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TOEFL Study Tips For 2023

All You Need To Know About TOEFL Study Tips

TOEFL Study Tips

Get to Know the Format

The TOEFL examination is divided into four main sections, reading, listening, speaking, and writing. The reading section comprises four passages that need to be read and the questions answered. This section contains about 30 to 40 questions. The next is the listening section where candidates need to listen to audio clips and answer questions based on them.

There are about 28 to 39 questions in this section. then after a break of ten minutes, the speaking section starts. The four questions in this task resemble real-life situations that the students need to discuss. Finally, there are two questions in the writing section.

One is the integrated writing task where students need to read a passage and listen to a short lecture, and finally, then respond to whatever they have read and listened to. The next part is independent writing where an essay topic is given and students need to give their experience and opinion on it.

Pick up a study guide

While picking a reading material, all candidates must ensure that the guide maintains the proper format of the TOEFL exam and it includes four full-length practice tests, valuable tips, scoring criteria, and many sample questions for all the test sections. The most authentic test guide is the Official TOEFL iBT Tests, Volume 1 & 2. 

Create a study routine

The study routine must ensure that all section of the TOEFL is covered. For a two-week study abroad plans, candidates must devote equal time to all sections and practice the questions presented in the book. Before the exam, they should also practice the test papers following the time so that they can evaluate their preparation. 

Read and listen to English outside of TOEFL

Apart from preparing practice books and materials, candidates should also practice listening to American accent English from other sources like online videos. They should try to interpret the speakers and try to understand what they are saying. Initially, candidates may feel spoken English are fast but with practice, they would be able to follow the conversation.

Reading books and materials should also be put under practice since it helps to enhance the depth of the language and enhance vocabulary.

Practice speaking (even to yourself)

In order to practice the speaking section, candidates must try to speak on the topic on their own. They should try to give a speech fluently within the time period. With practice, their nervousness would decrease and their fluency would also increase.

Practice timed writing

Only practicing writing is not enough for scoring well in the writing section. the candidates need to practice writing for a fixed amount of time. This would increase their speed of thinking and also their writing speed. Those who are not habituated to typing should practice mor3e since there are chances of spelling errors and grammatical errors while writing at a high speed.

Practice note-taking

The listening section requires listening to audio clips and then answering questions related to the audio. Since it is not important to remember all information in mind while the audio is playing, it is advised that the candidates take running notes while listening. Note-taking also requires practice. the candidates should listen and write only the important keywords that would help them to answer later.

Practice test, practice test, practice test

This is the primary step to scoring well in TOEFL. Practicing daily can only help candidates high scores so that they get admission to good universities.

Make a game of it

In the last few days before giving the exam, candidates should consider practicing for TOEFL as a game rather than a burden. They should enjoy the process rather than feel stressed. This would help them to prepare better.

Choose an Early Test Date

Once they are prepared; they should not postpone the exam. They should take an early test date so that all the important points regarding giving the exam remain fresh in their mind.

Consider Whether You’ll Want to Retake the Test

All candidates must try to score well on their first attempt. Based on that they must take their initial preparation. However, in case they are not satisfied with their TOEFL score and want to take a rest, they should follow the steps of retesting and book a date as soon as possible.

Don’t forget the QWERTY keyboard

All the typing pattern is QWERTY. Hence all students from whichever corner of the world are willing to give this online exam should be habituated with this typing pattern. Else they would face great difficulty adapting to this keyboard on the day of examination.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The TOEFL preparation skills can be improved by dedicating enough time for the preparation, following well-authenticated guidebooks, and giving equal time for all the sections.

The best way of preparation is practicing taking notes and developing the ability to speak on a random topic without getting blank, enhancing vocabulary, and practicing the patterns of reading questions.

The secret tips are:

  • Memorizing the question pattern of the reading section.
  • Be able to take good notes while listening to audio skills.
  • Be fluent in the American accent of speaking which would help in the listening and writing section.

  • Know the format
  • Pick a guidebook
  • Create a routine.
  • Practice all the sections
  • Practice giving tests at a fixed time

Ten days are considered enough to prepare for the TOEFL examination. The candidates need to devote time daily for the preparation for the ten days.

Ideally, two to three months is considered the ideal time for the preparation for the TOEFL examination.

Yes, the TOEFL exam can be prepared in 10 days with regular practice and dedication.

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