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TOEFL Exam Fees in 2023-24

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TOEFL Exam Fees

The Importance and Cost of TOEFL Exam

Do you aim to pursue higher studies or work overseas in a country where English is spoken as the native language? Then, it is crucial to appear for the Test of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL exam.

TOEFL is an English proficiency exam that takes into consideration the ability of an applicant to read, write, understand, and speak the English language. It is perhaps one of the most popular tests for admission to renowned universities in the UK, the US, Canada, Asia, Europe, etc. Each year millions of students take the exam to gain entry to the world's top universities. Job seekers also undertake the TOEFL exam as it helps secure a work visa in English-speaking countries. But that's not it. Taking the TOEFL exam has a diverse range of benefits that students are not even well-versed with. Some of them are –

  • The TOEFL score is accepted by more than 10,000 universities across 150 countries worldwide. So, taking the test can prove to be a wild card to the top universities around the world.
  • 80% of universities prefer the TOEFL score over other exam scores.
  • The TOEFL score is valid for 2 years, which allows candidates to apply with the same score for 3 years after taking the exam.
  • It helps individuals prepare for the exam, improving their English communication skills – both verbal and written.

Conducted by the ETS, the TOEFL exam structure comprises four sections – Reading, Speaking, Listening, and Writing. There are multiple dates for undertaking the TOEFL exam throughout the year. So, one can choose a date of their convenience to undertake the exam.

However, taking the TOEFL exam comes with a cost. And it is vital to comprehend the fees associated with the post. In today's comprehensive post, we will walk you through the TOEFL exam fee, fee reductions, rescheduling fee, and some frequently asked questions.

So, go on and take a dip in it!

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TOEFL Exam: What is Its Fee Structure?

Registration Fee

It is important to note that the TOEFL exam fee isn’t uniform. It hugely varies from one country to another. Like, the TOEFL application fee is $195, which is presently INR 16,000 in India. This will vary from time to time based on the exchange rate. Once paid, this fee completes the registration process for the exam. You can then complete the exam at home or at one of the test centres.

However, additional fees can apply for different reasons, which include rescheduling or score reviews. Now, remember TOEFL exams can be of three types – TOEFL iBT exam, TOEFL iBT Paper Edition, and TOEFL Home Edition.

The exam fees for these three kinds of tests are as follows –

TOEFL Internet-Based Test (iBT) Fee  

The TOEFL Internet-Based Test, or iBT, is usually conducted on a computer at a test centre. The fee for taking this test is $195 in the US and INR 16,134 in India as of February 2024.

TOEFL Paper-Based Test (PBT) Fee

The TOEFL Paper-Based Test (PBT) is usually conducted on paper at the centre. However, the speaking section is conducted at home on the computer. The fee for taking this test is $195 in the US and INR 16,134 in India as of February 2024.

TOEFL Home Edition  Fee

Due to COVID-19, ETS designed the TOEFL iBT home edition that enables the test-takers to take the test from home. The TOEFL test pattern of the home edition is similar to that of the test center-based exam. The fee for taking this test is $195 in the US and INR 16,134 in India as of February 2024.

Late Registration Fee

Applicants need to be well-versed with the deadlines for TOEFL registration. The online registration for the exam closes 7 days before the test date. The process of late registration closes 4 days before the TOEFL exam date.

If one becomes late to register for the TOEFL exam, he/she will need to pay the late registration fee of US $40 or INR 3312.24.  

Rescheduling Fee

Applicants who have scheduled the TOEFL exam date and desire to cancel or reschedule it must complete the process four full days before the scheduled test date. It is not allowed to reschedule the tests through mail, email, or at the test centre.

Applicants must call their Regional Registration Centre (India – 91-124-4147700) to schedule by providing their full name and the appointment number. The fee for rescheduling the TOEFL exam is $60 in the US and INR 4920.53 in India. In case of cancellation, 50% of the original fee is refunded back to the applicant.

Score Reporting Fee

The TOEFL exam fees incorporate an applicant's TOEFL scores being sent to four universities or institutions at registration. An applicant who wishes to send their TOEFL scores to more than four pre-selected universities can do so easily by paying an additional TOEFL score reporting fee.

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The TOEFL score reporting fee is $20 per recipient. In India, the TOEFL score reporting fee is approximately INR 1640.53 (US $1 =INR 82.03).

Additional Service Fees

Apart from the registration fee of $195, there are certain additional TOEFL costs and charges. These are need-based charges and may not apply to every student. Have a look at the breakup of the additional TOEFL fees you may need to pay –


Fees in US Dollars

Fees in Indian Rupees (as of Feb 2024)

Reinstatement of Cancelled Scores


INR 1641

Speaking or Writing Section Score Review


INR 6562

Speaking and Writing Section Score Review


INR 13,124

Returned Payment


INR 2,500

Fee Waivers and Discounts

The TOEFL exam conducting authority, Educational Testing Service or ETS, has introduced two kinds of financial aid to help the TOEFL test takers. These are TOEFL Fee Reduction Services and TOEFL iBT Voucher Services.

The TOEFL Fee Waiver Reduction Service is devised for high school seniors in the United States with financial requirements applying to colleges and universities where TOEFL scores are needed or recommended. The fee reduction voucher covers 50% of the regular exam fee.

In the TOEFL iBT Voucher Services, ETS has arranged different vouchers. These vouchers are unique numerical codes that students can use as payment during registration. Different ages and institutions purchase these vouchers and offer students so that they can sit in the TOEFL exam for free. There is no fee charged for this service. The institution needs to pay only for the student’s fees. Further, these vouchers have a validity period of up to 12 months from the issuance date.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for applying to the TOEFL Fee Waiver Reduction Service and TOEFL iBT Voucher Services are as follows –

  1. Individuals applying for fee waivers and discounts must be non-native speakers of the English Language. They should be college-bound and have financial needs.
  2. These applicants must be in their senior year.
  3. They should have attended high school in the United States
  4. They must be a member of the family that requires public assistance
  5. They should have secured admission to a program for the economic disadvantages like the Upward Bound
  6. They must be dwelling in a federally subsidized public housing project

Please note foreign exchange students cannot apply for the TOEFL fee reduction vouchers. The authority that permits free reduction makes the decision on the financial need of the applicant based on the total annual family income. These are as follows –

Dependents in Numbers

Family Income













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Application Process

Students who desire to receive waivers and discounts should provide their counselor with evidence of the above-mentioned eligibility. The application for waivers and discounts can be done online and by phone or email.

Have a look at the steps they need to follow to complete the application process effectively –

Online Medium Registration

Students who have completed the TOEFL registration process online must follow the steps listed below –

  1. Navigate to the TOEFL registration system and open an account
  2. They need to opt for a check or postal money order for 50% of the recent regular test fee payable to the ETS-TOEFL iBT.
  3. After which, they must write their name on the front part of the check or postal money order.
  4. At last, they need to hand over the check or postal money order to the respective counselor.

Please note that students who have chosen the online TOEFL registration medium will receive a fee reduction voucher number in their ETS account. Hence, having an account for getting the fee reduction is essential for students.

Phone or Mail Registration

Students who have completed the TOEFL registration process must follow the steps enlisted below –

  1. Individuals need to acquire a profile from a counselor
  2. They need to complete the student Profile Form
  3. Next, they should order a check or postal money for 50% of the current regular exam fee. This must be paid to ETS-TOEFL or ETS-TOEFL iBT for paper administrations.
  4. After that, they must write their names on the front part of the check or postal money order.
  5. Finally, they need to give the check or postal money order and Student Profile form to the respective counselor.

Please note that students who have completed their registration via mail or phone will receive a voucher number in their email.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The TOEFL exam fees in the US are $195. As of 2024, the TOEFL exam fees for the TOEFL iBT exam are INR 14,322.03. Again, candidates choosing to undertake the TOEFL paper-based test must also pay the same fee in India, which is INR 14,322.03. 

The registration fee for the TOEFL exam includes the registration fee, application fee, and form fee, which equals $90 for applicants registering from India and $195 for applicants registering from the US. 

Apart from the TOEFL registration fee, one may also need to pay the late registration fee, rescheduling fee, a reinstatement fee for canceled scores, and additional score reports fee. Other additional costs include fees for TOEFL speaking or writing score review and returned payment fees. 

The acceptable payment methods for TOEFL exam fees are –

  • ETS account– debit/credit card, electronic check (e-check), or PayPal
  • Mail – credit/debit card, money order, or paper check (in US dollars)
  • Phone – debit/credit card, electronic check (e-check)  

It is essential to keep in mind that the TOEFL online registration process closes seven days before the exam, and the late registration process closes four days before the test date with a TOEFL late fee of US $40. To avoid paying the late registration fees, an applicant should –

  • Plan to take the TOEFL iBT test 2-3 months before their earliest application deadline.
  • Register for the test 4 months before their desired exam date.

Yes, you can always reschedule your TOEFL exam. The easiest way to reschedule the TOEFL test is via an ETS account. One can also cancel or reschedule the test by giving a call to their Regional Registration Centre (RRC). However, you need to pay an additional fee for rescheduling the TOEFL exam. The cost of rescheduling the TOEFL exam is USD 60, i.e., INR 4462.90 approximately. You need to pay the fee before registering for the new date of the exam. 

As a TOEFL test applicant, you get up to 4 free official TOEFL score reports. These reports could be sent to 4 desired colleges or universities you choose during the TOEFL test registration. In case you wish to send your TOEFL scores to more than 4 universities, then you will have to order additional score reports after the exam. You can send each TOEFL score to universities for a fee of US $20 per institution.

As a TOEFL test applicant, you get up to 4 free official TOEFL score reports. These reports could be sent to 4 desired colleges or universities you choose during the TOEFL test registration. In case you wish to send your TOEFL scores to more than 4 universities, then you will have to order additional score reports after the exam. You can send each TOEFL score to universities for a fee of US $20 per institution. 

Student Review on TOEFL Exam Fee

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