip the virus in the bud. Furthermore, the government provided medical rooms to around 60 public schools, promising that 142 more schools will receive such rooms in the near future.

Teachers Undergo Intense COVID-19 Tests for a Safe Learning Environment
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When the new academic year began in Georgia, the Ministry of Education allowed parents to choose between in-person classes and online learning. Furthermore, teachers can continue teaching remotely if conducting offline classes increases their risks of contracting the virus.

In addition to providing electronic journals to help teachers record attendance and conduct evaluations electronically, the Georgian government has made face masks mandatory for children to prevent the virus's rapid spread. According to the ministry, approximately 67% of teachers and staff at public schools have completed their vaccinations.

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As mass vaccinations continue amidst decreased daily new COVID-19 infections, things are expected to return to normal soon.

  • Akancha
  • December 13,2022
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