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The Netherlands Rank in the Top 10 Student Destinations

The latest survey on countries receiving international students has revealed the rank achieved by the Netherlands – the country secured a position in the top 10 countries across the globe. Sources say that the Netherlands has been consistent with its performance of duty. And even within the nation, Utrecht was the most preferred study destination for international students.

The Netherlands is the ninth-best country to offer unmatched educational facilities and professional courses to aspirants worldwide. The Campus Advisor, a popular student review site, extensively reviewed 17,824 students from different corners of the world who were asked to rate the countries they pursued higher studies from. In addition, students were demanded to honestly rate the countries and respective universities in 6 different categories: Cost of Living, Student Diversity, Quality of Education, Arts and Culture, Graduate Career Prospects, and Social Life. The reviewers then deduced a result based on the ratings to determine the top twenty nations for tertiary education in 2022. 

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The Netherlands Rank in the Top 10 Student Destinations
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After the inquest, reviewers ranked the Netherlands as the 9th best nation for higher education worldwide. In addition, the Netherlands received a commendable rating of 4.32 out of 5 stars. Students specified the best university and cities in the Netherlands as the University of Amsterdam and Utrecht, respectively. 

The Netherlands will not have a competitor soon, remarked one of the survey participants. The nation provides excellent academic and accommodation facilities to students. The Netherlands received high scores, with 4.58 in the Graduate Career Prospects and 4.57 in the Quality of Education categories. Moreover, students were enthralled by the Dutch museums, clubs, parks, and bars that chalked up the Netherlands' social life category with a score of 4.5 out of 5. The Cost of Living was the single category that had brought down the overall rating of the Netherlands. 

The better part is that Netherlands' overall score was more than most of the presumed student-friendly countries like Belgium, Francs, and Japan. Several European nations achieved higher ranks than the Netherlands, including Switzerland with a 6th and Germany with a 4th position in the list. 

  • Namarta Virmani
  • December 6,2022
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