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TOEFL Exam Centers in India 2023-24

Check-in and check-out times should be observed.

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TOEFL Exam Centers

TOEFL Exam Centers

Test Centre Rules

The TOEFL test centers have specific rules that must be followed by every candidate. The primary rules that are applicable for every test center including carrying valid and authentic photo identification proof, not bringing any kind of personal equipment to the examination center, and maintaining proper rules and regulations of COVID-19 are some of the primary rules that the candidates have to follow. Apart from these rules, the candidates are also required to evaluate their checking-in and checking-out time in the examination center and should ensure that the basic examination rules are being followed. 

Photo Identification Proof

The presence of proper photo identification proof is necessary as it helps to lower the chances of false fabrication. Candidates are required to carry the authentic copy (original) copy of the passport during the time of the examination. It should be noted that no presence of Xerox copy should be encouraged and only the original copy of the identification proof is valid.

On the condition, any student does not have a valid passport, they can effectively register for the examination with the help of a national photo ID and with the help of a Military identification card. The presence of this identification card is necessary and it helps in ensuring the transparency and authenticity of the examination. 

Can I Choose TOEFL Exam Centers?

The iBT examinations of TOEFL are usually held multiple times throughout the year and this helps the candidates book their desirable slot for the examination. Furthermore, during booking the slot of the examination, the candidates are also provided the opportunity to choose their desired examination center. This helps the candidate in effectively choosing the most convenient examination center and also helps the candidate in performing with their maximum ability during the time of the examination. The ability to choose the examination center increases the confidence level of the student and also improves their overall comfort level. 

Test Center Basics for TOEFL Success!

How Do I Select My City For TOEFL Exam Centers?

The city for the TOEFL examination centers can be effectively selected through the help of the ETS website. The candidates are required to conduct an effective online search to locate the available centers of the examination. The candidates are also allowed to choose the examination center through the help of phone calls, through the help of emails, and the help of personal visits to an authorized person. Although multiple test centers can be chosen it should be noted that only one center can be chosen as the final examination center. 

Should I Take TOEFL At Home Or Test Centre?

The examination of “TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition” is an effective reliable test that is valid and which can be taken in a specific test center. This helps in obtaining different identical content, proper TOEFL format, proper scoring, and proper on-screen experience. It should be noted that the cost of both exams such as the Special Home Edition and the examination of the test center version are the same and it has been observed that the special home edition of the exam is as productive and valid as the exam that has been given in the test center.

The special home edition of the test is more effective as the test centers can be noisy which can disrupt the concentration level of the candidates. Furthermore, the home edition test would enhance the comfort level of the students which makes the option more suitable for the students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The TOEFL iBT home test is similar to the test center and is also valued the same as the test center examination. A human proctor is present during the examination and is responsible for monitoring the candidates who take the exam in the privacy of their own homes. The examination is trusted by more than 11000 universities and the TOEFL scores are accepted by different universities worldwide.

One of the major advantages of the TOEFL test is its worldwide acceptance. The test is offered from anywhere in the world and the testing is made available in more than 200 different countries and different territories. The exam TOEFL iBT Home Edition can be found in different locations except Iran and in-person testing is available in all centers.

On the other hand, the TOEFL iBT Paper edition is offered in different locations in Columbia, Mexico, the United States, and India. The examination committee has planned to open more test centers in the near future.

In India, the test centers of TOEFL have reduced function however, the centers have aimed to maintain the safety of the students. Early booking of the TOEFL Exam slot would help the students in getting their desired TOEFL dates and centers of the examination. This would help in improving the student's careers and also would provide them the chance to improve their career in different foreign universities.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has forced to shut of the test centers, it has been observed that after the pandemic a volatile tendency has occurred in the test center reopening. The test centers of India have been made available from 21st August 2021.

However, it has been noted that to maintain the safety and security of the students, the home-center-based version of the test has been prioritized. The candidates are advised to effectively book their desired slot and venue of the examination beforehand during the registration procedure.

This helps in improving the comfort level of the students and also helps in improving the student's safety and security. The physical test centers have been made available since August of 2021 and this has helped those students who do not have a proper environment in their residence for taking the exam. In this way, the ETS has been able to include a maximum number of students to take part in the examination. 

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