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Why do you need accommodation help?

Every year, millions of students apply to universities abroad to further their education. However, dorm room shortages due to increased acceptance numbers might compel you to look for accommodation elsewhere. While you can always look around at different options online, it's impossible to figure out which is a safe and convenient place to call home for the duration of your course.

That’s why offers accommodation services to ease your mind. We have scouted the best places for students while keeping safety, convenience, and rent in mind. With our vast collection of private apartments, shared flats, and dormitories, you're bound to find the perfect place that suits your needs.

How can help with accommodation services?

We provide end-to-end service to locate the perfect place

Accommodations according to your budget

Sometimes, finding suitable lodging within your budget can take months. But has an extensive category of accommodations, ranging from highly affordable to very pricey. So, rest assured that we've got the perfect place for everyone.

Multiple factors taken into consideration

When shortlisting the best accommodations to suit your needs, our experts at consider several factors. These include the distance from the institute, nearby hospitals, police stations and malls, location safety, scenic beauty, etc.

Get approximate utility cost estimations

Based on previous renters’ and students’ experiences, provides an approximate cost of utilities such as charges for the electricity bill, water bill, laundry services, internet usage, gas, etc. This estimate can help you plan your budget and make an informed decision.

Handle all lease agreements

Going through the legal jargon in lease agreements can be tiring. That’s why has a team of professional lawyers to ensure the inclusion of all crucial details such as the lease length, facilities, additional charges, etc.

Pick roommates according to your preferences

If you've opted for a shared apartment with other roommates, you can share your roommate preferences with Then, we'll match you with other students who meet those requirements.

Instant payment and confirmation

Once you've selected your preferred amount, you can pay the deposit fees and additional service charges using your credit or debit card or online banking. Once we receive the payment, we will confirm your accommodation within 24 hours.

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Since you’re unfamiliar with the surroundings abroad, you should always check the safety of the neighborhood where you wish to live. It’s best to pick somewhere within walking distance of your institute to save up on travel expenses. Additionally, ensure that you are near a bus stop, shopping mall, grocery store, and hospital.

The rent amount varies depending on many factors, such as:

  • Location
  • Utilities offered
  • Shared/private place
  • Condition of the place

For example, the rent per person for a shared apartment among 4 students in New York can be more than the rent for a private apartment in the suburbs.

Other than rent, you have to pay basic utility charges such as water bills, electricity bills, internet bills, gas charges, etc. These charges are generally divided equally amongst all renters in a shared apartment. However, if you're living alone in a private apartment, utilize your resources carefully to avoid excessive charges.

Most of the accommodations found on have an online viewing option. You can take a virtual tour, check the rooms and amenities, and talk to the homeowners before finalizing your choice. Our experts are always available to answer all additional queries. compiles a list of all kinds of available accommodations in all the popular student destinations. We have seen the most demand for shared apartments. However, private dormitories and shared rooms are popular for those with a limited budget. We also offer private apartments and studios.

While conducts thorough background checks and takes all precautionary measures to ensure you won't face any issues in your new accommodation, we cannot guarantee 100% safety from unforeseen incidents. However, if you feel something is off, do get in touch with local authorities ASAP.

Unfortunately, once you sign the lease agreement, you must stay in the accommodation until the lease period stated in the agreement is over. Afterwards, you can contact our experts to search for a different type of accommodation to suit your needs. has been assisting students in finding the perfect accommodation for years. We thoroughly review your requirements before searching for places that meet those demands. Additionally, we take care of all lease agreements, deposit submissions, and international currency exchange.

If you want to hire to help you find the perfect accommodation abroad, you must:

  • Send us your requirements
  • Mention your preferred location, roommate preference, type of accommodation, etc.
  • Pay the service fees
  • Choose from the shortlisted options
  • Pay the deposit amount
  • Receive your confirmation

The entire process can take up to 7-10 days.

If you want high-quality accommodation that is both safe and affordable, there's no better choice than We have partnered with several realtors, private house owners, and dormitories to provide all kinds of accommodation to students. Furthermore, we take care of the complex paperwork and ensure a smooth lease signing process.

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