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University of Cincinnati Removes Founder's Name Linked to Slavery

A unanimous vote was made by the board of Trustees of the University of Cincinnati on Tuesday to officially remove the name of Charles McMicken, one of the school's racist founders, from the campus. He is referred to as a 19th-century slave owner who supported the school from spaces across the university with the help of donations.

McMicken has fathered two children by enslaved women. In the late 1800s, he even donated land and money to set up the University of Cincinnati to promote the education of white girls and boys. After the decision of the boards, multiple gathering spaces and buildings will be renamed.

The University of Cincinnati Removed the Name of the Founder
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UC President Neville Pinto took the move one step further in 2019 by arranging a working group of faculty, student government leaders and board members to analyze whether the name of McMicken should adorn the sciences and arts building and other spaces. However, the working group's report recommended by the university suggests removing the name at all costs. Continuing to write the name of McMicken may give the idea that the school does not support the mission of UC excellence and diversity. Thus, Pinto recommends students complete removal the name of McMicken, especially in four campus spaces, including a café and a hall. The spaces will be renamed University Circle, Arts & Science Hall, Bearcats Commons and Bearcats Café.

  • Ashwini Kumar
  • November 18,2022
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