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SAT Exam Sample Papers

SAT Exam Sample Papers 

AbroAdvice provides over 200 SAT exam sample papers and improves your exam preparation.

You get 25 sectional mock tests on mathematics and verbal and over 10 mock tests to polish your overall problem-solving skills and improve time management – two skills that are important for students taking the SAT.

What is the SAT Exam Sample Papers?

SAT exams are held 7 times throughout the year. The date and month of the test depend on the country you're applying for and the available dates at nearby test centres.

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is considered the recommended medium of assessment in over 4,000 colleges and universities in the USA and 85 other nations (including Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Germany, and Singapore) to make informed decisions on student admission.

As per the Latest 2024 SAT Exam Rules, the upcoming SAT exams are scheduled on the following dates –

  • March 9, 2024
  • May 4, 2024
  • June 1, 2024

Of course, practicing with SAT sample papers is paramount if you want to do well in the upcoming 2024 SAT exam!

  1. You can become accustomed to the latest 2024 SAT exam format and plan your preparation accordingly.
  2. Using SAT sample papers lets you know the question type (mainly MCQ) and subject coverage.
  3. From the Writing and Language section, you can improve upon verbs, nouns, pronouns, faulty comparisons, parallelism, punctuations, conjunctions, and grasping non-fictional narratives on Humanities, Social Studies, Science, and History, 
  4. From the Reading section, you improve your understanding of World Literature, History, Social Studies, Sciences, etc.
  5. From the Mathematics section, you boost your knowledge and problem-solving prowess for questions on Arithmetic operations Statistics, Algebra, Geometry Probability, Mean & median, Mode, Direct /indirect variation Ratios, Permutation & combination, Data analysis, and Problem-solving.

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Advantages of Practicing With SAT Sample Papers recommends that students regularly practice with SAT sample papers to boost their self-confidence and familiarity with the current exam structure and question types.

And to every aspiring SAT exam taker's delight, we provide ample sample papers and pre-arranged digital mock tests to help them become exam-ready.

More benefits of practicing with SAT sample papers

  1. Practicing with SAT sample papers helps you identify your high-scoring areas and scope for improvement in others.
  2. Routinely working with SAT sample papers enables you to improve your problem-solving skills with nervousness or stress.
  3. Moreover, practicing with SAT sample papers improves your solving time and competence to complete the entire paper with time to spare for revisions and correcting dodgy answers for certain confusing questions.

The best way to improve your SAT practice scores and time management is by solving practice sample papers in timed and monitored conditions.

Simulating real exam conditions allows you to soak up the pressure, keep your focus throughout the test and solve questions with utmost clarity and confidence.

In short, working with sample papers makes SAT practice PERFECT and meaningful.

Join us today and get access to several SAT practice sample papers and schedules for digital SAT mock tests.

You won't be disappointed with the inevitable outcome.

Section-Wise Breakdown of SAT Exam Sample Papers

Per the 2024 SAT Exam section-wise breakdown, students will get precisely 2 hours and 14 minutes (134 minutes) to answer all questions.

Below is a sneak peek into the SAT subject-wise breakdown.

  1. Writing And Language Section – verbs, nouns, pronouns, faulty comparisons, parallelism, punctuations, conjunctions, and grasping non-fictional narratives from disciplines like Humanities, Social Studies, Science, and History.
  2. Reading section – World Literature, History, Social Studies, Sciences.
  3. Mathematic Section – Arithmetic, Statistics, Algebra, Geometry Probability, Mean & median, Mode, Direct /indirect variation Ratios, Permutation & combination, Data analysis, Problem-solving.

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Refer to the table below for your precise understanding.

Parameters for SAT digital

RW (Reading & Writing) Section

Mathematics Section


Reading and Writing sections come in separate modules and time limits.

The Mathematics section also comprises 2 modules and time limits.

Total Questions & Breakdown.

Module 1 & 2 (25 Solving questions and 2 pre-test questions each).

Total questions (27x2=54)

Module 1 & 2 (20 solving questions and 2 pre-test questions each)

Total questions (22x2=44)

Duration of the test

Both modules will be of 32 minutes each.

Total time 64 minutes

Both modules will be of 35 minutes each.

Total time 70 minutes

Type of questions

MCQ pattern questions with 4 options.

MCQ pattern questions (75%) and student-produced responses (25%).

Incorporated Topics

Social studies, Science, Humanities, History, Literature

Algebra, geometry, data information, advanced mathematics

Reading Section

Ideally, questions featured in the reading section fall into 3 main categories.

How the Author Utilises Evidence –

Students will find questions requiring them to grasp how the author uses evidence to support a claim.

You may find questions like the following –

  1. Find the passage section that best establishes the author's views.
  2. Identify proof in the stanza that best supports the answer
  3. Find a relationship between informational graphics and stanza when synced

Grasping Contextual Words –

Some featured questions may require you to determine the contextual meaning of words or phrases.

Those questions may be of the following variants –

  1. You may be required to discover clues in the stanza to understand the word/phrase meaning.
  2. Another question could be to determine how the author's word choice sets the stanza's tone, style, and meaning.

Analysing Social Studies, History, and Science –

You will be required to read passages about history, social science, and science and determine the following facets –

  1. Figure out the implications
  2. Interpret data and information
  3. Examine the hypotheses

Your approach for this section must be focused. You must pay attention to the stanza as all answers lie within.

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Writing Section

The writing section aims to determine the student's English writing and language competencies.

The section will test your skills in the following –

  1. Forming proper sentences with proper nouns, pronouns, conjunctions, and text revisions
  2. Determining the efficacy of rhetoric texts
  3. Usage of proper punctuation and boundaries
  4. Command over evidence, focal ideas, and data
  5. Evaluation skills
  6. Determining cross-text connections
  7. Crafting and structuring high-utility phrases
  8. Comprehension and reasoning skills

The passages will be concise, 100-150 words (give or take), and feature topics from the abovementioned disciplines.

Students must adopt a focused approach and trust their Writing and language skills acquired to determine answers.

Math Section 

The mathematics section will incorporate questions already covered during high school mathematics classes.

The primary topics will feature the following areas.

  1. Linear equations and functions
  2. Linear inequalities in 1 or 2 variables
  3. Equivalent equations
  4. Non-linear functions and equations
  5. Polynomial functions
  6. Quadratic equations
  7. Percentages
  8. Ratios, proportional relationships, units, rates, and percentages
  9. One and Two-variable data
  10. Probability (including conditional probability)
  11. Mean, median, mode
  12. Standard deviation
  13. Interference from statistics, the margin of error
  14. Verifying data extraction approaches 
  15. Evaluating data-centric claims- experimentation and observational studies
  16. Lines, Circles, triangles, basic trigonometry, volume, and area

Furthermore, students can only use the calculator in the section highlighted as a test labeled Math test-calculator.

You cannot use it for any other section.

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SAT Essay Section (Currently Discontinued)

Previously, the SAT essay section was presented to students as optional. However, this was discontinued per the latest 2023-24 SAT Exam pattern.

Set up a meeting if you wish to learn more about the SAT or need help to prepare for the upcoming SAT!

Tips for Using SAT Exam Sample Papers Effectively

SAT exam sample papers are the best mediums for students to prepare for judgment day.

  1. Students (like you) must regularly practice with SAT Exam sample papers and familiarise solving various questions with varying difficulty levels.
  2. You must work with the previous year's sample papers to test your obtained skills and discover areas still needing improvement.
  3. You must focus on each section (Reading, Writing, Language and Mathematics, and the subjects included) and build knowledge, awareness, and problem-solving skills to tackle any question that comes your way.
  4. You must emphasize the duration for each section and practice solving as many questions correctly as feasible within that limit. Do it daily with different SAT practice papers and compare your performance each time. Score higher than your previous attempt. Also, improve your solving time with each attempt. Your goal must be to achieve solving speed with precision.
  5. Moreover, you must also leave some time to review your answers and make amendments to dodgy ones (wherever applicable). Keep practicing with many sample papers and include reviewing and rectifying answers as part of your process.
  6. While at it, hire an SAT tutor to help you in troublesome areas and set mock test papers simulating real test conditions.

Remember these tips while practicing with SAT exam sample papers. It will make your endeavors easier during the actual test.

Connect with our SAT tutors if you have more questions.

Excel in SAT with AbroAdvice Sample Papers!

Why is AbroAdvice the Best Choice for SAT Exam Preparation?

AbroAdvice is everyone's best preference for optimum SAT exam preparation. We comprise the most talented SAT specialists with certified degrees from top global colleges and universities. They will present you with customized mentoring and guidance to prepare for the SAT exam.

  1. We provide several in-depth, well-designed, and tailored SAT study resources per the latest SAT exam syllabus to prepare students for anything appearing on the main paper.
  2. We even arrange for digital SAT practice tests to help improve scores, build familiarity, and ease nerves and tension among students when sitting for the exam.
  3. Furthermore, we have a sterling record in helping students improve their SAT scores before enrolling in our SAT coaching.

We guarantee a score improvement of 200 (or more) to their initial performance and pledge to help them earn 1350 (or higher) during their main examination.

With us a call away, don't trust any random instructor to help you succeed in your upcoming SAT. We are experts in that forte, and our mentoring and guidance will help you ace your SAT exam without stress or hassle.

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Frequently Asked Questions by Students

The exam breakdown comprises 2 sections – 

  1. Reading, writing, and language
  2. Mathematics

The subjects and questions are in the form of multiple-choice questions.

The best way to understand and familiarise yourself with SAT is to regularly practice with its sample papers and take online mock tests. Our SAT experts can help you understand SAT sample papers without fuss. So, connect with our specialists if you require additional help.

SAT exam sample papers help students understand the type of featured questions, the focused subjects, and the duration of solving each section. Furthermore, students can practice using SAT exam sample papers to test their knowledge, improve their time management and manage their stress and nervousness.

Since SAT exam sample papers closely resemble the real test paper, solving them can sharpen solving skills and retain concentration for over 2 hours.

SAT question papers (digital or otherwise) come with the same questions – (reading, writing, and language comprise 54 questions, and mathematics comprises 44 questions). The time set for the Reading, Writing section is 64 minutes, while for mathematics, the duration is 70 minutes.

Thus, the SAT digital exam duration is 2 hours 14 minutes (134 minutes, per 2024 revised exam rules)

Yes, previous SAT sample papers have answers intact to help students prepare for their upcoming exams. However, students must remain honest with themselves when solving sample papers. They must rely on their understanding and knowledge to solve answers. And only once all are solved can they tally it with the real answers.

Previously, there was negative marking where the student lost marks for every wrong answer.

Now, there are no such rules. Hence, students must attempt all questions (even if they don't know the answers). Their guesswork could fetch them some extra marks in the process.

Indeed, you can take the SAT online. But it will have to be on a computer from the exam centre. Alternatively, students can bring their laptops to the exam centre and take the test there.

However, some schools or exam centres have rules for students to take the test on the centre's computer only.

There is nothing called the best SAT study material. And it shouldn't be, either. Students must prepare SAT by studying several study materials and textbooks.

Here are some top SAT study textbooks to refer to.

  1. Barron's SAT Study Guide Premium, 2021-2022
  2. KALLIS' SAT Pattern Strategy, 3rd Edition
  3. Kaplan's SAT Prep Plus 2022
  4. McGraw Hill Education's SAT Elite 2022
  5. SAT Prep Black Book, 2nd Edition
  6. The Princeton Review's SAT Premium Prep, 2022

We can also provide many SAT study materials and customized study sessions to help you prepare. Call us immediately!

Students must appear for SAT while in 11th or 12th standard in High school. Besides this, no other eligibility criteria are mentioned by the Central Board.

Also, 8th and 9th standard students can sit for pre-SAT exams (the 1st in line for SAT assessments).

Schedule a session and allow us to mentor and guide you through your SAT preparation.

Calculus is not included in SAT (per the 2023-24 exam syllabus). Nor does it feature radians, quadratic formulas, etc. Basic trigonometry may feature (but very rarely).

Contact our SAT specialists today for more information!

The real SAT is neither tougher nor easier than SAT practice tests. Many students find it to be at par with the real thing.

Moreover, students consider SAT practice tests the perfect medium to familiarise themselves with the real thing and diligently practice. Of course, SAT mock test levels rank their difficulty.

The higher the rank, the more difficult the paper!

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    AbroAdvice's SAT sample papers were a game-changer for me. The comprehensive practice material and personalized coaching empowered me to excel in all sections of the SAT, exceeding my own expectations.

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  • AbroAdvice: Your SAT Success Partner

    AbroAdvice's SAT sample papers were invaluable in my preparation journey. The extensive practice material and expert guidance enabled me to tackle the SAT with ease, paving the way for success.

    Hema, Delhi
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    AbroAdvice's SAT sample papers guided me through the intricacies of the SAT exam. The detailed breakdown of sections and strategic practice methods ensured I was well-prepared and confident on exam day.

    Hina, Bihar
  • Ace Your SAT with AbroAdvice

    AbroAdvice's SAT sample papers were instrumental in honing my skills. The diverse range of questions and simulated exam conditions prepared me thoroughly, resulting in a stellar performance on test day.

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