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Masters in Hotel Management in Australia

Universities, Cost, and Placements

Masters in Hotel Management in Australia

Why Study Hotel Management In The Australia?

Hotel Management is one such subject that have literally grown over the last few years in a fast-developing India where new aspirants are now looking at the high-flying hotel and hospitality industry to start their career. It is to be noted that the country of India has numerous well-decorated and renowned hotel management teaching institutions. But the students yet are demanding to study in other developed nations around the world having a better market of hotel management graduates that could provide these newly generated graduates a high volume of salary and a better living standard. One such country that have greatly advanced and grown over the past few years which is now known for offering premium quality hotel management courses to the students from all around the world is Australia.

The country of Australia offers more than 790 varieties of tourism and hospitality courses to all international and domestic students from its wide plethora of premium higher educational institutions such as the TAFE, Griffith and many more located all over the country. But it is to be noted that this is not the only reason that stimulates any student especially from the developing country of India to seek and study in a hotel management course offered by the country of Australia. The second most eminent reason of studying abroad in Australia is its offering of ready-made jobs to the students post becoming graduates.

The primary reason as to how the country of Australia and one of its highly grossing hospitality industries is able to offer readymade jobs to the hotel management graduates is that the country which is known for its touristic destinations attracts a huge volume of domestic as well as international travellers all the year round and the country has been facing an acute shortage of quality hotel management graduates that can effectively fill the gap for such kind of skilled labour. So, the students post becoming graduates are offered high grossing jobs that pays a lot more as compared to the jobs of hotel management back in India. So, the students post getting of jobs get access to a quality and higher lifestyle that every job seeker always dreams of. 

This is why the Indian students are always seeking entry to the country of Australia to study the different hotel management courses that are being currently offered by the country. It is to be noted that these two reasons are not all that attracts the high volume of Indian students seeking for the hotel management courses in Australia. So, the other prominent reasons firstly start with the fact that the higher educational institutions that teach the hotel management courses in Australia offers much better facility especially for internship to the students as compared to the teaching and practical training facilities which the Indian hotel management institutions are able to offer to their students.

For instance, the classroom teaching are equipped with best-in-class and state-of-the-art teaching facilities and equipment. The vocational training is also provided by these instructions. Finally, the higher educational institutions that offers these hotel management courses have in-built associations with numerous renowned hotels, bars, resorts and other leisure destinations of the country where these students could complete their internship that is embedded with their course. This is how the students gets a direct practical knowledge and also is able to generate a bit of expertise in what they do before they enter in to the hotel management job market.

The colleges and universities that hosts such prestigious courses on hotel management and its specialisations such as chefs or front office or any other specialisations hosts numerous renowned competitions where these students participate and can also earn numerous degrees or titles that they can carry with them in the practical world and such degrees or titles gives them special preference during the job search and selection procedure as well which may or may not be offered by numerous Indian hotel management institutions. The country of Australia as mentioned earlier have a wide plethora of touristic destinations filled with hotels, pubs, restaurants, resorts and other leisure destinations that require numerous skilled personnel. 

The demand for the hotel management personnel in Australia is also quite high as new hotels and other leisure institutions are growing up in Australia every single day that requires a lot of skilled hotel management personnel to run them. The main motivation behind the rapid development and enhancement of organisations within the hospitality industry of Australia is the rapid increase in domestic as well as international tourists within the country. This fact has been validated by a major market research organisation, Statista and according to who the hospitality industry of the country is expected to reach a massive margin of USD7.27 billion as of 2027 where the hotel facility users will reach to a massive figure of 12.4 million users by the 2027’s. This is the reason why new hotel and leisure chains are opening every single day within the country that requires quality skilled hotel management personnel to operate them.

Above all, the degrees that are offered by the Australian higher educational institutions are equally applicable and accepted in all major countries that are known for their touristic destinations. So, the students may move to any developed country of their choice to pursue and grow their career in hotel management in any point of time in the later stages. These are the unique opportunities that all Indian students want to take and therefore intends to study within the country of Australia. 

Popular Hotel Management Courses In The Australia

The popular hotel management courses which are available in Australia are mainly in the form of M.A. or MSc. degrees only. However, there are certain courses which are provided for the MBA degrees as well. The above-mentioned degree courses are of the master’s degree level so the undergraduate degree courses will be B.A., BSc. and B.B.A accordingly. This should be noted that diploma courses in hotel management is also offered within the country of Australia.

It is also to be noted that over and above the regular degree courses, the hotel management area especially in Australia, there are some additional courses which the students can duly enrol in such as restaurant management, luxury brand management, event management and many others which are duly covered within the holistic hotel and hospitality management domain. Lastly, it is worthwhile to name a few renowned institutions that offers such quality courses to the Indian students which firstly starts with the “University of Queensland”, “Victoria University”, “Edith Cowan University”, “Griffith College”, “Torrens University” and many more. 

Duration Of Hotel Management Courses In The Australia

Undergraduate Students

The duration of all the hotel management related undergraduate courses offered within Australia is three years having six semesters in total. 

Graduate Students

The duration of all the hotel management related graduate courses offered within Australia is three years having six semesters in total. 

Post-graduate Students

The duration of all the hotel management related postgraduate courses offered within Australia is two years having four semesters in total. 

Cost of studying Hotel Management degree in the Australia:

Undergraduate Students

The cost of studying in Australia for any course including the courses on hotel management are a bit costly especially for the Indian students mainly because the depreciation of the Indian Rupee as compare to the Australian Dollar. However, the cost of studying hotel management in Australia is a bit cheaper as compared to study similar courses in any other developed countries such as the USA or the UK. It is to be noted that the average tuition fees for an undergraduate hotel management course in Australia is around AUD 30,000. 

Graduate Students

The average tuition fees for a graduate hotel management course in Australia is within AUD 30,000-32,000. 

Post-graduate Students

The average tuition fees for a postgraduate hotel management course in Australia is around AUD 35,000. 

Cost Of Living In The Australia

Cost of living in Australia is quite high for Indians when compared to that in India. It is to be noted that an average person in Australia would require at least AUD 1,080 without rent involved and AUD 1,518 with the matter of rent involved which is equivalent to INR 87,995 in India and hence can be considered costly in terms of Indian standards especially in contrast to very costly cities’ standard of living in India such as Mumbai and other metro cities. 

Hotel Management Courses In The Australia With Scholarships 

It is to be noted that almost all notable hotel management courses offered by the top higher educational institutions such as the ones mentioned above comes with the factor of scholarships embedded in them to support the meritorious students especially coming from developing country such as India. Some of the popular scholarships offered in Australia in the field of hotel management are “Griffith Remarkable Scholarship”, “The Hotel School Sydney Bachelor Scholarship”, “The Southern Cross University Masters Scholarship”, “International Advancement Scholarship” and many more. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Master in hotel management in Australia is a two-year program. This is designed to help students sharpen their skills and get a good job in hotel management to secure their future.

Hotel management in Australia offers a decent salary package starting from 60,000 AUD. It also comes with many rewarding bonuses with the salary, extra perks and higher hanks of employment, which is good news for students.

The tuition fees for a master's in hotel management in Australia can be around AUD 33,650 – 69,270 AUD.

The duration of a master's in hotel management in Australia is around 2 years.

Here is a list of things you would need to get your Master's degree in hotel management in Australia:

  • Degree certificates of prior education.
  • GPA of 4.0 out of 7.0.
  • English proficiency score.
  • Experience certificate, if any.
  • Australia valid visa and passport.

Some of the best universities to study masters in hotel management are:

  • Bond university
  • Griffith university
  • Southern cross university
  • University of new castle
  • University of Canberra
  • RMIT university
  • Curtin university
  • The University of Adelaide
  • Dakin university
  • Western  Sydney university

Apart from this, Australia has tons of other universities which offer tremendous hotel management courses.

The application process for a master's in hotel management requires the students to submit their education documents. Other than this, they also need to submit their IELTS score. Additionally, copies of their visa and passport will be required to examine residency in Australia.

Getting a background in hospitality depends highly on the job role. Those who want to be tour guides need no background. However, those who want to specialize in it need to have a prior degree in hospitality as validation for their credibility.

Like every other international university, a Master's in hotel management in Australia also requires an English proficiency score. To get in, students need to score 6.0 in IELTS or 67-74 in TOEFL.

Students getting masters in hotel management can get a specialization in food and beverages, tourism, hospitality management, and front desk operations.

Yes, a specific GPA requirement exists for a master's in Hotel management in Australia. Students need a 4.0 out of 7.0 score in their bachelor's degree which is around 57. 14%. Also, a score of 6.5 and 79 in IELTS or TOEFL is a must.

Conditional offers are these which come with a few arrangements. This means that you have a guaranteed place in the university but there are certain adjustments you need to make. This can be taking extra exams or others.

While an unconditional offer, as it sounds, does not come with any compromises.

Students can get scholarships for a Master's in hotel management by checking the eligibility requirements in various universities. Some trustworthy scholarships to apply for are the ICHM award, ICMS international scholarship, Academic Excellence scholarship, International online scholarship, etc.

85% in the previous degree or high school is necessary to get a scholarship in Australia.

Master in management is a very distinct field for students in Australia. Students can expect to earn a salary range of AUD 60,000- 90,000 annually.

The average salary one can earn with a master's in hospitality management is AUD 86,572.

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