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Why Study In The Canada?

It is determined that the opportunities related to career and subject are found to be higher in Canada where the student gets a wider exposure to various cultures and diversity which helps in personal and professional development of the student. The major reason for selecting Canada for further study abroad includes- academic excellence, getting research opportunities, affordable cost, cultural diversity, peaceful and safe and great opportunities for learning. It is determined that Canada is one of the countries with high quality of education and the student receives a mark of excellence and trust from the Canada University as the university ranks 31 in the world University.  The opportunity which is given by the Canadian universities related to education stands unique with the strong focus on research and development.

The Government of Canada also offers great opportunities and various offers to support research in various disciplines including agriculture, telecommunication, environment science and technology. Another reason which needs to be considered by the student includes affordability as the tuition fee in Canada is affordable for the Indian student as it is cheap in comparison to other universities located in the United Kingdom and United States.  Considering the return on investment there is a quite viable option for the Indian student as the student gets an opportunity to apply for Canadians scholarship which also helps in cutting down the educational expenses. The diversity of culture in Canadian University helps in welcoming people from all over the world and it is also found that various ethnic groups belonging to different cultures and lifestyles work together forming a multi-cultural environment which promotes peaceful living and friendliness like no other country. The cultural diversity also provides opportunities for the Indian student to take part in various festivals and rituals including hockey games,  the Montreal University Jazz festival, Calgary stampede. Canada provides all the international students with an opportunity to work for 20 hours every week even during the semester and full time during the summer and winter breaks which helps in gaining job opportunities and limits the expenses by developing self-confidence and independence.

The students also get an opportunity to work on campus as an intern and any additional work permit  helps in finding the student a better job in future and in this case the employability opportunity is found to be higher for the Indian student in Canada in comparison to any other countries. The  Canadian campus is found to be vibrant with various types of fests and events like other universities  with the student is found to create a happy and lively environment and it also helps in providing proper opportunity to the new people in adjusting with the new campus.  Canada Post Graduation work permit program is also available for the student which helps them to work and stay in Canada for up to 3 years after completion of graduation program and the international experience helps in gaining permanent residency in the latter stages and it is considered to be one of the greatest advantages which helps this student to choose Canada as a place for pursuing education.

Popular Study Courses In Canada 

The best undergraduate and graduate courses in Canada for Indian Students are- engineering, informational technology, Bioscience, medicine and healthcare, MBA, Journalism and media, Earth science and renewable energy, actuarial resources, human resources and diploma courses. The students who has completed 12th can apply and choose any subject for education in Canada as the option for undergraduate courses is found to be higher. Experiential learning is one of the factors which helps in making Canadian undergraduate program as one of the best kinds where the classroom, way of teaching and education helps in providing practical training to the students along with course teaching.

Example- if a student is pursuing honours degree, then the program will require the student to complete 10 credits out of 20 in major area and the system also increases their knowledge related to minor courses. These courses help in providing adequate job opportunity where the salary and remuneration is also high by providing the students to get an opportunity to work easily in Canada. Example—the course of information technology is found to be fast growing and the opportunities provided by the University is higher related to settlement and job opportunities. The students develop knowledge related to application of design, implement programs, design and support. 

Duration Of Study Courses In Canada

Undergraduate courses- The undergraduate courses which is present in the colleges and universities in Canada is between 3 years and 4 years. The bachelor’s degree sometimes extends from 3 years to 5 years depending upon the type of program and course selected. 

Graduate courses- The total time which is required by the students to complete graduation is 3 years 

Post-graduation and PG Diploma- the total time period for completing post-graduation program in Canada will be between 1 to 2 years. The Universities also offers one year of masters MBA courses. 

Cost Of Studying In Canada 

It is that the cost of study in Canada for Indian students ranges between CAD 7000 to CAD 35,000 a year. The range of appropriate cost for studying in Canada depends upon the type of course selected by the student and the university. However Canada is much more affordable in comparison to other countries where a student will request $20,000 to $30000  to cover the tuition free but the cost totally depends upon the student enrolment in various programs and in various areas.

Undergraduate students- The cost of studying Engineering in Canada in undergraduate ranges between C$20,000 and C$30,000 annually where the students need annually 20,000 CAD to 65,0000 CAD to pursue undergraduate courses in medicines and science. 

Graduate students- the average range of treatment cost for the students pursuing graduation degree is between 1075-65000 CAD/year. 

Post-graduation degree- The cost of pursing post-graduation degree for the Indian students such as Masters in Business and Management ranges between 2150- 52,700 CAD/year. 

Cost Of Living In Canada 

Canada is a big country and the number of regions which is available in Canada is also found to be higher for the student however the average cost of living for the foreign student in Canada Rangers between $12,000 CAD/year and the student needs around C$20,000 and C$30,000 depending upon the type of course selected by the student and the city where the student is residing.  The student will also require a proper Healthy lifestyle and the food and living expenses will be between CS$10,000. The international student will have to meet the cost of study including the cost of living and there is an essential requirement for analysing the bank balance for applying for a visa in Canada.  It is also found that the citizenship and immigration Canada required some proof of money and funds which are available in the student account for sustaining in Canada before applying.

It is essential to show proper evidence for sustaining in the country and some range from $10,000 for 12 months depending on the living expenses and additional $4000 is required for other dependent costs.  The Canada University and other fees will be roughly around 150 CAD for every student. It is also essential for the student to obtain a Medical and Hospital insurance as a health care as cost of treatment is found to be very expensive and the University student might face difficulty while assessing care which needs to be considered before applying and enrolling in the programs. A budget between $7000 to 20,000 CAD per year is essential and it will also help in covering the cost of accommodation, food and health insurance.  It is also highlighted that few on campus colleges offer accommodation for the student which ranges between 500 CAD and the cost is found to vary depending upon the location of the rent. The cost is found to vary from one city to another for the international students such as the cost for living in Toronto is- 37,000 CAD yearly, Montreal- 25,000 CAD/year, Vancouver- 38,484 CAD/year, Ottawa- 20,000 CAD yearly.

Study In Canada With Scholarships

There are various governmental funds which is available for the Indian students while studying in Canada includes-Banting post-doctoral fellowship, Vanier Graduate scholarships, Ontario Graduate scholarships, Quebec provincial government scholarship and Canada ASEAN seed. However, it is also found the individual universities is also providing grants to the Indian students such as Dalhousie University scholarship, Carleton University scholarship, University of Winnepeg Scholarships, University of Manitoba Scholarship, University of Victoria Scholarship, University of Saskatchewan Scholarships, Brock University Scholarships, University of Waterloo Scholarships, UBC Scholarship.

There are other universities which is available for the Indian students includes- Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program, Education Future International Scholarship, University of British Columbia International Student Scholarship, BeArt Presets Academic Scholarship, Ambedkar Overseas Vidyanidhi Scholarship, ASM Materials Education Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship, Undergraduate In-Course Bursary Program, Scotiabank International Partner Entrance Scholarships, Golf Ontario Scholarship Program and Global Citizen Scholarship. These scholarship programs helps in reducing the high cost of tuition fee depending upon the eligibility criteria. 

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