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Why Study Fashion Design In The UK?

UK university delivers scope to the students to study Fashion at the University that will support the student in an advanced understanding of the global fashion industry. Fashion design involves the designing of the clothing, production and marketing of the clothing and others. Studying Fashion Design in the UK ranges from industrial to leisure goods that cover a range of sectors in the market. A student with innovative thinking, creativity and professionalism is welcome to pursue the course of Fashion Design in the UK.

In this course, students are delivered with an introduction, an understanding of the process of design, and learning to review and evaluate their style of design that is necessary to sustain in the fashion and creative industries. In the UK, there is huge competition in the field of fashion and there are various courses that offer internships and scope of placement. Therefore, in brief, studying Fashion Design in the UK assists the student in getting success in the growing and innovative industry that delivers the proper method of teaching, projections in the design career and insight into the huge world of fashion. The universities in the UK are famous for their outstanding resources, facilities of art and accessibility to experts from the fashion world.

Various courses in Fashion design are offered to students in the Universities of the UK. There are also benefits of scholarship for Fashion design to study in UK universities. Other reasons to study Fashion design in the UK are the location, delivering multiple courses in fashion design, and accessibility to top-ranking universities. As the fashion industry highly depends on networking, therefore, studying at UK universities improves the scope of the students in the outer world. There are various fashion courses according to the choice of the students like costume designing, business and managerial side of the industry and others. Multiple top-level universities in the UK offer fashion design courses. Such universities that offer fashion design courses for international students with top-quality education and large exposure are Loughborough University, Kingston University, Staffordshire University, University of Central Lancashire, and London Metropolitan University. There are various scopes of a job after finishing fashion design courses in the UK.

The program covers various new specializations that include the design of textiles and the design of footwear. The average annual package is approximately 85000 GBP which is equivalent to 82,351,36 INR. There is various range of average monthly pay for the different job role in this industry. For fashion marketers, the average monthly pay is 23000 GBP or 2518982 INR. For the retail merchandiser, the average monthly pay is 36000 GBP or 34,61,407 INR; for the job role of the textile designer, the average monthly pay is 23,673 GBP or 22,76,164 INR; for the visual merchandiser, the average monthly pay is 23251 GBP or 22,35,588.62 INR.

Popular Fashion Design Courses In The UK

Courses that are offered to the students offer a complete insight into cutting, construction, design and others. The courses will help the students to get insight into consumer awareness and marketing. Courses that are offered under the Fashion Designing courses are Bachelor in Fashion Design, Masters in Marketing and Management, Masters in Fashion Design, Bachelor in Fashion Textiles and others. The subjects that are covered under the courses are the construction of garments and technology, research strategy, principle of fashion marketing and merchandising and others.

The students must fulfil the criteria before applying for admission to the courses in the UK. They are the educational qualification of the students, the experience of work, Score on the English Language Proficiency Test, student visa and passport. There is various educational qualification needed for students to pursue Bachelor’s or Master's courses in UK universities. For a bachelor, students must have a 10+2 passing certificate from an educational institution with 50-70% and a GPA of 3.0. For the application of the Master’s program, the student must present the certificate of the honour’s degree or related study field with a score of 60-70%. A digital portfolio having the skill evidence must be presented by the student. For international students, it is mandatory to submit the English Language Proficiency Test score. The minimum test score that is required to apply for the courses in UK universities is IELTS-6.0, TOEFL-93-101. The experience of work that is needed to pursue the master’s or undergraduate courses is 2-3 years of experience in work in the fashion Industry.

Other documents that are required to study fashion Design in the UK are academic transcripts, original institutional certificate, scorecard of the ELP and GRE, letters of recommendation, statements of purpose, a resume of experience, a valid copy of the passport, proof of the study and living expenses, proof of the financial resources and others. There are several processes to get admission for Fashion Designing in the UK. First, the student must search for the universities that offer fashion design courses in the UK and visit the official universities of the universities. Then the student must complete the online application and submit the payment. Then, the student will get an email from the college if the application is being accepted for the master's in marketing program. After the final confirmation, the student will apply for a student visa to the UK.

Duration of Fashion Design Courses in the UK

Undergraduate Students: Not known

Graduate Students: For the graduation courses, the duration of the courses is 3 years.

Postgraduate Students: For the master’s courses, the duration is 1 year.

Cost of Studying Fashion design degree in the UK

When making the study plan, the students must consider the overall cost of studying in the universities of the UK. For Indian students, the cost of studying abroad is quite expensive. In this expense, both the tuition fees and cost of living are considered. For the Bachelor's program, the tuition fees for the student are 13000 GBP which is equivalent to 12,59,491 INR. On the other hand, for the Master’s program, tuition fees for studying Fashion Design courses in the UK is 13500 GBP which is equivalent to 13,07,933 INR.

Cost of Living in the UK

The cost of living for students who want to pursue Fashion Design courses in the universities in the UK is approximately 2500 EBP which is equivalent to 2,39,163 INR. Annually. The cost of living is dependent on the locality of stay and the total years a student is spending on studies. The cost per month for accommodation is 1500 GBP which is equivalent to 1,43,473 INR. The cost per month for food is 200 GBP or 19,129 INR. 45 GBP which is equivalent to 4302 INR is required per month for transportation purposes. For the study materials, the annual requirement is annually 2000 GBP which is equivalent to 1,91,117 INR.

Fashion Design Courses In The UK With Scholarships

The increasing cost of education may restrict an individual to pursue his/her dream regarding study in a preferred course from the top universities in the world. In this context, scholarships act as assistance in the financial status and permit the students to continue their interests and help in building their careers. Other benefits of the scholarship programs are access the quality education, delivering a diverse environment for learning, helping in focusing on the actual goal and constructing the professional network. With the aid of scholarship programs, students get the chance to enrol in reputed universities that normally are inaccessible to the student.

The benefits of the scholarship program are to develop the strong personality and intellectual ability of the students. The scholarship programs that are available for eligible students who pursue courses in fashion design in the UK improve the opportunities to construct the professional network that will improve the growth of the career of the individual. To decrease the financial load of the students who want to study Fashion Design in the universities of the UK, several scholarship programs improve the accessibility and affordability of quality education and increased scope to the outer world. A student will get the scholarship based on academic performance, merit and other talents. BA scholarship is awarded by the British Fashion Council to students who are pursuing BA in Fashion Design. The scholarship amount of this program is around 3096.49 GBP which is equivalent to 3,00,000 INR. In Jack & Jones scholarship, 1000 GBP or 96,8,83.96 INR is delivered to the students who are enrolled on the course of Fashion Design.

Students who are studying for the Master in fashion design course in UK universities can apply for the University of Newcastle Vice Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarship where there is a 50% waiver in the total tuition fees of the student.  Especially for the Indian students who apply for fashion design courses in the universities in the UK, there is a scholarship program named Trendhim Talent Scholarship that amounts to 2300 GBP, equivalent to 22,2833 INR.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many excellent universities in the UK that offer fashion design programs. The following universities are considered to be among the best for fashion design in the UK:

  • Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts London)
  • London College of Fashion (University of the Arts London)
  • Royal College of Art
  • Kingston University
  • University of Westminster
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Nottingham Trent University
  • University of the Creative Arts
  • Glasgow School of Art
  • Bath Spa University

Yes, fashion designers are in demand in the UK, as the UK is home to a thriving fashion industry. According to the British Fashion Council, the UK fashion industry supports over 890,000 jobs and contributes £35 billion to the UK economy.

Fashion designers are needed to create new designs and products that appeal to consumers, as well as to keep up with trends and innovations in the industry. With the rise of e-commerce and social media, there is also a growing need for designers who can create visually engaging content for online platforms.

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