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GRE Exam Tips

Ace The GRE Exam

GRE Exam Tips

What is GRE?

The Graduate Record Examination or the GRE is a vital step when it comes to the business school or the graduate application process. It is basically a multiple choice, computer oriented standardized exam which is vital  for the admission to the graduate programs and thee business programs at the graduate level globally.

The GRE has been administered and is developed by the test maker Educational Testing Service (ETS) for providing the graduate and the business schools with certain common measures for drawing comparison between the qualifications of the applicants and their preparedness for the academic work at the graduate level. The committees of the graduate school and the business school rely on the scores of GRE along with the academic record as well as the supporting materials for assessing the readiness of academic study at the graduate level.   

GRE General Test

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) represents a standard exam that acts as the admission pre-requisite for various graduate schools across the Canada and the United States along with certain other nations. This test is administered and is being owned by the Educational Testing Service. If one is planning to opt for business, graduate or the law school or simply exploring the options, a smart move towards showing their best to these schools is the GRE test.

Why Texas Review for GRE?

Texas review acts as the fastest growing leader when it comes to the preparation of the test and has higher achievement rate when it comes to success. It has huge amount of experience in providing unique GRE preparation thereby aiding various students across the globe in successfully achieving the targeted score utilizing the GRE classes taking place across Hyderabad. The training ensures the best standard of training provided to the students.

The Texas Review has also put across an analysis mentioning how all the non-native speaker who have also been test takers find it powerful in improving the verbal score with its aid. Most vitally when the students are left with only few weeks for the preparation of GRE then they are provided with the best study plan which tend to fit their schedule. It provides a complete GRE coaching with the aid of experienced faculty and guarantees higher scores close to 320+.

Texas review has been found to specialize in advising the professionals and the students  on the preparation of the test, career pathways and the education plan abroad. They also hold the experience of enrolling huge students both from the regions of South India as well as across the education destinations around the world. Thus, it is remains ahead and is ranked as one of the best training institutes for GRE across Hyderabad. It has been celebrating its success in the achievement of the administration service for the communities of the student continuously for 6 years.

There exists no doubt when it comes to the administration provided to the students as well as the working professionals looking forward to receive a proper guidance for the splendid future with the appropriate aid of the expertise counsellors. The enhancement of the institute lies in getting the maximum proportion of VISA achievement in region around South India. Being one of the pioneers in advancing a global education, the institute provides an affirmation for the extension of providing certified support to most of the people who expressed a wish of travelling to a different country. 

GRE Test Pattern

The pattern of the GRE exam comprises of analytical writing with one section comprising of two task, Verbal Reasoning and the Quantitative Reasoning. Verbal reasoning comprises of two sections along with around 20 questions across each of the sections. While the quantitative reasoning comprises of two sections having 20 questions in every section. Conducted by the ETS, GRE exam is a widely identified graduate level examination for the candidates looking forward to pursuing the graduate studies globally.

Taking the exam could be stressful provided the length and the duration of GRE pattern. Therefore the trick lies in preparing for it early for acing every section of the test. For those who are uninformed, the paper pattern of the GRE remains divided  in three key sections which are verbal reasoning, analytical writing and the quantitative reasoning. The overall time provided for completion of this exam is close to three and a half hours when the general GRE test is taken online. 

How Do I Register for the GRE?

For successfully booking the exam slots for the GRE candidates the following steps needs to be followed:

  • Visiting the official website
  • Creation of a profile as a GRE test taker 
  • Submission of the application form for GRE
  • Selection of the test date of GRE for the year 2023 along with the test centre for GRE
  • Paying the fees for registration form of GRE
  • Confirming and submitting the GRE application
  • Taking printout for saving the submission details of the GRE for the future usage

Is 1 Month Enough for the GRE?

One can stand at a decent place if they dedicate around 1 month for studying the GRE. Here, the  abroad study schedule involve dedicating three hours daily as well as single day in a weekly for taking the GRE exam. In this particular study schedule one needs to spend more than a week  on the content of GRE math following which he or she needs to dedicate time on the practice phase that involves not just studying but also completing as well as reviewing the practice sections daily on average. The schedule will also expose one to over 500 vocabulary words.

How GRE Test Scored?

All the questions in every section contribute to the overall score. For every two measures, a raw score gets computed. The raw score refers to the questions that is being correctly answered and converted to the scaled score via a process known as the equating. 

GRE Coaching Fees

The application fees for the general test of GRE are around $213 for the Indian students. The GRE fees for the Indian rupees is around is approximately around Rs. 15,912

GRE Preparation

This will involve:

  • Reading huge number of analytics-based non-fiction
  • Adhering to a regularized study plan for the GRE
  • Undertaking practice test
  • Knowing one’s weakness 
  • Charting one’s progress 
  • Trusting the gut instincts 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The amount of time it takes to prepare for the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) varies depending on the individual's familiarity with the test format and their target score. Generally, it is recommended to study for at least 2-3 months before taking the exam. This allows enough time to review all the test sections thoroughly and to practice answering questions under timed conditions.

If an individual is already familiar with the test format and has a solid foundation in the required knowledge areas, then they may need less time to prepare. On the other hand, if an individual is starting from scratch and needs to learn new concepts and skills, then they may need more time to prepare.

It's also essential to have a study plan in place that fits your schedule and learning style. This may involve self-study using online resources and practice materials or taking a GRE prep course. Whatever approach you choose, consistency and dedication to your study plan are crucial for achieving a high score on the GRE.

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