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Masters in Hotel Management in Australia

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Masters in Hotel Management in Australia

Why Study Masters in Hotel Management in Australia?

High-Quality Education System

Many students look to pursue hotel management courses in Australia, because it is one of the world's leaders in hotel management. There are many top-rated universities like Edith Cowan and William Angliss. These universities have some of the best courses and faculties that guarantee high-quality education. The opportunity to get exposed to world class hospitality and tourism industry makes it a tempting proposition for many international students.

Diverse Culture

Australia has always been a melting pot of cultures. It attracts international students from all over the world. The hotel management colleges in Australia always see a huge influx of postgraduate students from various countries. So, if you plan to pursue a master's in hospitality management in Australia, expect to be within a diverse culture. The idea of mingling with people from around the world proves to be attractive to numerous students.

Thriving Hospitality Industry

If you are looking for a hotel management university in Australia, you will find several options on the online portals. The reason behind this is that the hospitality industry is thriving in Australia right now. The hotel and tourism industry contributes over 100 billion dollars to the GDP of the country. This amount is only predicted to get higher with time. So, it just makes sense to pursue hospitality management courses in this country right now.

Exposure to Global Opportunities

When an international student enrols in any premium Australian university also gives them ample opportunities to experience global opportunities. When you earn a degree in hospitality management from any top college, you get job opportunities from some of the biggest brands in the hospitality industry. Many big brands like Accor, Hyatt, and Hilton have multiple properties in Australia. So, after completing your international hospitality management course, you can bag high-paying jobs from all these brands.

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Top Colleges/Universities to Study Masters in Hotel Management in Australia

There are numerous colleges in Australia that are consistently rated high by the students. Here, we will discuss the top 5 colleges and universities that you should aim for hospitality management degrees.

Le Cordon Bleu Australia

They are an award-winning college specialising in

  • Culinary
  • Patisserie
  • Commercial Cookery

It offers various programs to groom you for this exciting industry. Students can even combine specialisation with other disciplines. Their courses are specially designed to promote critical thinking as students of the hotel industry. It also offers industrial training throughout the program, where students get hands-on experience for future business success.

A very popular course code of this University is SIT60316 – Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management. Apart from that, some of the other prominent courses are -

  • Diploma De Cuisine (SIT30816 – Certificate III in Commercial Cookery)
  • Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management – Commercial Cookery
  • Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management – Patisserie

Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School

It is one of the most popular tourism management schools  to study in Australia. It offers both Bachelor and Master of International Hotel and Resort Management courses. They have a tie-up with the University of Queensland, and this helps the trainees get a real-time experience of hotel operations. Some of the most in-demand courses in this school are -

  • International Hotel and Resort Management Degree
  • International Event Management Degree

Both these courses offer excellent insights into event management and the hotel industry.

International College of Management Sydney

ICMS is more than just a college. It provides you with a vast community of 1,200+ students from 40+ countries. This is the perfect college if you like to meet new people and form professional partnerships. The college offers industrial training throughout its courses. So, students get ample chances to work in the hotel industry. They offer a host of courses like -

  • Master of Business Management
  • Master of Hospitality Management
  • Master of Event Management
  • Bachelor of International Tourism

So from hotel operations to global tourism, this college can be an excellent option for you.

Griffith University

This University was the recipient of the Best Tourism Educator by National Tourism Awards in 2010. It offers both bachelor's degree and master degree programs. You can also opt for diplomas in Tourism. The most popular program of this University is the Master of Business (Hospitality Management).

University of Technology, Sydney

The University of Technology in Sydney focuses both on honing your theoretical knowledge and practical training. They aim to develop business acumen among students, improving their career prospects. The University also offers industrial training throughout its courses. So their students get quality work experience and get connected to a vast professional network. Their Master of Business (Hospitality Management) is one of the most popular courses.

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Admission Requirements for Masters in Hotel Management in Australia

If you want to apply for a top international hospitality management course in Australia, you need to follow certain admission criteria. If you do not have the right documents in place, you cannot apply for any bachelor degree courses. Here are some of the mandatory academic requirements that you should know -

A Bachelor Degree in a Relevant Field

You can have a bachelor degree in international tourism and hospitality industry. You may also have similar degrees in business administration or food and beverage operations.

English Proficiency Test Results

To study any courses on the international tourism industry or event management, you must clear any of the standardised tests. That means, you have to present the report card of either IELTS or TOEFL to become eligible.

Academic Transcripts

You also need to present all the recent academic transcripts along with the TOEFL results. The leading Australian colleges always demand a higher grade throughout your academic journey. So, if you have a strong academic record, you are most likely to get chosen over others.

Letters of Recommendation

When you are moving to a new country with the aim of pursuing higher education, you need more than just a graduate certificate. You will also need a letter of recommendation that you need to submit to your admission committee. If you were a student, then you need to get one from your professor or the principal. If you are coming with work experience, you need to get a certificate from your past employer.

A Resume

Along with the graduate certificate, you also need to show them why you think you are the best fit for your chosen discipline. So, you need to submit a CV containing all the relevant details of your past experiences.

Statement of Purpose

You also need to showcase a proper statement of purpose while applying for any university down under. This document clearly states your aspirations and makes it clear why you want to pursue them. For example, if you want to study international tourism, you need to clearly mention, what drove you to make this decision. This document helps the admission panel to take a closer look at you and assess if you are cut for the course.

However, these are only some of the general requirements that are most common in Australian colleges. It is always better to look into the official websites of the colleges you are applying to. If you are not sure how to find accurate details, you can always reach out to us at AbroAdvice.

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Cost of Study Masters in Hotel Management in Australia for Indian Students

Fee Structure of Masters in Hotel Management in Australia

The fees of hotel management course in Australia is not cheap. Especially if you are coming from India, you need to arrange funds well ahead to fund your education. The Masters in Hotel Management in Australia fee structure is as follows -

The fee structure for a two-year Masters in hotel management in Australia can range between AUD 59,000 to AUD 1,43,000. This value equates to between 32 to 78 Lakhs in Indian currency. However, the average tuition fees for international tourism management or event management courses is roughly around 60,000 AUD. But remember that this fee is only an average and can differ greatly.

For example, the course fee of a Master of International Tourism Management course can differ between two universities. Similarly, the course fees can also differ if you are opting for full-time or part-time courses.

Cost of Living in Australia

If you are planning to study hotel management in Australia, you also have to consider the cost of living in that country. The cost of living in any big Australian city is extremely high. So, students have to look for affordable accommodations while researching the best University for hotel management in Australia. Here is a detailed snapshot of the expenses that you should consider -

The average cost of living in any leading city in Australia is roughly AUD 24,500 per year. Although the government advises this budget for an international student, it is better to keep as estimate of roughly 30,000--35,000 AUD per year.

However, this cost can go up or down depending on which area you are staying in. For example, if you are pursuing a hotel management degree in Australia and staying in Melbourne, your cost of living can exceed 30,000 AUD per year.

On the contrary, cities like Hobart or Perth are much cheaper to live in. You can manage to stay in Adelaide for an entire year within 20,000 AUD while pursuing a hotel management masters in Australia. Here are some of the common expenses that you need to consider while making your budget for hotel management courses in Australia -

  • Internet - 20-25 AUD/month
  • Food - 80-200 AUD/month
  • Rent - 90-500 AUD/month
  • Electricity - 10-140 AUD/month
  • Transport - 12-65 AUD/month

All these calculations are made based on the average expenses of students studying down under. But you should always be on the lookout to find the most affordable options for you. For example, if you are planning to stay in any on-campus apartments, your cost will not exceed more than AUD 25,000 per year.

But if you decide to stay in any standalone apartment, you may need to shell out AUD 38,000 per year, excluding the tuition fees. For further details about the related costs, you may call our consultants and get their accurate advice.

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Scholarship Programs for Masters in Hotel Management in Australia

There are many institutes offering Hotel Management Scholarships in Australia. Some of the best scholarship plans, according to the students, are -

Three Pillar Blue Mountain Scholarship

This is an exciting scholarship plan that focuses on developing the employability skills of a student. It pushes you to hone your attributes and get better career opportunities in the process. So, it puts a lot of focus on the practical experience, ensuring you get the real-world experience beforehand.

TAFE South Australia

This scholarship plan is most dedicated to students who are more inclined towards tourism and hospitality. This financial aid is also ideal for you if you are planning to pursue event management courses.

Postgraduate Innovation Scholarship

You will be eligible for this scholarship if you enrol in the International College of Management, Sydney. This scholarship is especially for those who plan to work on innovative topics in a global context. However, you cannot avail the benefits of this plan if you are pursuing a bachelor's degree course.

Australian Government Research Training Program

This is the best scholarship program for those planning to work on a research project related to tourism and hospitality. This popular program includes multiple individual scholarship plans that can potentially cover your entire tuition fee. Some of the prominent scholarship plans under AGRTP are -

  • International Research Scholarship
  • Swinburne International Excellence Post Graduate Scholarship

If you want to know more details about the best scholarship plans and unlock more career opportunities, call us.

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Jobs & Salaries After Masters in Hotel Management in Australia

There are several exciting career opportunities after the successful completion of Masters in hospitality management in Australia. Here are some of the most in-demand jobs that you may get -

Event Manager

This is a very lucrative professional for many students who don't want to be limited within a corporate setup. So, they can work as an event manager and be in charge of executive grand events. The salary of an event manager usually starts at AUD 1,09,000 per year and can go up to AUD 2,00,000.

Marketing Manager

Once you successfully complete your course, you can also work as a marketing manager for various hotels. You need to show some leadership traits as entry requirements. The initial salary usually hovers around 78,000 AUD per year. However, there are scopes of growth in this sector. You can easily transition to a senior management role within a few years and earn more than 1,50,000 AUD per year.

Catering Manager

You can also work as a full-time catering manager for any leading hotels and private caterers. Although it may not pay as well as marketing managers, you can still earn more than 1,00,000 AUD per year with consistent assignments. You can also treat it as a part-time equivalent of marketing managers. This job certainly provides high-earning opportunities and scope to gain experience.

Restaurant General Manager

Usually, it is hard to get the profile of a general manager in a restaurant as a fresher. But if you can gain enough experience, you can gain enough credit points to be a general manager in any leading restaurant all over the country. The GMs are usually handsomely paid, and one can expect to earn up to 3,50,000 AUD per year.

Food and Beverage Manager

If you don't have enough experience to become a general manager, you can start as an F&B manager. Many small cafes and delis often appoint this profile to manage their stores. Although the pressure is less in this profile, you can still earn handsome money as a fresher. The starting package usually starts at 1,00,000 AUD, and with experience, you can earn up to 1,60,000 AUD per year.

How AbroAdvice Helps to Get into a Masters in Hotel Management in Australia

AbroAdvice is one of the leading consultancies that can help you get into your preferred hotel management courses in Australia. This is how we assist you -

Providing Details of Colleges

We help you with a detailed list of all the colleges and universities in Australia. We understand your requirements and the budget before suggesting anything. We have tie-ups with several reputed institutes across the country. Our consultants also have exceptional experiences in advising students, and can help you get a tailored list of colleges.

Providing Details of Scholarships

Our consultants also work effectively to remain updated about the best scholarship plans you can avail. There are various fields in hotel management. We understand where your preferences lie and suggest the best scholarship plans for you. That way, we help you to study your core subjects without feeling the pressure of budgetary constraints.

Helping with Student Visa

Arranging a student visa quickly is a big headache for many students and their families. There are many complex issues that one faces while applying for student visas. However, if you don't have the time and the energy to invest in these proceedings, let us know. We have the right connections to ensure that you get your visa within a few business days. Even if you want a visa for a longer duration, we can arrange the same.

Helping with SoP and LoR

A statement of purpose and letter of recommendation is also needed when you are migrating to another country for higher studies. Especially, in Australia, you cannot get into any premium universities without these documents. Many colleges ask students to submit these along with the online application. If you cannot understand what to write in your SoP, we can help you out.

We also have experienced industry experts who can help you with currency conversion too. We offer excellent forex rates and ensure that your transition to Australia becomes smoother than ever.

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FAQs on Masters in Hotel Management in Australia

Yes, it is absolutely worth it to do a masters in hotel management in Australia. This country has been one of the most booming countries in terms of tourism and hospitality. Moreover, the country is full of reputed institutes with ample placement opportunities. So, if you are passionate about working in the tourism and hospitality industry, moving to Australia for your masters can be the best decision for you. 

The admission requirements to do a masters in hotel management in Australia are as follows -

  • A bachelor's degree in any related field
  • A minimum GPA of 4.0 out of 7.0
  • English proficiency test score: TOEFL: - 79, IELTS: - 6.5
  • Professional experience (optional)
  • Australian Student Visa
  • Valid Passport
  • PTE score: 58 or higher
  • SoP
  • Updated resume
  • Bank Statements

You can ask AbroAdvice for the updated list of documents. We can even help you arrange them if you cannot arrange one yourself.

In Australia, a Master's in Hotel Management course usually takes two years to complete. Interested candidates can opt for either full-time or part-time courses. Some universities in Australia ask their students to complete an internship. Although it is not mandatory, some universities ask students for internship experiences in their final semester to earn a Master's degree.

Yes, Indian students can apply for a Master's degree in hotel management in Australia. Australia is encouraging more Indian students to come to their country. However, to apply for such programs, you must have a bachelor's degree in hotel management or a related field. It is better if you are a graduate of a recognized university, either in Australia or overseas. Some universities also ask for relevant work experience in the hospitality industry.

A postgraduate degree in Hotel Management in Australia helps students develop the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in this fast-paced professional world. The program covers a wide range of topics -

  1. Hotel operations
  2. Marketing for the hospitality industry
  3. Customer service
  4. Strategic management
  5. Hospitality economics and finance
  6. Team performance

All these help to develop critical thinking skills and master the tricks of the business world.

Australian hospitality management programs offer an all-round education. They cover multiple topics and also focus on practical training that prepares the candidates for the brutal professional world.

You need these documents for doing a Masters in Australia -

  • Application form
  • Academic transcripts
  • SOP
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Updated CV
  • Valid English Proficiency Scores
  • Experience letter
  • Identification documents
  • Application fees receipt

You can apply for a postgraduate degree in Hotel Management by following these steps -

  • Choosing a university
  • Confirming the course requirements
  • Filling out the application form
  • Paying the application fee

AbroAdvice can help you with all these steps and make the application process easier.

Yes, you can always trust us with admission assistance if you want to study in Australia. We have the best and most experienced consultants who can understand your needs and ensure your dreams get fulfilled.

Student Reviews on Masters in Hotel Management in Australia

  • Lifelong Dreams Fulfilled paved my way to studying hotel management in Australia. With ready-made jobs post-graduation.

    Nima, Noida
  • Beyond Expectations

    Studying hotel management in Australia through exceeded my expectations. With top-notch facilities, internships, and global recognition

    Manish, Delhi
  • Transformative Experience

    My journey to studying hotel management in Australia was transformative. From prestigious competitions to industry connections, it's a gateway to a successful career.

    Goldy, Noida
  • Unmatched Opportunities

    Choosing hotel management in Australia via opened doors to unmatched opportunities. With a booming industry, scholarships, and global recognition.

    Sukhvinder, Delhi
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