The Netherlands Homes to Two of the Worlds’ Top 100 Scientific Universities

Two of the Netherlands' universities have achieved spots in the world's top hundred scientific institutions. Utrecht University has outperformed every other university in the Netherlands, providing course-centred facilities. 

According to the comprehensive guide provided by the CWTS (Civic Welfare Training Service) Leiden ranking of the 2022 edition, Netherlands' educational facilities have delivered excellence. CWTS surveys over 1300 renowned institutions worldwide based on statistics and data that offer deep insight into the quality of education. Another vital factor considered is the impact of the Universities on scientific publications. And 2022's edition of the ranking list is dominated by Chinese universities, with Harvard University securing the first position, followed by Netherland's Utrecht University. 

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Other sources confirm Netherlands' commendable academic performance as five of the country's universities secure spots in the list of 150 institutions. In addition, this year's CWTS ranking listed all thirteen Dutch universities with two accomplished university names in the top hundred– the Utrecht University (securing the eightieth position) and the University of Amsterdam (a few numbers behind in the ninetieth). 

The Netherlands Homes to Two of the Worlds’ Top 100 Scientific Universities

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As per the data revealed by CWTS, Utrecht University made around 9,899 scientific publications between 2017 and 2020, with four thousand published papers in the top fifty of their respective subjects. Furthermore, sources confirm that Utrecht University has published majorly in health and biomedical sciences. In the same vein, the University of Amsterdam has published more than 9,464 papers between 2017 and 2020, with most publications made in health and biomedical sciences. 

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While UU and UvA retained their position in the list of top 100 universities, the other universities slipped their rankings compared to 2021. The University of Groningen came to 111th place, followed by Leiden University (146th) and Radboud University (149th). 

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  • Namarta Virmani
  • December 7,2022

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