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GRE Sample Papers

An Introduction to GRE Sample Papers

Many graduate schools in the US and Canada, and a few other countries rely on GRE test scores to grant admission to students in various courses. The paper tests the necessary skills of students willing to get admission to a top university. Students across the globe sit for the GRE exam to fulfill their dream of being in a reputed university.

GRE sample papers help students understand the various aspects of the exam and learn how to handle each section of the test. These are considered the most effective tools to practice for GRE and ace the test. You will be unable to qualify for the exam if you don’t have the right knowledge about the test format and the sections. These papers help you get familiar with all these things and ace the exam. is known for offering the best assistance to aspiring international students and has always helped them overcome all odds. You must sign up with us to gain access to the sample papers and start practicing today!

The Benefits of Using GRE Sample Papers

GRE is a competitive exam, and thousands of students sit for the test each year to fight for limited university seats. So, to be ahead in the race, you must do everything. Referring to study materials is not enough. You have to be well-versed with the format and the sections to ace the test. However, students doubt if GRE sample papers can help them in the long run. To help you get an answer to the question, here are a few benefits of using GRE sample papers:

  1. Enhances speed and accuracy
  2. Improves problem-solving skills
  3. Familiarises students with the exam format
  4. Better time management
  5. Enhances test-taking ability

You must understand the importance of the exam and work on the sample papers accordingly. These will help you overcome the odds and ace the exam to confirm a seat at one of the prestigious universities.

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Verbal Reasoning Section Overview

One of the crucial sections of the GRE is verbal reasoning. The section tests a candidate's ability to analyze a situation and draw conclusions. You have to read the questions properly, pay attention to detail and find answers. The section includes two types of questions, text completion, and reading comprehension.

Types of questions

As the name suggests, text completion is about identifying the missing words in sentences and passages and completing them. Comprehension tests a candidate's ability to read, analyze, understand, evaluate, interpret, and synthesize information.

Strategies for verbal reasoning questions

While there’s no alternative to practice, you must also plan the best ways to work on verbal reasoning questions to score well. Here are a few strategies that can help you sail through the section:

  1. Read and re-read each piece of text
  2. Don’t make assumptions
  3. Manage time well
  4. Hone your analytical skills
  5. Improve your English language skills
  6. Practice in the right format
  7. Learn from your mistakes
  8. Get a good night’s sleep
  9. Practice well

Answering verbal reasoning questions will not be easy if you don’t practice well. The strategies mentioned above can be helpful in overcoming the odds and acing the test.

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Quantitative Reasoning Section Overview

The competitive exam tests various skills and abilities of students. The quantitative reasoning section is used to evaluate a student’s problem-solving abilities. You will come across questions on arithmetic, algebra, and data analysis. The section has quantitative comparison questions without performing any calculations. Let's understand the two types of questions in this section.

Types of questions

The section has two types of questions, namely quantitative comparison, and problem-solving. Quantitative comparison questions can be tricky as you need to find answers without performing any calculations. On the other hand, problem-solving questions need more mathematical knowledge, and you need to solve questions comprising numbers, words, or figures.

Strategies for solving quantitative reasoning questions

Considering the section is difficult, you have to work on the section carefully. Here are a few strategies that can help you ace the section and score well in them:

  1. Avoid unnecessary computations
  2. Plug in numbers
  3. Simplify the comparison

Candidates are expected to apply the correct techniques to answer the questions within a limited period. GRE sample papers are the best way to adapt to the types of questions and practice them for better results.

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Analytical Writing Section – An Overview

Analytical writing is all about sharing your point of view on a particular topic after a thorough analysis. This section in the GRE exam evaluates a candidate’s ability to communicate effectively through writing. The section consists of two parts, namely, an issue essay and an argumentative essay. Candidates are expected to justify the topic and present a proper and thorough analysis of the subject.

Types of essay prompts

You have to write two essays in this section, an issue essay, and an argumentative essay. An issue essay aims to present a point of view on a particular topic supported by proper examples and reasons. On the other hand, an argumentative essay is about taking a stand for or against the topic. Candidates will be asked to go through a passage, analyze them and write the essay. The arguments must be strong enough to convince the readers. Topics for essays are mostly based on education, technology and society, cities, arts, government and power, intellectual endeavors, and philosophy.

Strategies for writing analytical essays

The analytical writing section is the one where most students struggle. It is not only about the topic but also about investing time in understanding the topics and writing essays. The following are a few strategies that can help you overcome the odds:

  1. Identify the topic
  2. Understand what you are asked to do
  3. Time management
  4. Understand and write an in-depth analysis 
  5. Practice 

You cannot master writing skills in a short time. So, before you sit for the test, work on GRE sample papers and learn how to handle them to ace them in the final exam.

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Accessing and Using GRE Sample Papers

Finding GRE sample papers can be a bit difficult with so many websites offering access to such papers. We understand how you can get confused with so many options and might find it difficult to find the right one. Let’s take you through some ways you can access and utilize GRE practice papers:

Official GRE practice papers

The first way to access GRE sample papers is through the official GRE website. You will find POWERPREP practice tests and start practicing them to ace the test. There are three different tools available on the website. You can use all three of them if you want. The first two POWERPREP tools can be used free of cost, while the POWERPREP PLUS will cost you $39.95 per practice test. The tool is the best for last-minute preparations.

Online resources and websites

If you are looking for a reliable website for GRE preparation, sign up with without a second thought. We have the best resources and can help you prepare well for the test. You will also gain access to study materials, sample questions, and sessions with our counselors to understand the exam pattern.

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The Importance of Timed Practice

Attempting questions from six sections in three hours and forty-five minutes is difficult. On top of that, if you have to write essays, solve mathematical problems, and complete sentences, you will find it hard to complete the test within the stipulated time. It is why experts, professors, and study abroad counselors emphasize the need for timed practice for the GRE.

When you gain access to GRE sample papers, start working on them without delaying the process. You must keep a watch by your side while working on the papers. It will help you understand if you have the ability to complete the test on time and also work on the sections you find difficult. can help you practice and win the race against time.

Reviewing and Analysing Sample Paper Performance

There’s no other way to understand where you stand than testing yourself. The GRE practice tests give you an opportunity to understand your strengths and weaknesses and prepare accordingly. Here are a few things you must check after you complete the test:

  1. Check the number of correct and incorrect answers
  2. Check if you have made silly mistakes or logical errors
  3. Understand why you made such errors
  4. Check the amount of time you spent 
  5. Review how you have ended a section
  6. Identify the topics you hate the most
  7. Identify the areas of improvement

These will help you gain insight into your performance and work on it to score well on the final test. can help you review and analyze your performance and provide the right assistance to improve your performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions by Students

GRE sample papers have all the necessary questions that can help you prepare for the exam. The sample papers cover all the sections of the test, namely, verbal, quantitative analysis, and data analysis. The sample papers can help you learn more about the exam format and help students work on test-taking strategies, and review various concepts.

There are various websites offering access to GRE sample papers to students. However, you need to check with to gain access to the latest GRE sample papers. We are one of the most trusted studies abroad consultancy websites and have helped many students overcome the odds. Hence, if you are finding it hard to get ahold of GRE sample papers, contact us right away.

The GRE sample papers follow the exact same format as the actual GRE exam. So, if you are apprehensive about using GRE sample papers for preparation, ask one of the consultants at for assistance. We will help you understand how GRE sample papers are mostly similar to the actual GRE exam and help you overcome the odds.

GRE tests a lot of skills, and you have to score well in each section to get the qualifying score. So, when you start preparing for GRE, use the sample papers to understand the types of questions you will have to face, and also start working on them to enhance your time management skills. You have to understand how answering tricky questions in a short time can be difficult. GRE sample papers will help you practice and ace the exam.

GRE sample papers are the most effective tools to help students improve their time management skills. The papers carry all the questions, and you will be able to understand your weak points and find the questions that are easy to answer. That will allow you to manage your time and get through the exam.

You can get the answer keys or explanations for the GRE sample papers online. The best way to do so is by signing up with We will guide you with all the questions and help you find the right answers to each. We also share the best study materials that can help you sail through the papers and score well in each section.

It is impossible to say a number when it comes to sample papers. The more you practice, the better your chance of scoring perfect marks. So, if you have access to sample papers, work on them and enhance your skills in each section before you sit for the actual GRE exam.

Cracking GRE is all about practice. Many students fail to score well even after having the right knowledge of all sections. It is crucial to follow the best methods to improve your GRE score. Practising GRE sample papers gives you an edge and helps you learn more about the format and manage time properly. It will help you answer all the questions within the stipulated time and score well on them.

There’s no such strategy to use GRE sample papers. But if you know your weaknesses, it is best to start with that section before working on the ones you are comfortable with. The GRE sample papers will help you get an idea of the questions that might come and work on them to sail through the exam easily.

It is recommended that you work on your weak areas before attempting the easy questions. If you want to crack the GRE, you cannot leave any stone unturned. That is why you have to work on the papers accordingly. The sample papers have always helped students get hold of the format and paved the way for perfect scores on GRE.

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