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Wageningen University Named Best in the Netherlands

Wageningen University made it to the list of top hundred universities for the third time. Six other Dutch universities nabbed spots in the Times Higher Education institution rankings, along with Wageningen University claiming the top position. 

The Times Higher Education (THE) conducts an annual ranking of universities worldwide. This year's edition was published, and the results were hardly different from those of the previous years. This year's ranking witnessed over 16,000 institutions across ninety-nine countries evaluated per thirteen performance indicators in five key aspects:

  • Research
  • Industry income
  • Teaching
  • Citations
  • International outlook

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Wageningen University Named Best in the Netherlands
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Every university nominated for the ranking was graded out of a hundred for the five key areas listed above. And every university featured their performances to receive an overall score out of a hundred. 

American and British universities typically dominate the top twenty-five positions in the international university rankings. Similarly, mainland Europe took the fifteenth spot and was represented by ETH Zurich in Switzerland. The University of Oxford has achieved the first spot for the sixth time in a row. Two universities from China have been featured in the top twenty, including Peking and Tsinghua Universities. 

The results found by the Times Higher Education ranking have shown marginal differences with Wageningen University stealing the position of the Delft University of Technology in 2021's edition. Nevertheless, Wageningen University has managed to move up ten places compared to the past year, occupying 53rd place with spellbinding performance in citations, international outlook, and industry income categories. 

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Two other Dutch Universities succeeded in climbing up the list. The Delft University of Technology scaled from 78th to 75th, and the Utrecht University climbed from 75th to 68th. However, a few universities were unfortunate, like the Leiden and Maastricht Universities that drop a couple of positions. At the same time, Eindhoven University of Technology was luckless to slip out of the list of top twenty universities.

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  • Shivani Jain
  • December 7,2022
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