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GRE Score Report: How to Check & How long is the GRE score valid?

All You Need To Know About GRE Score Report

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GRE Score Report

What is GRE Score Report?

GRE report is a component that graduate school admissions employees evaluate. The score report of the GRE is valid for 5 years. As each section of the GRE is evaluated separately, thus there should not be any comparison of the GRE score. The official score report of the GRE contains the date of the examination and the related percentile rank.

Therefore, the GRE score report is a document that is generated within 10-12 days after taking the examination. There are scores of these sections in the GRE score report. These sections are Quant, analytical writing, and verbal. The verbal reasoning section of the GRE evaluates the ability of the student regarding the analysis and concluding discourse; identifying the assumption of the author; and various levels of meaning. Verbal reasoning also emphasizes differentiating major from minor, selecting the important points; understanding the structure of the text, and summarizing the text.

On the other hand, via quantitative reasoning, the authority can analyze the ability of the students to understand and interpret the quantitate information; solve the problems that are associated with the mathematical models; capability apply the basic skills. In analytical writing, the student should demonstrate complex ideas effectively and clearly; and support the ideas with reasons and examples. Then the score is delivered to 4 universities after completion of the examination. The cost of the GRE score report is the fee for registration of the GRE, $213. There are 2 types of GRE score reports. One is for the test taker and the other is for the institution.

The official score report of the GRE contains the date of birth of the candidate, information regarding contact of the applicant, gender, date of the examination, and intended graduate major. It comprises detailed test scores of GRE which have GRE verbal, GRE analytical writing, GRE quant in addition GRE score percentile. The scorecard of the GRE must contain details about the fellowship sponsors, authorized score recipients, and the score that is reported to the institutions. 

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How to check the GRE score report?

The score on the GRE can be checked by the candidate via the ETS website. The score of the GRE can be available to the candidate within 10-12 days of taking the examination. It is the responsibility of ETS to inform the students about the availability of GRE scores via email. Candidates can only check the GRE scores that are available in their ETS account of the candidate.

How to get the original GRE scorecard?

The international students must log in to the ETS account to download the GRE score report. The GRE report card will be available for the students within 5 weeks of the test. There will be a notification to the students regarding receiving the score by ETS and they have delivered the score to the Universities.

There are 2 options that a student gets after finishing the general test of the GRE. The two options are either reporting the GRE score or canceling the score report of the GRE. The “Report” choice of the student assists the student in viewing the unofficial score report of the GRE exam. The unofficial score of the GRE is made up of GRE verbal and quant scores. The essay-scoring part of the GRE is a time-consuming process. Therefore, in the unofficial GRE score report, there is no score for the analytical writing assessment.

On the contrary, if the student prefers to cancel the score report of the GRE, then, he/she has to cancel it from all the sections of the examination. The score receiver or the universities can get the score only based on the choice of the student. It is achieved by clicking the “Report” option. On the other hand, via the “Cancel” option, neither the recipient nor the student can get a score on the GRE.

How long is the GRE score valid?

The score of the GRE is validated for 5 years. The official GRE report can be used by international students within 5 years of the date of the examination. A student can submit the GRE score report along with the transcripts and recommendation letter to the universities to get a good graduate program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The GRE score report is valid for 5 years after the date of the examination.

The official Test score of the GRE will be available in the ETS account of the candidate within 10-15 days after the date of the examination. ETS will send mail to the student regarding the availability of the score report. An official Institution report will be sent to the recipient by the ETS. The official score report will contain information on the contact of the recipient, gender, date of birth, and date of the GRE examination.

Graduate major, a test score of GRE and the percentile ranks, scores reported to the institutions. The official score report is sent to the designated institution of the students. It includes the contact information of the student, gender, date of birth, graduate major field and GRE score, and date of the test.

To achieve the score goal in GRE on the day of the test, the candidates are recommended to take all 5 official practice tests from ETS. These tests are full-length tests for the practice of the candidates so that they put themselves in the best position on the day of the exam.

It is advised that the tests must be completed by following all rules of the day of the test. The advantages of these practice tests are the development of the mental and physical strength of the student that is required for the day of examination. In addition, it improves the time management strategy of the students.

The official GRE test score will be available to the student within 10-15 days of the examination in the ETS account.

The GRE scores can be viewed online in the ETS account of the candidate.

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