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  • Senior Counsellor
  • 8+ Years of Experience, UK and USA

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  • Senior Education Consultant
  • 9+ Years of Experience, Canada and Australia

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  • Senior Counsellor
  • 4+ Years of Experience, Ireland, New Zealand, and the UK

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  • Senior Education Consultant
  • 5+ Years of Experience, Australia and the US

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Business & Management
13460 courses
180 scholarships
Computer Science & IT
11658 courses
190 scholarships
Health & Medicine
10520 courses
55 scholarships
12348 courses
126 scholarships
282 courses
70 scholarships
Hospitality And Tourism
1791 courses
200 scholarships

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Why Students Ask for Study Abroad?

In the words of our stalwarts who offer assistance whenever you ask ‘how to go abroad for studies after 12th from India’, since 2005, the total number of international students opting for pursuing education abroad has globally increased from 28,00,000 to over 50,00,000.

Here are certain reasons that encourage both students and their parents to look for advantages of studying abroad online –

Globally Renowned Education

One of the most significant reasons students want to pursue higher education in foreign countries is due to the first-class education quality. Irrespective of the field students choose to study in, foreign countries offer ample opportunities in learning, skill-development, and professional knowledge.

Improved Language Skills

Students pursuing education in countries like the US, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, etc., require being fluent in their native language. Hence, they learn a foreign language, an added benefit in resumes and personal lives.

Cultural Exposure

Pursuing education overseas often provides international students a lifetime chance to live in a new country and familiarise themselves with its people, culture, traditions, and lifestyles. This also offers them global exposure.

Impeccable Career Opportunities

From a diverse range of internships to part-time work, international students get unlimited opportunities and experiences, which is beneficial for their career and growth.

Improves your Network

Pursuing higher education in foreign countries enables you to develop connections with people worldwide. You get to broaden your international connections. These connections can even result in career opportunities, including job offers, internships, and business partners.

Facing difficulties getting the hang of the nitty-gritty associated with securing admission to your dream university overseas? Avail abroad study consultancy services from for unmatched guidance. We have a team of certified go-abroad consultants who can help you ensure a smooth transition into a new beginning in your life. Reach out to us to boost your admission chances at your dream university.

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What are the Popular Courses to Study Abroad?

If you want to strengthen your academic profile with a degree from an international university, then our free study abroad consultants India team has got you covered. As per them, the most popular courses can enable you to make an imperative career decision and pursue a fruitful future.

Here are certain courses enlisted by abroad study consultancy team you must know to get your hands on better career opportunities and high-paying jobs –

  • Engineering and Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Business Administration
  • Medicine and Healthcare
  • Law
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • International Relations
  • International Business
  • Management and Leadership
  • Mathematics
  • Psychology
  • Epidemiology

To help you achieve career milestones, we suggest you opt for our consultancy for abroad studies. Our abroad study consultants can help you ascertain which course suits your interest and the course that will enable your career to reach great heights.

We operate globally across 160+ countries and are dedicated to delivering unmatched assistance to every student who aspires to study at international universities. Presently, we have a 98% success rate.

Come to us saying, 'How to study abroad from India?' and we will ensure you secure admission to your dream course at the top universities with ease.

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What are the Best Destinations to Study Abroad as Per the Study Program?

Countless students tend to enquire, "How to study abroad after 12th from India?” when they cannot develop an in-depth understanding of where to study. This leads to failure to fulfil their academic endeavours. However, you can prevent this situation from becoming a reality by booking a session with our specialised consultants for education abroad.

Here, we have listed certain top destinations based on different factors like academics, employability rates, cultural and industrial experiences, etc. –

To develop an innate knowledge of the admission process of any university in any country, seek guidance from the best consultants for education abroad for relentless support. We also can help you manage your entire application process, fulfil the documentation required, and help you get offer letters from institutions of your choice.

Not only that, we also offer one-on-one coaching services that will enable you to ace your international exams like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GMAT, SAT, and ACT.

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What will be the Cost of a Bachelors and Masters in UK, US, and Canada?

Higher education is an expensive affair, especially when you are considering pursuing it from a foreign country. Hence, it is one of the most vital factors to consider when pursuing higher studies overseas. Since these costs hugely vary from one country to another, we have provided them in tabular for three of the most renowned countries –

Country Tuition Cost of Bachelor’s Degree Tuition Cost of Master’s Degree
USA $15,000- $45,000 $30,000-$120,000
  (INR 12-38 lakhs) (INR 25-99 lakhs)
UK £8000-£30,000 £12000-£35000
  (INR 8 -31 lakhs) (INR 12- 36 lakhs)
Canada CAD 12,000- CAD 30,000 CAD 6000- CAD75,000
  (INR 7-17 lakhs) (INR 4- 45 lakhs)

Now, if you cannot successfully find the cost of studying in a highly-recognised university in the UK, US, or Canada, seeking guidance from our consultants for study abroad will be the wisest choice for your career. They can help you comprehend the costs associated with your selected course, offer insights into available funding options, and assist in creating a budget.

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What are the Scholarship Opportunities to Study Abroad?

The huge costs of pursuing higher education in foreign countries are enough to scare anyone. No wonder more students ask 'How to apply for scholarships to study abroad’ than it is imagined to be.  

Here are some programs of scholarship for Indian students to study abroad designed to lure the brightest minds around the world –

Country Tuition Cost of Bachelor’s Degree Tuition Cost of Master’s Degree
USA $15,000- $45,000 $30,000-$120,000
  (INR 12-38 lakhs) (INR 25-99 lakhs)
UK £8000-£30,000 £12000-£35000
  (INR 8 -31 lakhs) (INR 12- 36 lakhs)
Canada CAD 12,000- CAD 30,000 CAD 6000- CAD75,000
  (INR 7-17 lakhs) (INR 4- 45 lakhs)

 If you need more information on how to get a scholarship to study abroad, then reach out to our certified educational consultants. These consultants have established relationships with colleges, universities, and different training centres.

These connections enable us to provide necessary information – from full study abroad scholarships, education loan for study abroad, and grants to internships and research positions. By leveraging our wide network, we can help you unlock your potential and reach new horizons.

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What is the Procedure for Study Abroad?

Now that you are well-versed with the cost of studying overseas, let’s dive deep into the process of applying to study at international universities.

Our consultants for studying abroad have listed effective guidelines that will prepare you for a smooth international study experience –

Choose What You Want to Study

One of the first steps in preparing for higher education is to select what you want to study. Research the subject, its prospects, and the salary it can help you land.

Decide the Destination

Your budget and preferred discipline will greatly impact where you want to study. So, narrow down your options to 2-3 ideal countries. Weigh the pros and cons of each location to make an informed decision.

Take the English Proficiency Test

You must show proof of your English language ability to enrol in an international university. You need to get a decent score in IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or Advanced C1 to be at least eligible to apply abroad.

Apply for Scholarships

Analyse if you need to apply for the scholarship while filling out the admission form or after receiving confirmation from the university. Begin researching what scholarships are available and their prerequisites.

Accept the Offer

You will be sent an offer letter and acceptance form if your application gets accepted. Also, ensure to send a confirmation message back to the university. is a one-stop solution for all your international study needs. We have a single-minded focus – to guide students to the best possible universities, thus helping them build their future.  

With us by your side, you do not need to worry about ‘how to get scholarship to study abroad’. With immense knowledge and expertise, our counsellors can navigate you through every step of the admission process. Our unmatched guidance can significantly enhance your acceptance chances.

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Student Visa for Study Abroad

Usually, applying for a student visa starts with a university offering a letter of acceptance to the admitted students. Have a look at the general visa process applicable to all international students below –

  • Select the type of visa you want to apply for
  • Apply online or offline
  • Gather documents
  • Pay the visa application fee
  • Schedule the visa interview
  • Attend the interview

Seems challenging, doesn't it? No need to worry. Simply speak with our team of the best abroad education consultants in India. Our experienced counsellors are regularly advised by the consulates about the latest visa documentation guidelines. We have a success rate of 98%. We can aid you with the entire visa application process – from filling applications, preparing financial statements, offering guidance and training for mock interviews, and more.

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How Assist Students to Study Abroad? is the knight in shining armour for students aspiring to pursue higher education overseas. Our main motto is to support learners to unlock their fullest potential and reach new destinations. Here’s how we make it happen when you say ‘how to study in abroad for free’ –

  • Offer one-on-one counselling sessions that will enable you to choose the right university.
  • Offer unmatched guidance to help you select the right course that aligns with your interest area.
  • Manage the application process, documentation and help secure offer letters from your dream universities.
  • Preparing all necessary documentation for visa application
  • Offering quality coaching services for exams like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, SAT, and ACT
  • Shortlisting scholarship programs based on eligibility criteria
  • Aiding you with fee transference and acting as your international payment proxy
  • Making necessary preparation for all kinds of transportation, SIM cards, travelling tickets, accommodation, etc
  • Aiding you compose unique and succinct SOP and LOR to make your application stand apart in the herd

Moreover, our services don't simply stop as you land at your dream destination. Rather, we stay in touch to ensure a smooth transition into a new starting in your life.

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Exclusive Features of Study Abroad Counselling Services is the go-to destination for all things related to higher education, among other things. Students worldwide aspiring to study overseas swear by our services. And, with a more than 98% success rate, we are ticking all the right boxes, too. Our services are not only about providing unmatched guidance. We provide ample add-on benefits as well.

Here are the one-of-a-kind features of our foreign education counselling services that have had hundreds making a beeline for years –

100% Transparency Maintained

Our study overseas consultants are direct and sincere. They will survey your profile and past score to provide straightforward advice on which country, college, or university you must apply to. They are also incredibly honest and open about their fees and services. So, you can subscribe to our services without thinking twice.

Personalised Guidance

Confused about which course to choose or which country to study in? Our educational consultants have got your back. They offer 1:1 personalised session, counsel you towards your higher education dream with an employability lens, and ensure you can truly turn your dream into a reality.

Well-experienced and Certified Counsellors

With 1000+ experienced and skilled counsellors, we have a specialist for all your dreams, preferences, and priorities. Whether it is shortlisting courses or colleges, application, document editing, researching for loans and visas, or applying for scholarships – we will make it happen for you!

360-Degree Comprehensive Assistance

Our specialised and dedicated counsellor will offer end-to-end assistance throughout your admission process. From offering information on career choices, eligibility fees, preparing documentation, and crafting LOI/SOPs to offering scholarship support and advice to ace mock tests, we've got everything covered. Book a session to learn more!

98% Visa Success Rate

With the best visa approval rates in the industry, our team will also navigate you in the best ways to earn a study visa at your dream destination. You will never have to face any difficulties with us by your side. We will handle all the paperwork remarkably.

24*7 Support

If you have any queries like ‘how to study abroad from India’ or need assistance even in the middle of the night, contact our customer support team. We remain online 24*7 throughout the year. Drop a buzz on the Live Chatbox, and you will receive guidance within minutes.

When you have so much to get, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us. Book a consultation with to bridge the gap between potential and achievement today. Get ready to make your mark on the world with us.

Assignment Help Solutions: Your Academic Advantage

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Frequently Asked Questions on Study Abroad is the leading consultancy for abroad studies, aiding students in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and all around Asia to fulfill their international educational objectives. We have experienced study abroad consultants who can cater to all your preferences and priorities. Whether you need assistance in shortlisting any university or course, admission process, visa, or loan, they will always have your back throughout the journey. 

If you’re wondering how to study abroad after 12th from India for free, then you’ve landed on the right page. Here are some strategies listed by our go-abroad consultants that will enable you to study at international universities without feeling too much pinch in your pocket – 

  • Look for affordable programs 
  • Apply for scholarships to study abroad 
  • Seek out grants 
  • Consider applying for loans 

According to our study overseas consultants, the best courses to study abroad in 2023 are – 

  • Business Administration 
  • Computer Science 
  • Medicine and Healthcare 
  • Engineering and Technology 
  • International Business 
  • Management and Leadership 
  • International Relations 
  • Mathematics 
  • Psychology 
  • Epidemiology

Overseas education consultants worldwide share certain study abroad benefits for all students who want to know how to go abroad for studies from India. Here are some of them – 

  • Experience a new culture 
  • Make friends from around the world 
  • Become truly independent 
  • Experience different education styles 
  • Opportunity to polish language skills 
  • Lucrative career opportunities 
  • Personal development

Requirements to study abroad for Indian students can vary between different countries and universities. Here is a list of top requirements you need to know before you start applying for top universities in your dream destination :

  • Application form 
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Test scores of IELTS, SAT, GMAT, LSAT, ACT, and GRE 
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR) 
  • Test Scores 
  • Resume 
  • Admission essays 

According to our study abroad counselling professionals, an individual can get a 100% education loan to study at international universities. This loan will cover airfare, lodging, and tuition as long as you meet all the requirements.

If you are typing ‘I need study abroad consultants near me’ to get information on full study abroad scholarships, then reaching out to will be your perfect choice. Our study abroad counselling stalwarts have dished out certain tips to get a scholarship program to study abroad effectively – 

  • Ask for assistance 
  • Conduct extensive research 
  • Get in touch with the scholarship/grant funder directly 
  • Tweak your resume 
  • Check your references
  • Start applying for all your preferred scholarships 

To successfully apply to any foreign educational institution after the 12th, here are certain guidelines you need to follow – 

  • Determine which country you desire to study in 
  • Make sure you have a valid passport in hand 
  • Select the university and the course you aim to learn 
  • Log in to the university’s official website for entry requirements 
  • Clear any test needed 
  • Pay the application form 
  • Apply for program student scholarships in India and abroad 
  • Once confirmed, begin applying for the student visa and arrange for funds 

In the words of our eminent team of top consultants for abroad study, you need to enroll in the below-enlisted exams to study abroad effectively – 

  • English language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. 
  • NEET 
  • SAT 
  • MCAT (for MBBS students)

According to highly-experienced study abroad consultants of, the best countries to study abroad in 2023 are – 

  • The United Kingdom 
  • Australia 
  • The United States 
  • Canada 
  • France 
  • Germany 
  • Netherlands 
  • Switzerland 
  • Spain 
  • South Korea

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