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Top Biotechnology Courses In Canada For Indian Students

The field of biotechnology is involved in the use of technology on living things, and its goal is to enhance human existence. One of the most recent developments in the field of science, the course has grown in popularity ever since. Both Bachelor's and Master's programmes in biotechnology are offered by a number of renowned international universities. It is a terrific idea to enrol in the programme in Canada so that you have more options for furthering your education and advancing your profession.

Why Study Biotechnology In The Canada?

The student can select a biotechnology course if one is interested in biology, living things, and biological systems. Numerous Canadian colleges provide this subject at all levels. Due to its affordability, Canada is a favourite among international students, particularly Indians. Particularly when compared to nations like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, the cost of living and tuition generally tend to be on the lower side.

Biotechnology is a challenging subject that is frequently taught in industrialised nations like the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. In order to advance societal development, biotechnology integrates the application of chemical, biochemical, and micro concepts in study. Along with other fields including medicine, health sciences, food sciences, biological pedagogy, agriculture, ecology, and the environment, biotechnology is a subfield of biology. 

Because education has long been a key priority for the Canadian government and people, international students studying biotechnology in Canada will do so in one of the best academic environments in the world. Comparing OECD and G8 members, Canada is the nation that invests the most in education, the research claims.

Canada currently offers more than 100 universities that are highly regarded for the calibre of their training and education. Since the government sponsors and oversees every school in this country, studying abroad in Canada gives foreign students the opportunity to do so in the finest possible setting.

Some of the advantages of studying biotechnology in Canada are as follows:

  1. Scholarships and financial support: Particularly for individuals with outstanding academic aptitude, Canada offers a number of appealing scholarship programmes for international students each year, giving them the chance to acquire worthwhile awards from Canadian educational institutions. International students can easily afford the expense of attending school in Canada and living there with the help of these scholarships and their earnings from part-time work.
  2. Attractive job opportunities: Students who hold a bachelor's degree in biotechnology will be able to work in the industry and make incomes that are greater than the national average in Canada.
  3. Easy immigration process: Immigration to Canada will be simpler if you study biotechnology there. The Canadian government consistently permits international students to stay and work here due to the dearth of human resources in this industry. Therefore, if you wish to immigrate to Canada, biotechnology can help you achieve your goals.
  4. Optimal and favourable living conditions: Since 1994, Canada has been ranked in the top 10 most livable nations in the world by the United Nations. In light of its high average life expectancy and low rates of crime and violence, Canada has attained numerous perfect scores.

Popular Biotechnology Courses In The Canada    

  1. Ontario College Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology - Advanced [Fast Track] [Optional Co-Op]
  2. Ontario College Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology
  3. Ontario College Diploma in Biotechnology
  4. Ontario College Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology - Advanced [Optional Co-Op]
  5. Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology- Advanced (fast-track)
  6. Ontario College Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology
  7. Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology    
  8. Honours Bachelor of Applied Technology (Biotechnology)    
  9. Honours Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology – Scarborough
  10. Master of Science in Biotechnology - Chemical Biotechnology    

Duration Of Biotechnology Courses In The Canada

Undergraduate student

Six semesters are required to complete the three-year, undergraduate BSc in Biotechnology programme. It provides comprehensive knowledge of biomolecular and cellular processes as well as details on various technologies.

Graduate students

The time taken for the students to complete Masters in biotechnology in Canada is two years and this postgraduation degree program is offered in eight top universities in Canada. 

Post-graduation students 

The post-graduation students require about 1-2 years to complete their post-graduation in biotechnology in Canada. 

Cost Of Studying Biotechnology Degree In The Canada

Undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students

The following is the list of the cost of studying biotechnology degree in Canada for undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students from the international background: 

Degree type

Cost of

Ontario College Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology - Advanced [Fast Track] [Optional Co-Op]


CAD $32,516

Ontario College Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology


Master of Medical Biotechnology


Ontario College Diploma in Biotechnology


Ontario College Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology


Master of Biotechnology


Master of Medical Biotechnology


Ontario College Diploma in Biotechnology


Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology? Advanced (fast-track)


Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology? Advanced


Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology


Honours Bachelor of Applied Technology (Biotechnology)


Honours Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology - Scarborough


Master of Science in Biotechnology


Master of Science in Biotechnology - Gene Biotechnology


Ontario College Diploma in Biotechnology Technician


Ontario College Diploma in Biotechnology Technician Fast Track


Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology Advanced (Co-op)


Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biotechnology [Specialization]


Bachelor of Science in Agriculture - Plant Biotechnology


Diploma in Bioscience Technology


Cost Of Living In Canada

With the high-quality standards of living and rapidly growing economy, Canada offers unlimited opportunity and potential for the international students to grow and develop both personally and professionally. The country has reportedly created thousands of jobs each year which has led to the lowered poverty and unemployment rates in the current political context. 

But according to studies, the cost of accommodation in various cities in Canada is quite high for Indian students. The cost of living index in cities cross Canada is reported to be ranging from 65-80 which is little better than the world’s average. However, the cost of living in Canada is slightly higher than expected from other cities across the world. Often times the household expenses of living in Canada alone represents about 50% of a person’s salary. 

Before a student migrates to Canada for studying, the student must ask oneself what is the minimum cost of living in Canada. Most of the people who live in Canada live on an average cost of $250,000 a year, excluding the taxes they have to pay.

It is essential for the international students from India to learn more about the cost of living in Canada and make financial plans accordingly so that one can sustain in the foreign country without hassles. The average cost of living in Canada is between CAD 8000 to CAD 1000 per year. The off-campus housing is relatively higher than that of in-campus housing. However, if the off-campus housing is shared with roommates then it is comparatively cheaper. A minimum of CAD 400 is required to enjoy a comfortable life in Canada each month. 

The following is a list of types of accommodation and the average cost of staying:

Type of accommodation

Average cost


(annually) Canada Dollar 8,000 to Canada Dollar 10,000

(annually RS. 8,02,800.47 to 10,03,500.59)

Shared accommodation Off-campus

Canada Dollar 400 to Canada Dollar 700 every month

(RS. 40,140.02 to 70,245.04 every month)

1 BHK in City Centre

Canada Dollar 1,332 (RS. 1,33,666.28) every month

1 BHK Outside of Centre

Canada Dollar 1,123 (RS. 1,12,693.12) every month

Biotechnology Courses Tn The Canada With Scholarships

The following are the biotechnology course in Canada with scholarships:

  1. Adrian Van Gaalen Memorial Bursary in Agriculture
  2. Agricultural Studies Book Prize
  3. Alan and Grace Hamilton Scholarship
  4. Amy Wong Biotechnology Award
  5. Bayer Cropscience 4-H Scholarship
  6. Bayer CropScience Award
  7. Bayer Incorporated Scholarship
  8. BC Farm Writers' Association, J.R. (Tim) Armstrong Memorial Fund
  9. Bill Paranchych Memorial Scholarship
  10. Cargill AgHorizons Award
  11. CropLife Canada Alberta Chapter-"Sustaining Agriculture" Scholarship
  12. Dr. Donald, Eleanor and Laurie Rix Biotechnology Management of Technology MBA Graduate Entrance Scholarship
  13. Dr. Marshall Nelson Grant Memorial Award
  14. Dr. O.M. McConkey Scholarship (Plant Agriculture)
  15. Growing Alberta Student Award
  16. Hiatt Bursary in Chemistry
  17. Lethbridge Real Estate Board Agricultural Award
  18. Martin S. Gibson Scholarship

Masters’ scholarships for Indian students who are willing to study biotechnology in Canada are as follows:



Award details (CAD)

Concordia Merit Scholarship

Full time enrolment in Concordia University


25th Anniversary M.A or M.Sc Scholarship

Enrolled in MS/MA degrees in University of Lethbridge


Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Enrolled in University of Toronto, Minimum overall aggregate of 95%


International Peace Scholarships for Women

Enrolled in full-time course work programs in Canada or USA


The names of the universities that provide these aforementioned scholarships:

  1. University of Alberta, Alberta
  2. Bow Valley College, Alberta
  3. University Of Sussex
  4. Lakehead University, Ontario
  5. University of Guleph
  6. Queens University Ontario    
  7. Crandall University
  8. Carleton University, Ottawa
  9. Ryerson University

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several excellent biotechnology courses offered in Canada, and the best course for you will depend on your specific interests and career goals. Here are a few of the top biotechnology courses in Canada:

  1. Biotechnology - Advanced (Graduate Certificate) at Seneca College
  2. Biotechnology (Bachelor of Science) at University of British Columbia
  3. Biotechnology (Bachelor of Science) at University of Waterloo
  4. Biotechnology (Master of Science) at University of Toronto
  5. Biotechnology - Advanced (Graduate Certificate) at Centennial College

Yes, Canada is a great place for biotechnology. The country has a strong and growing biotech industry, with a well-established research infrastructure, supportive government policies, and a highly skilled workforce. 

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