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The University of Canterbury Offers Scholarships to School Leavers

In celebration of its 150th birthday, the University of Canterbury has announced hundreds of scholarships to support lower-decile school leavers facing financial difficulties. These scholarships will cover full degree courses for 150 students in 2023, with additional scholarships in 2024.

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The Executive Director of Maori, Pacific and Equity at the University of Canterbury, Sacha McMeeking, stated that these scholarships would fulfil the desires of several students who have written off university education due to financial constraints. In addition, many of these students would be the first in their families to obtain higher education as these scholarships will cover the course fees for undergraduate studies.

The new scholarships are known as Te Kakau a Maui and represent:

  • The Maui’s achievements
  • The use of the kakau

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The University of Canterbury Offers Scholarships to School Leavers
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Similar to the Maui, the students who are to receive the scholarship have overcome several trials and hardships in life. Moreover, the scholarships are compared to the kakau, a tool that will help these students achieve their dreams and ambitions.

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These scholarships aim to ensure all students, regardless of their socioeconomic status and ethnicity. The university’s decision to give out these scholarships aligns with its ideology to encourage talent and break down barriers.

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  • Ashwini kumar
  • November 23,2022
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