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Why Study Project Management In The UK?

For the project management courses, there is a great offer and scope for the students in the UK. The demand for project management is growing rapidly in the UK as more and more companies are hiring freshers in the UK. The UK is a great country where high-quality education is given to students in project management courses. In the UK there are almost 35 universities that offer project management. There are various reasons for choosing project management courses to study in the UK and they are listed below:

  • Better job opportunities: According to the Association for project management (APM) salary and market trends survey 2022, it has been seen that the average annual income for a professional working in project management is GBP 47500 which is in Indian rupees is it 4566202. 
  • Top ranking universities: High quality education is given to the students by the top universities for the project management courses. This kind of universities has good infrastructure and the same time it also has experienced faculty for the better education.
  • Good scholarship options: The student who plan to pursue project management degree requires enough funds in the UK. Special financial grants are offered by the universities in the UK which covers the course fees. Hence, the students should be eligible enough. 

Popular Project Management Courses In The UK

The best project management courses study abroad in the UK mainly focus on developing the project management skills that are necessary for students to succeed in the field of management. The project management degree focuses on improving the core competencies of the student in risk and innovation management, application of advanced project and management methods, and leadership development. Along with this, the universities of project management in the UK prepared the students to face challenges they would come across in real life. The degree of project management in the UK mainly focuses on the core skills which in turn help in preparing for a career in print and online. Some of the subjects covered in the project management courses are given below:

  • Project management research methods.
  • Applied project management.
  • Project planning and control.
  • Management of projects.
  • People and organizations. 

    The professionals in project management qualification offered by the Global Association for quality management is a great choice if the student has knowledge and experience in a middle management position or a similar position. The courses mainly cover the essentials of project management like effective communication and resource allocation, and more advanced concepts along with risk and crisis management. 

Duration Of Project Management In The UK

Undergraduate students: The duration of the project management course is 4 years for undergraduate students in the UK. 

Graduate students: The duration of the project management course for the graduate student is 1-2 years for the students who pursue on a full-time basis, and it is 2-4 years for students who pursue on a part-time basis. 

Post-graduate students: The duration of the project management course for the post-graduate student is 1 year for the students who pursue it on a full-time basis, and it is 2 years for the students who pursue it on a part-time basis. 

Cost Of Project Management Degree In The UK

Undergraduate students: The cost of studying project management degree for undergraduate students amounts to £11400 - £38000 per year in the UK.

Graduate students: The cost of studying project management degree for graduate students amounts to £9000 - £35000 per year in the UK.

Post-graduate students: The cost of studying project management degree for post-graduate students amounts to £8000 - £39000 per year in the UK.

Cost of living in the UK

For the student the cost of living in the UK is costly. In the UK the most expensive cities are London and Manchester. The monthly cost of living in London is almost 1500 EUR (1360 GBP). In small towns, the cost of living is almost 700-1200 EUR (635-1040 GBP) per month. There are many universities in the UK that provide residence halls. These universities offer great value for money which also includes the utility cost in the overall price. Among the first-year students, the residence hall is very much popular. After the first academic year, there are many future graduates that choose to rent a private space with their peers or alone.

This option of choosing a private space is more expensive but at the same time, it also provides an accurate sense of what it is to survive in the real world. The costs of the apartment are: One-bedroom apartment in the city centre: 740 GBP/month, one-bedroom apartment outside the city centre: 610 GBP/month, three-bedroom apartment in the city centre: 1,255 GBP/month, monthly utilities of 90-160 GBP are also added to the expenses and three-bedroom apartment outside the city centre: 975 GBP/month. The food costs in the UK are also high. Students will spend almost between 150 and 250 GBP on food and groceries. If the students will order food online and eat outside often then the food cost will be higher and the budget will go up very quickly. The average price of food products in the UK are: 1 litre of milk is 0.90 GBP, 12 eggs is1.95 GBP, 1 kg of bananas is 1.10 GBP, 1 loaf of bread is1 GB, 1kg of apples is 1.80 is GBP,1 meal at restaurants is 12 GBP, and 1 kg of local cheese is 5.60 GBP. The transportation cost is also there in the cost of living.

For communicating on daily basis, the student chooses from different means of public transport and discounts are also offered to the students or young people in general. The discounts differ from one area or city to another. Some transportation costs are: a bus ticket for a one-way ticket almost costs almost 1.50-2.50 GBP, the metro/subway in London offers a 30% discount for 18 years old students who purchase the Oyster Student Card, and train ticket in London offers a 30% discount for full-time students who purchased a Young Persons Card which almost costs 30 GBP.

Project management courses in the UK with scholarships

The global leadership scholarships 

For high school students, an annual scholarship contest is run by global leadership scholarships. When the students plan to move ahead with their studies and plan to complete MSC then this scholarship is the best scholarship that is offered to the students. The requirement for applying for global leadership scholarships are mentioned below:

  • A strong record of leadership: this scholarship may include your studies, work, experience, and internships with or within the community. 
  • Outstanding future leadership potential.
  • The strength of the application of the student and interview performance of the student along with the good academic background and good GMAT performance. A strong CV as well as a strong research career plan is also needed. 
  • Academic and professional references are also needed. 

GREAT-Imperial College London Scholarships

Eight scholarships are offered by the Imperial College London to students who are from Kenya, Egypt, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Thailand, and Indonesia. An amount of £10000 is offered as a scholarship to support the students who are pursuing one-year postgraduate study at Imperial College. This scholarship is offered for postgraduate courses in engineering, science, medicine, management, and business subjects. The students can apply for a GREAT scholarship if they hold a valid passport from Egypt, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Thailand. Along with these eligibility criteria, the applicants who are given this scholarship will have to meet college English entry requirements. The students are not eligible for the GREAT scholarships if:

  • The student holds British Citizenship
  • The student applies for an MBA course.
  • The time period of the course is more than a year.
  • The course is a distance learning course or an online course.

For applying for these scholarships, the students have to:

  • Firstly, apply got a one-year full-time master’s course at Imperial College London.
  • The candidates who are eligible will only be invited to apply for the scholarship.

The requirement for applying to the scholarships are listed below:

  • The student should be a citizen of Egypt, Kenya, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Nigeria and Thailand.
  • The student should apply for a one-year full-time Master’s course.
  • The student should classify themselves as Overseas for fee status. 
  • The student should have received an offer of admission to study for a one-year full-time master’s course from the faculty of engineering, medicine, management etc. 
  • The student should be available to commence academic studies in the UK from the start of the academic year of the UK.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several universities in Australia that offer high-quality project management programs. Here are some of the top universities in Australia for project management:

  • The University of Sydney
  • The University of Melbourne
  • The Australian National University
  • The University of Queensland
  • Monash University

A Master in Project Management degree equips graduates with the skills and knowledge required to manage complex projects across a variety of industries. Here are some of the scopes of employment for a Master in Project Management in Australia:

  • Construction industry: The construction industry is a major employer of project management professionals in Australia. Project managers in this industry oversee construction projects from start to finish, including planning, design, construction, and delivery.
  • IT industry: The IT industry is another major employer of project management professionals in Australia. Project managers in this industry oversee software development projects, including planning, budgeting, and resource allocation.
  • Government: The Australian government hires project management professionals to oversee public sector projects, including infrastructure development, social programs, and defense projects.
  • Healthcare: The healthcare industry is a growing employer of project management professionals in Australia. Project managers in this industry oversee healthcare projects, including hospital construction, health IT implementation, and clinical trials.
  • Consulting firms: Many consulting firms in Australia hire project management professionals to work on client projects across a range of industries.
  • Manufacturing: Project management professionals in the manufacturing industry oversee the design, production, and delivery of products, including managing the supply chain and coordinating with vendors and suppliers.

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