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GMAT Exam Dates

Introduction to GMAT Exam Dates

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is primarily a computer-based exam to evaluate a student's verbal, quantitative, analytical writing, and reading competencies in English. The GMAT is for graduates in management programs like Masters in Finance, MBA, and other similar courses from noteworthy colleges worldwide.

Furthermore, GMAT is widely acknowledged and accepted at over 2300+ universities. It is also one of the crucial tests for aspirants desiring to study in top-rated business schools globally. Most revered business schools check GMAT scores with prior work experience, academic history, relevant supporting materials, and other necessary competencies. The idea is to assess candidate's readiness before enrolling in their applied MBA program.

Understanding the GMAT Exam

The GMAT is a standardized test determining a candidate's Quantitative Concepts and English language and grammar competencies.

Those quantitative concepts comprise the following –

  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Arithmetic
  • And critical thinking skills

The exam further determines a candidate's ability to assess verbal and quant material, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills within timed conditions. Those who can properly analyze data appropriately and meet other test parameters achieve excellent GMAT scores on the big day. No precise eligibility criteria exist for students to meet for the GMAT.

Still, some general age criteria are levied for candidates to meet GMAT eligibility

  1. The student must be 18 years old.
  2. If the student is under 17 or somewhere between 13-17 years old, they must secure written permission from their parents or legal custodian.
  3. Moreover, there is no upper age limit for students wanting to take the GMAT.

The score range is 200-800 (per the 2023 exam guidelines).

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Scheduling and Registration Process (For Top UK Colleges)

GMAT scheduling fee varies from nation to nation and scheduling duration. Follow the following scheduling fee if you wish to join a top UK business college!

  1. GMAT scheduling at any convenience must be done 1-14 days before the exam date. You must pay £150 at the test centre to take the test there and £165 online for taking the test from home.
  2. If you schedule the test between 15-60 days, the cost will be less. You pay £100 at the test centre to take the exam there and £110 online from home.
  3. The best time to schedule the GMAT is 60 days before the appointment. You must pay £50 at the test centre to take it there and £55 online for taking the test from home.

Enquire relevant details from the GMAT official exam portal if you wish to take the test at other locations worldwide. Of course, a cancellation fee is also applicable if you wish to opt out from the set date and reschedule.

You Can Register For GMAT 2023 in Several Ways

  1. You can visit the official GMAT website and register for the 2023 exam.
  2. You can register for the 2023 GMAT exam by dialing the exam's customer support staff for a region. You will have to pay a surcharge for scheduling by phone.
  3. You can also register for the 2023 GMAT exam by postal mail. You will pay the necessary amount via cheque.

(Check the GMAT official website for more relevant details.)

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GMAT Test Centers (for study in the UK)

GMAT is a popular standardized exam accepted by several business colleges in the UK.

To Name a Few –

  1. Pearson Professional Centres- Reading, in the UK
  2. Pearson Professional Centres- Holborn – London, in the UK
  3. Pearson Professional Centres- Docklands, in the UK
  4. Pearson Professional Centres- Crawley, in the UK
  5. Pearson Professional Centers- Watford, in the UK
  6. Pearson Professional Centers- Sutton – Coldfield, in the UK
  7. Pearson Professional Centers- Wolverhampton, in the UK
  8. Pearson Professional Centers- Manchester in the UK
  9. Pearson Professional Centers- Salford, in the UK
  10. Pearson Professional Centers- Southport, in the UK
  11. Pearson Professional Centers- Belfast, in the UK
  12. Pearson Professional Centers- Glasgow, in the UK
  13. Pearson Professional Centers- Edinburgh, in the UK

Visit the GMAT official exam portal to learn about other exam locations globally.

GMAT Exam Dates and Availability

Overview of Exam Dates

There are no such official GMAT exam dates in 2023. You must pick the schedule of the date and exam location per your suitability.

Follow these 3 steps if this is your 1st GMAT attempt.

  1. You must check the application deadline for your preferred MBA and other Business MA programs.
  2. Create your account at GMAT official website and schedule an exam at one of the top UK exam centres (or anywhere worldwide).
  3. Once you determine the exam date per your convenience, diligently prepare for the GMAT.

The best time to schedule the GMAT is 60 days before the appointment.

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Frequency of Exam Administration

GMAT is frequently conducted throughout the year. However, one candidate can take the GMAT 5 times within a year and 8 times in their lifetime. Also, you must leave a 16-day buffer gap between re-attempting the test.

Availability of Dates Slots

Countless students from across the planet appear for the GMAT. If you register late, there is a good chance that you may not find available slots at your convenient test centre. The registration fee will be higher if you register late (or inside 1-14 days from the appointment). It's best to check the application deadline and slot availability for the GMAT beforehand.

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Planning and Selecting the Right Exam Date

Factors to Consider

GMAT is your ticket to getting recognized at top-rated UK B-schools and colleges. So, scoring well is paramount. However, GMAT success comes to those with confidence after hours and hours of dedicated practice with GMAT mock tests and sample exam papers. One cannot improve GMAT skills within 1-2 weeks. Ideally, it takes 2-3 months of routine practice to hone their problem-solving skills and boost self-confidence in tackling all featured questions.

Considering this factor, you must schedule your GMAT exam as early as possible. The best time frame to do it is before 60 days. Doing so will give you sufficient time to prepare for the GMAT and score well on the main paper. Besides this, another factor is the suitability of the test location. GMAT is a computer-oriented exam you can take at any time and from any test location. Alternatively, you can take the test from home (provided you have everything needed).

Per these available options, you must decide which one suits you better when planning and scheduling the test. In Addition To Your Preparation Timeline And Personal GMAT Test-Taking Preferences, You Must Consider These Factors Too!

  1. Test centre general availability
  2. Potential for GMAT retakes
  3. Application deadlines
  4. Slot's available for the physically challenged (if you're one of them)

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How to Plan for the GMAT Exam?

Here are helpful tips to plan and prepare for your GMAT exam-

  1. Check GMAT exam availability at your chosen location and set a schedule 60 days from the appointment.
  2. Formulate an abroad study plan early to give you enough time to prepare for the crucial day.
  3. Gather all necessary GMAT study materials, guide textbooks, and other resources.
  4. Set a dedicated study slot for 3-4 hours for GMAT preparation. Maintain it routinely. You can use the GMAT official Starter kit with practice exam samples 1+2 to prepare.
  5. Work with GMAT test paper samples and online mock tests to familiarise yourself with each section's pattern, question type, and time limit.
  6. Practice with practice papers in timed conditions. Also, simulate the real exam environment as much as feasible to become comfortable and confident.

You can procure official GMAT preparation materials created by official test markers featuring the same scoring algorithm and questions from previous test papers.

  1. Monitor your GMAT progress each time. Try to score more with each attempt. Determine your high-scoring areas and room for improvement. Remember, scoring 700 on GMAT is not always feasible. But if you score anywhere between 650-750- that's quite impressive.
  2. Also, work on your time management skills. GMAT is a time-sensitive exam, and students must complete each section within the set time limit. Dedicatedly practicing with GMAT test paper samples improves your solving time.

However, reduce the time slightly by 2-3 minutes for each section when solving sample test papers. Try solving the paper before within your set time limit. See how many you get correct and where you need to work on more. With 2-3 months of solid practice, you will achieve solving precision with speed.

  1. Besides these, improve your visual literacy when practicing with GMAT sample papers. It denotes the ability to read and decipher charts, tables, graphs, symbols, etc. Also, check whether you get unflustered when practicing visual literacy or not. If you do, work on it.

Lastly, keep pushing yourself with more GMAT-advanced questions. You can use the official GMAT question bank. Furthermore, AbroAdvice offers sound insights and success secrets to prepare for the GMAT and score big on the main examination. Communicate with our specialists for customized GMAT preparation tips, guidance, and more.

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Registering for the GMAT Exam

Registration Deadlines

Per the GMAT 2023 norms, you can register 6-months before the test schedule. It is ideally the best time to register for GMAT as it gives you ample time to prepare and be ready for the exam.

However, you must register at least 24 hours before the GMAT exam date if you don't have time to do it beforehand. So, plan your GMAT registration properly to ensure you secure your slot at your convenient test date, time, and location.

Steps to Register

  1. Registering for the GMAT is straightforward. Follow the steps carefully!
  2. Sign up at the official GMAT portal.
  3. Begin your GMAT registration procedure.
  4. Incorporate all your details.
  5. Also, input the optional details.
  6. Perform profile verification.
  7. Pick a suitable date and location-wise centre for GMAT.
  8. Pay the GMAT registration fee (per the nation's requirement).

Payment and Confirmation

GMAT will comprise a registration fee (per the nation you choose as your test location). You pick and confirm the date, time, and exam location in your appointment confirmation email. You can also view these details from the official GMAT website.

Rescheduling and Cancelling GMAT Exam Dates

Rescheduling Policy

If you wish to reschedule the GMAT test, do it 24 hours before the set schedule. You can do that from the GMAT official portal by hitting the reschedule option on the MyAccount page. Moreover, there are other ways to reschedule your GMAT. You can also do it via phone by contacting their customer support team. Mail post is another option you can use. Rescheduling the test will incur a fee. Clarify the precise sum per your chosen test location.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation norms are similar to the GMAT rescheduling policy. You can cancel your set GMAT appointment by hitting the cancel option at the official GMAT portal. You will find the option on the MyAccount Page.

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Fees and Refunds (for Rescheduling /Cancelling)

GMAT cancellation fee with the refund in US $

  1. The fee is $165 with a refund of $110 when done more than 60 days before the test appointment.
  2. The fee is $190, with a refund of $80 when done 15-60 days before the test appointment.
  3. The fee is $220, with a refund of $55 when done 1-14 days before the test appointment.

GMAT cancellation fee with the refund in British Pound Sterling 

GMAT fee in the UK is £275 online and £250 at a testing centre.

  1. The fee is £50-55 with a refund of £100-110 when done more than 60 days before the test appointment
  2. The fee is £100-110 with a refund of £75-80 when done 15-60 days before the test appointment
  3. The fee is £150-165 with a refund of £50-55 when done 1-14 days before the test appointment.

Visit the official GMAT portal and enquire more about rescheduling/cancellation policies.

But if you are crystal clear on these policies and want to start your GMAT preparation – AbroAdvice can help!

Preparation Timeline for the GMAT Exam

Time Required for Preparation

GMAT preparation time can vary among students. However, proper planning for sound preparation is pivotal for every student. Ideally, 2-3 months and spending 100-120 hours of dedicated practice and reviewing study materials is necessary. Stick to this preparation time if it’s your first GMAT attempt. 

Balancing Preparation and Exam Dates

Balancing GMAT preparation per the scheduled date is also essential for students. You must schedule the test as early as possible – preferably before 60 days from the appointment. Doing so will allow you to balance your GMAT preparation, get accustomed to the questions and exam format, and even improve your solving time and accuracy.

We at AbroAdvice can help you balance your GMAT preparation per your chosen exam dates. Our experts are well-versed in the 2023 GMAT exam format and featured questions. Their tips and guidance will be invaluable for your inevitable GMAT success. So, quit procrastinating. Set up a meeting immediately and get useful advice and insights from GMAT specialists.

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Frequently Asked Questions by Students

The GMAT test takes place numerous times a year. There are no specific dates when you can take the test. Moreover, students also have the option to take the test from home on whichever exam date proves convenient for them.

You will visit the official GMAT website and check for upcoming test dates. Enter the code and hit the submit option. You can pick the test date and centre from there per your suitability.

You can register for the GMAT test 24 hours to 6 months before the scheduled date. That said, last-minute booking rarely gets you a slot. That's why you must aim to register 2-3 months before the tentative exam date. The latest GMAT registration will begin on 29th August 2023. Visit GMAT official website for further updates.

You can schedule your GMAT date and time at your convenience. Moreover, you can book the test 24 hours before the earlier exam time. You can also appear for the test 5 times a year. Visit the official GMAT website for more details on test scheduling.

If no test dates are available at your chosen GMAT centre, you can reschedule the test by picking a different exam centre. Alternatively, you can take the online GMAT from your home. Visit the official GMAT website for more related information.

Yes, you can change your GMAT date after registering. But you must do it within 24 hours before the start of the appointment time.

Yes, there are. For rescheduling the GMAT exam, you will be charged $50 if done 60 days before the appointment. To cancel the GMAT exam, you must pay $25. Check fee details from the official GMAT site for other locations.

Give sufficient time for your GMAT preparation. 2-3 months of dedicated practice and reviewing 120 hours of study resources and materials should be enough. Most top scores have followed this study approach and preparation timeline. It worked for them. It could work for you too!

You can take the GMAT test more than once if you aren't happy with your scores. But there is a limit. You can appear only 8 times. However, prepare well so you don't have to think about re-tests. Set your GMAT preparation as your priority and dedicate a few hours to honing your solving skills. It will help you get your desired score on your first attempt.

You must dedicate 3-4 hours to your GMAT exam preparation. Ideally, you must put in a minimum of 12-15 hours weekly for sound preparations. Also, start as early as possible to give yourself enough time to get accustomed to the exam format and featured questions. Get in as much real-time test practice as feasible before your exam date. It will serve you right!

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