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PTE Classes - Top PTE Training Institute in India

Are you facing trouble finding reliable PTE tutors in India? Don't sweat it!  

AbroAdvice offers classes and is the ultimate place to go for PTE preparation and to learn about other study abroad details.  

We are regarded as India's top study abroad consultancy. Our courses are customized, and we offer separate morning, afternoon, and evening batch facilities to suit your PTE learning needs.

Highlights of Our Services

  • Morning & evening batch facility
  • Scope to access archived lectures
  • Access to Video Library
  • Diagnostic Test
  • 200+ practice exercises and 10 mock tests (PTE speaking and writing, reading and listening sections).

PTE Exam Preparation by AbroAdvice

AbroAdvice is a PTE learning centre near you that offers the tailored assistance required to succeed. 

  • You will get helpful test knowledge, tips, insights, fresh updates, and words of wisdom.
  • You will get mock tests and practice papers and become aware of appearing questions and overall patterns.
  • You also get many workable resources to improve your English communication – Speaking, Writing, Listening, and Reading.

Can You Help Me Find PTE Coaching Near Me? - Yes, We Can!

 Our demanding classes are increasing in popularity exponentially. Students prefer to access the convenience of web tutoring and accordingly schedule their course learning per their suitable date and time.

So, if what you need is the answer to "Can I get PTE tutors near me?" AbroAdvice can (certainly) assist you in this regard. Get a PTE registration guide from our PTE Experts as well.

The classes cover all learning bases and ensure every candidate receives quality preparation help to ace their test hurdles on their maiden attempts.

 We cover all PTE Variants –

  • PTE Academic
  • PTE Young Learners
  • PTE General 

Choose our quality and unmatched coaching today.

Your PTE tutorials will be tailored to your needs.

Enroll for PTE Success!

Pricing Details of PTE Coaching Online

Course Course Duration Type of Classes Fees
PTE LITE 9 Weeks Test Series ₹ 3499
PTE PREMIUM 20 Classes Live ₹ 6999

Meet Pearson-Certified PTE Experts at AbroAdvice

Our diligent English exponents in the industry conduct our top-quality services.

Our specialists are active professionals in content creation or teaching language classes in renowned institutes in India and abroad.

 Here's What You Will Get from Our Diligent PTE Trainers?

 Explanations and insights from experts on the 2024 PTE Exam pattern.

  • Customized tutoring on 4 fundamental English skills.
  • Specifying the number of questions per task and tips to solve them in their allotted time.
  • Presenting task descriptions in all paper sections.
  • Customized help on English communication skills to secure your PTE score
  • Assistance in enabling skills to test English grammar, punctuation, writing abilities, spelling, spoken fluency, and pronunciation
  • The PTE exam official practice textbooks to practice at home.

PTE Exam Preparation Material for Students

AbroAdvice always aims to deliver sound and focused preparation on all PTE test sections. You can get PTE Exam sample papers in our coaching classes as well.

 Below Are Some Top PTE Official Preparation Resources to Work With.

 The Official Guide of PTE

  • PTE Academic Practice Test Plus - Volume 1 & 2
  • Pearson Test of English Academic PTE Practice Tests Plus
  • Wiley's PTE Advantage for The Academic Module
  • PTE Academic Test Builder
  • Expert PTE Academic Coursebook B1 & B2
  • PTE Academic Official Vocabulary (Latest edition)
  • A Masterpiece of Essays 3

What are the PTE Course Features of AbroAdvice?

  • PTE Live Classes & PTE Online Coaching

Sign up for our live classes to guarantee top-quality and comprehensive preparation. 

  • Instant doubt solving

Our service features one-to-one doubt-clearing sessions for your PTE uncertainties and improves language proficiency and problem-solving accuracies. 

  • Manifest your PTE Preparation

Sound PTE preparation can be achieved via mock tests, question paper examples, in-depth guidance, interactive Q&A discussions, fundamental revisions, and so on.

  • PTE Success Kit

Besides exemplary coaching, our experts recommend procuring the PTE success kit, which is easily obtainable over the web.

  • Top Rated PTE Academic Teachers

Join us and get the scope to interact, trade know-how and resolve test concerns from our top panel of PTE academic teachers offering the best PTE online coaching in India.

What You'll Learn?

 You need to prepare for the PTE via the right tutoring to learn the following aspects. 

  • It helps better your English understanding for both academic and career-wise needs.
  • You need to prepare so you can have a better life in an international country.
  • You’ll learn to speak, talk, read and write documents in correct grammar and spelling as a means of fluent communication.
  • You can improve upon your vocabulary, pronunciation and how to speak fluently in your natural accent for clear understanding.
  • Finally, you need to go for expert tutoring to handle varying Language questions, comprehend their requirements and come up with correct solutions promptly.

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 PTE – Pearson Test of English

 The (PTE) is a computer-centric language competency exam conducted by the Pearson PLC Group. 

PTE is a test that is aptly recognized and acknowledged by more than 3000 global universities across 70+ countries. To name a few of the countries. 

 Opting for our services to achieve an acceptable score on the test. You can be aware of PTE exam dates as well.

Highlighting the PTE Examination Pattern for Aspiring Candidates


Question Types Include – Introducing yourself, Essay creation, sentence repetitions, re-telling lectures, text summary, concise answer-questions with image deciphering, and reading texts loudly.

Total Questions & Duration - The total questions in the Speaking and Writing Sections are 28-36. The total duration is 67 minutes.


Question Types Include - MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) with single or multiple answers, identifying summary correctly, rearranging stanza order, and filing the blanks via reading and writing.

 Total Questions & Duration - The total questions in the Reading Section are 12-18. The total duration is 30 minutes.


Question Types Include – MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) with single or multiple answers, summarizing recited text, picking missing terms/words, identifying incorrect words, writing a dictation, filling out blanks, and identifying the correct summary.

Total Questions & Duration - The total questions in the Listening Section are 13 to 20. The total duration is 30-45 minutes.

 Why the Pearson Test of English (Academic)?

 The PTE Academic is important for numerous reasons.

 It is a popular exam accepted in 3000+ global universities across 70+ countries (including major continents like Australia, the UK, the USA, and New Zealand)

  • You get test results in 48 hours, thus making it a standout among other competitive/entrance exams.
  • It is accepted for visas as well as for migration applications.
  • You can send your score to several universities for unlimited times. 

 Join our classes today.

How Is the PTE Scored?

The PTE score ranges from 10-90. The student's proficiency is determined by whatever they score between this range. 








Extremely Good


Very Good




Very Competent




Above Average






Extremely limited


  The raw score for each segment is then combined with the score for each job and converted to the GSE scale. 

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Reasons Why Most People Opt for the PTE?

There are several reasons why students wanting to study abroad take the Pearson Test of English.  

  • It is one of the most popular competitive language proficiency tests accepted by 70+ overseas nations and across 700 global universities.
  • It is the ideal test if you intend to relocate to Australia (Down-Under) or New Zealand since their governments approve PTE scores for Student VISA and migration applications.
  • The PTE is completely computer-based, with the only addition of using speakers in the speaking section. Test takers don't have to worry about human interference throughout the examination.
  • You receive the results in 5 days from the day you took the test.
  • Moreover, the PTE is held every day of the week.  

 Our experts will be the perfect medium to boost your test awareness and refine your test-solving accuracy when the examination day comes.

 Join our PTE online classes!

AbroAdvice PTE prep club
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    9 weeks online live classes, 6 months portal validity

  • right

    Morning & evening batch facility

  • right

    Archived lectures Access

  • right

    Access to Video library

  • right

    Diagnostic Test

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    200+ practice exercises, 10 mock tests

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Frequently Asked Questions on PTE Exam Coaching

Our classes are essential to improve your scores you get on your test. You will get ample familiarity with the paper, all the questions and how to solve them correctly without spending too much time on one question. 

One of the biggest benefits of our services is that it helps students enhance their English language skills in all facets: writing, reading, listening, and speaking. The results of our dedicated efforts also boost their job success in an international business setup.

Students trust AbroAdvice because it has been our primary motive to give you comprehensive help.

  • To get a detailed overview of the test format from experts
  • Interactive practice questions and solving tips that you seek.
  • Study planner and a progress tracker
  • Useful 'how-to guides
  • PTE official practice resources 
  • Archived lectures Access that you may need now and then.
  • Access to Video Library
  • Diagnostic Test
  • 200+ practice exercises, 10 mock tests

Yes, our tutelage is perfect for all proficiency levels. We work closely with you and help you work on your language skills in all paper segments.  

Indeed, you will. Through our tutelage, we deliver custom feedback. We inform you of areas needing more improvement and help you improve with quality tutoring and repeated practice with sample papers.

The official PTE tutorials provide a real-time test-taking experience with question types, time durations and other helpful information   

Opt for our online classes to improve your test-taking confidence and readiness for the big day. 

 The exam is conducted in several parts of India. Check the official PTE website for accurate info if you want to take the exam.

  • The Writing and Speaking section in PTEhas 28-36 questions. The time duration is 67 minutes.
  • Reading section in PTE, there are 12-18 questions that you are to answer in no more than 30 minutes. 
  • Listening section, there are 13-20 questions. The time duration for you is 30-45 minutes.

 Secure PTE classes near me to familiarise yourself with the test format and get correct solving tips and insights. 

  • For foundation courses, it’s between 36–50.
  • For Undergraduate degrees, it’s between 51–60. 
  • For a Postgraduate degree, it’s between 57–67

Ideally, PTE (Academics) gives students a scoring range between 10 and 90. We have experts to help you achieve your desired score on the test. Join today!

 After signing up for our PTE online coaching, you get all the following perks –

  • Personalised doubt-clearing sessions
  • Solving tips and insights on all PTE exam modules
  • Lots of official PTE preparation materials
  • Time management tips while on the test
  • Exam pattern familiarity
  • Testy-day tips to overcome nervousness

And lots more. Join our online PTE classes and find out for yourself. 

PTE General – This exam variant is compiled to evaluate a candidate's prowess in English. The paper comprises 6 proficiency levels – Levels 1 to 5 and features 2 modules – Speaking for interview and Writing (for reading, listening and sentence constructions). 

If you are seeking PTE classes near me, book a free consultation.

  • PTE (Academics) are for candidates wanting to pursue overseas education in their preferred institute.
  • PTE (General) are for individuals interested in securing permanent residency and work prospects in their chosen foreign country.

 We deliver guidance on both test variants. So, sign up.

The PTE test score remains valid for 2 years from the exam date. After that, the score expires. Sign up with AbroAdvice and give yourself the best chance to secure an excellent score.

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