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Scholarships in Australia

What Scholarships Available in Australia?

When it comes to studying abroad, Australia is one of the most well-liked countries in the world. Well, why not; the nation provides international students with top-notch instruction, knowledgeable instructors, and a broad selection of courses that lead to abundant research and professional prospects. But another important thing you can get in Australia is a wide range of scholarships!

One of the very popular awarded scholarships, the Australia Awards Scholarship, is supported by the Australian government. It offers full tuition costs, living expenses, and other allowances to applicants from eligible nations in Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa. 

This is just a tiny bit of the different types of scholarships available. Hence, continue reading this blog and find out the scholarship that meets your criteria -

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What are the Types of Scholarships in Australia?

You can choose from four types of scholarships to study in Australia. Check below -

a. Government Scholarships

Australia Awards Scholarships

You have read a basic detail of this scholarship earlier. Now, let’s explore it in detail -

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade manages Australia Awards Scholarships, formerly known as Australian Development Scholarships (ADS), which are long-term development prizes. 

To avail this, you must belong to the Indo-Pacific area specifically. With this scholarship, you can enrol in an undergraduate or postgraduate programme at any participating Australian university and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutes. 

Destination Australia Scholarships

The Destination Australia scholarship programme, which the Australian government sponsors, supports domestic and foreign students who study in regional Australia. 

It's another highly demanded scholarship because of its perks. In fact, each year, 1000+ scholarships worth $15,000 are made available. 

This Australian government initiative aims to cover the costs of the applicant's living expenses while pursuing a Certificate IV to Doctorate-level qualification at any rural campus of an Australian university that qualifies.

Australia Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships

As an international student, you can pursue a postgraduate research qualification in Australia through the Australian Research Training Programme and get experience working with esteemed Australian academics.  

Whether you enroll for a Master's by Research degree or a Doctorate by Research degree, the scholarships are accessible for two or three years.  

Another important perk is that this scholarship pays for your health insurance and tuition.

b. University Scholarships

Griffith Remarkable Scholarships

The Griffith Remarkable Scholarship is one of the most well-known scholarships globally. Suppose you wish to study at Griffith University as an international student. In that case, you can avail of this scholarship with the criteria of a minimum GPA of 5.5 in your previous studies. 

The benefit that you get through this scholarship is that it pays 50% of the tuition costs, which will get subtracted from the total cost of the programme.

University of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships

The University of Melbourne developed the Graduate Research Scholarship that promises 100% fee remission and up to $110,000, given to outstanding domestic and international research students on campus.

The award applies to all study areas. It also covers your living allowance, relocation assistance, tuition waivers, and health insurance as well.

c. Private Scholarships

Rotary Peace Fellowships

For those interested in earning a master's degree in peace and conflict resolution or a professional development certificate in these subjects, the Rotary Peace Fellowship Programme offers fully financed scholarships.

 This programme offers individuals a special chance to get the expertise and knowledge necessary to become tomorrow's leaders, specifically in peace and conflict resolution. 

To avail of this scholarship, you must be sponsored by a Rotary Club, hold a bachelor's degree, and exhibit a dedication to peace and conflict resolution.

Aga Khan Foundation Scholarships

Aga Khan Foundation Scholarships allow students from impoverished nations to pursue higher education overseas each year. 

With the support of this scholarship, you can confidently apply to universities in Australia, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and Portugal.

Furthermore, this scholarship is given out as a 50/50 loan and grant.

However, programmes with a short duration, such as PG diplomas or certificates, are not covered.

d. International Scholarships

Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarships

These international student scholarships are offered by particular universities on behalf of the Department of Education. However, you must note that each university has a different application process and selection criteria. 

It is awarded to students who enroll in research Master's and doctoral programmes and will pay for some or all of their tuition, living expenses, and other study-related costs. 

CSIRO Scholarship Program

CSIRO provides scope for future researchers to collaborate with them by offering a range of scholarship possibilities each year. 

You get the exposure to work with top scientists through a yearly holiday scholarship programme and other different scholarships for outstanding researchers. 

The recipients of 50 scholarships must be "outstanding graduates who enroll each year at Australian tertiary institutions." It can be extended for a fourth year and lasts for a maximum of three years. 

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What are the Eligibility Criteria for Scholarships to Study in Australia?

Strong academic standing is often the primary prerequisite for scholarships; the scholarship depends on your destination, subject of study, and degree of schooling. 

Yes, when you fill out your scholarship, you must highlight extracurricular activities and volunteer work.

For detailed guidance, check below and understand what you require to fill out the scholarship application -

a. Academic Merit

  • A GPA of 5.5 or 6 on your previous course programme, or at least 60-75%
  • English language proficiency as demonstrated by a current IELTS or TOEFL exam result.
  • IELTS: 6.5
  • TOEFL-iBT: 78
  • PTE: 58
  • Meeting the Australian university's chosen entry requirements.

b. Financial Need

Most scholarships cover only tuition fees. This means you might be required to provide additional financial documents. This will include -

  • Education loan documents
  • Educational loan letter.  
  • Bank statements

You can check the below sites to get a quick guide on the necessary documents for certain scholarships as well -

  • International Student Loan
  • International Scholarships
  • International Financial Aid

c. Field of Study or Research

Providing specific details of the field of study in scholarship form is necessary. 

If you mention the field of research in Economics, it won't work.

You have to show your area distinctly. Here is an example -

"Comparative impact of large infrastructure economic projects in rural communities of Indonesia"

d. Specific Criteria and Requirements

Other specifications you will need for scholarships in Australia are -

  • A well-written 'Statement of Purpose
  • Binding contracts( if necessary)
  • Certificates of the previous study programmes (first degree, school leaving exams, etc.)
  • Letters of recommendation (work/academic)
  • Curriculum Vitae (resume) for professional courses

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What is the Application Process for Scholarships?

1. Researching Available Scholarships

The first thing about getting access to the related scholarship is researching them. Different scholarships have different criteria and reasons. 

Hence, you need to check as per the criteria of your subject, institutions, course criteria, etc. 

Apart from gathering the basic idea, you must also research the scholarship providers. This will help you prepare better for your scholarship application.

2. Gathering Required Documents

You must be prepared with certified copies of the following -

  • Birth certificate, 
  • College transcripts, and 
  • Copies of your diploma, all with English translations (if required).
  • Verified legal proof of citizenship (such as a passport or national identity card).

It is necessary to provide at least one academic and one supplemental referee report. 

Researchers applying for a Ph.D. or master's degree must submit the evaluations of two academic references.

As mentioned earlier, you also need a copy of your English language exam scores from the TOEFL, PTE, or IELTS. The certificate must be valid until the start of the scholarship year.

Ph.D. candidates must show (through email or letter contact) that a possible supervisor has given their in-principle approval for the study subject.

  1. Submitting Applications

All applications must be submitted online using the means provided by the specific university or scholarship giver.

To meet the precise qualifying requirements, all supporting documents must be supplied while applying online.

Candidates are strongly advised to apply online well before the deadline since, the days before the deadline, the scholarship provider's online application system is at its busiest.

Here are three further steps you must do to complete the application process -

  • Determine your eligibility. Go for the online pre-qualification test, which the organisation prefers for evaluation.
  • Register for an account on the particular online platform to start your application. Usually, you need to log in to your account and check your email.
  • After getting a notification on your registered email, you need to upload files as requested. Once logged in, you will get access to an application link on your dashboard to fill out your information and attach any necessary papers.

That's all for the online application process. 

  • However, you must keep an eye on the deadline of the application process. For example, the deadline for Australia Awards Scholarship this year was May 1, 2023, at either 23:59 (Canberra time) or 20:59 (Lao time). Hence, you have to follow the local time as per the country's rules.

4. Deadlines and Timelines

Understanding the top courses offered, the intake times and the application deadlines is essential for the Australian university application process.

If one intends to study in Australia, it is necessary to be informed of the deadlines as the admission timelines for these vary. 

The admission process at Australian top universities typically consists of two phases -

  • Starting with the intake of applications and 
  • Ending with the commencement of the session.

Intake for the first session of applications often begins in September or October and lasts until December or January.

International students are also admitted to some universities through trimester approaches. 

However, admissions processes might differ between universities and within programmes at different levels.

Now, Australia has two intakes: one in February and one in July. 

The dates for these intakes may change depending on the university and/or programme a prospective overseas student is interested in. Thus, you must be aware of this when submitting an application. 

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Tips for Writing Scholarship Essays and Personal Statements

To write a completing a winning scholarship essay and personal statements, apply the below strategies and see the difference -

→ Highlight the cause for the need for the scholarship

The most important section in any scholarship written form is your cause. So, if you have a situation that includes having a difficult financial situation in your family, living in a low-income household or neighborhood, or any other causes, you can mention them in your essay. This will highlight the challenges.

→ Make it obvious how the challenges have strengthened you

List all of your accomplishments and successes that have brought you to this point in time, emphasising anything that demonstrates your intellectual prowess. Also include any awards or recognition that are connected to these accomplishments, such as being named to the honor roll or receiving the National Merit Scholar designation.

If you want to pursue an advanced degree in medicine or become an entrepreneur who needs business knowledge to create jobs in your area, talk about your future ambitions and explain how getting a degree would help you achieve them.

→ Share a hobby or likeness that helps you in development

You can create a strong personal statement for scholarships by discussing an interest or passion. It allows you to demonstrate your drive, accomplishments, leadership, and devotion.

You can demonstrate why this particular field is significant to you and how it has touched your life by talking about these themes in your statement.

Moreover, this will make it easier for the scholarship committee to get convinced to see you as a potential candidate.

→ Include other details to strengthen your application

It's critical to add facts in your personal statement for scholarships that aren't there in your résumé or transcript. This comprises

  • Portray a picture of who you are that will reveal a little-known fact about yourself and show your best qualities.
  • It should also tie in with the objectives of the scholarship sponsor and support the other components of your application.

→ Conclude with a promising statement

A statement of resolve highlights your advantages and demonstrates to the grant committee your commitment to success.

After explaining how this scholarship would pay for your degree, you can wow the readers by summarising briefly why you are the greatest candidate. This will increase their likelihood of awarding you the scholarship.

What is the Selection and Awarding Process?

1. Evaluation and Shortlisting

Once you have sent your application form, it will be evaluated. If you have the eligible highest marks, you will be notified for the further process. 

Here, the selection committee will thoroughly check your qualification, test scores etc. As per this, you will be shortlisted and called for further assessments.

2. Interviews and Assessments

There will be interviews with shortlisted candidates. Selected applicants who want to study in Australia will need to complete an English language proficiency test to see how proficient they are in the language. By a specific date, the election results will be finalised.

3. Notification of Results

Once you are selected, you will get a letter that will send you an official letter of the scholarship you are awarded. After that, you can continue with the further shifting process. However, if you are not notified within the given date, you can consider that as a 'no'. 

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Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

I. Available Scholarships

  • University of New South Wales International Scholarships
  • Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarships
  • CDU Vice-Chancellor's International High Achievers Scholarships

II. Eligibility and Application Requirements

  • Candidates must receive at least 60% of the possible points in their Class 12 exam in order to be admitted to diploma-level courses. 
  • A well-written SOP
  • Scores of GMAT, TOEFL or IELTS Exam
  • Apart from that, you must check the particular scholarship website's website for any additional requirements. 

For example, the International Scientia Coursework Scholarship is available to students beginning full-time study in a UNSW undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree programme.

Scholarships for Postgraduate Students

I. Available Scholarships

  • Research Training Program (RTP) scholarships
  • Australian-American Fulbright Commission scholarships
  • The Northcote Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Postgraduate scholarships at Australian universities
  • Australia Awards
  • Destination Australia

II. Eligibility and Application Requirements

You must have the following to avail a scholarship for post-graduation in Australia -

Qualification - Undergraduate Degree

English Language Eligibility Scores of -

  • TOEFL- 90 or above
  • PTE- 72 or above
  • IELTS- 6.0 to 6.5
  • CAE- C1 certificate (65 and above) or C2 certificate 
  • GMAT - 680 or above

Scholarships for International Students

I. Available Scholarships

  • The University of Sydney International Scholarships
  • Carnegie Mellon University Scholarships
  • Melbourne Research Scholarships
  • Charles Darwin University Scholarships
  • Queensland University Law Scholarships

II. Eligibility and Application Requirements

Here are important areas you must fulfill for the requirements of the application process -

  • You must be an unsponsored, full-fee-paying student.
  • You must be able to enroll as an international student.
  • Meet the requirements for a student visa.
  • To qualify for this grant, you must be enrolled in a research programme and not have received any grants from the Australian government in the two years before the start of the programme.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Scholarships in Australia

If you are planning to study in Australia, below are the types of scholarships you must be aware of -

  • Merit-Based Scholarships.
  • Faculty & Departmental Scholarships.
  • Accommodation Scholarships.
  • Sports Scholarships.
  • Equity Scholarships.
  • Government Scholarships.

The first thing you must do to determine your eligibility for scholarships is to excel in academics. Apart from that, you can appear for certain language eligibility tests that measure your overall skills in analytics, grammar, vocabulary, and many other aspects. You might also be required to write essays based on some application forms. 

You can check their official website for the latest update and notifications about the scholarships available in Australia. For university-based scholarships, you can check their online notice board. For government scholarships, you can check the site of the government of Australia. In fact, you visit our site AbroAdvice for easy access to such notifications.

For any scholarship application, you will typically require to arrange the below documents -

  • The completed form of the scholarship application
  • Copy of your passport/ID
  • Scanned copies of transcripts/diplomas
  • Your Statement of Purpose
  • Letter of recommendation
  • CV (Curriculum Vitae)/Resume(for job applicants)
  • Standardised test scores

Regardless of the deadline for college applications, scholarships are available all year. Although there is some debate that most scholarship application deadlines fall during the academic year (between September and May), scholarships are offered all year, including the summer.

To get a scholarship in Australia, Indian students must fulfil the merit-based, need-based, student-specific, or course-specific criterias for the scholarships. In fact, below are the top scholarships Indian students can avail, that range in value from $2000 to 100% of the cost of tuition, depending on the student's profile -

  • Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS)
  • Indo-Australia S&T Visiting Fellowship Programme
  • Australia-India Strategic Research Fund

For a scholarship in Australia, your exam scores should be between 60% and 80% in the 12th grade. However, there are some scholarship programs that ask you to fulfil a criteria like 90% or above. So, its better that you keep a score of above 80% on your 12th and above 60% when you complete an undergraduate program. This keeps you prepared for multiple opportunities as well.

There are many scholarships available that can allow you to study for a Master's degree with a scholarship in Australia. In fact, the best scholarships offered are the University of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships, Australia Awards Scholarships and Charles Darwin University Scholarships. You can also reach out to our experts at and get better guidance on how to avail the scholarship.

The process to get a scholarship for MS in Australia is highly competitive. But you can still avail scholarship awards like Angus Nicholson Honours Scholarship in Science which offers AUD 7,500 per year, available for only one student at Australian National University. So, as candidates, you must have a BSc or comparable degree in a science field with a minimum of 55% in your chosen field.

For scholarships in Australia after 12th, you must pursue your previous course outside Australia or in a  foundation program in Australia. Additionally, you must have GCE A-levels with a minimum of three A* grades with an average score of 93% or above in your top three courses. This will help you to avail rewards like -Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship, Destination Australia Scholarship Program and Pinnacle Foundation Scholarship.

Below are the must have documents you  require to apply for scholarships in Australia -

  • Your copies of birth certificate, which is verified, copies of college pass out certificate and copies of your diploma with English if available.
  • Also, you must have verified legal proof of citizenship (such as a passport or national identity card).
  • 75% in your previous course or degree
  • IELTS 6.5, TOEFL 78 or PTE 58

There is a misunderstanding that there is a scholarship program in every college in Australia. Well, the truth is yes, there are certain scholarships but not all are meant for international students. However, you can choose a scholarship from institutes like Monas University or University of Melbourne. In fact, you can reach the scholarship experts in our service to give you a better idea.

You can apply for multiple scholarship applications to increase your selection chances since the process is highly competitive. But here is the catch - you can apply for multiple scholarships but can avail one in a year if you get selected. Moreover, it is typically permitted to hold two scholarships at once, provided that the second grant does not exceed 75% of the value of the base stipend.

Here are some steps that you must not compromise if you want to write a compelling scholarship application -

  • Check the specifications of the scholarship program in the form
  • Include a contact page for yourself.
  • Describe yourself and the reasons you are applying.
  • Describe your achievements and volunteering events
  • List any special abilities or traits you possess.
  • Share your enthusiasm for your career or your chosen field of study

Yes, there are scholarships for every field of study. In fact, colleges or government organisations give students subject-based scholarships depending on the specific major or area of study they intend to pursue. For that, you must be enrolled in the subject-specific courses while abroad in order to be eligible for these grants. Doing so, you can receive scholarships like -  Education Future International Scholarship - USA & Non-US for science students etc.

Most scholarships in Australia are available for undergraduate and graduate study as well as for research and vocational education and training. But there are only a few scholarship programs that barely fulfil the living expenses. However, residential scholarships are available to students who don't meet the requirements for merit-based awards. The cost of housing and living for students is covered by this.

Yes, with an average GPA of 3.0 or above, you can boost your chances of receiving a larger scholarship. Hence, there is no worry if your GPA is low compared to others. In fact, other factors like financial necessity, volunteer work, or participation in a sport or organisation may also be given weight when you are applying for scholarships. However, top academic institutions typically need GPAs above 3.5.

Yes, there are a lot of scholarship programs which you can apply even before you enrol into any institution.. But, in many circumstances, you cannot apply for university scholarships until you have been accepted into one of the institutions' programmes. Hence, it's always preferred to do research work on the scholarship program before applying.

Yes, with the growth of remote learning, there have been introduced scholarship programs in Australia. In fact, a foreign or Australian student wanting to study online with an Australian university or institution may apply for a programme like the "Online Study Australia Scholarship for Online Learners," which offers a scholarship award of AU$2,000. When you get access to such a setup, your online learning infrastructure gets upgraded too.

Below are the assured ways you can improve the chances of getting a scholarship -

  • Focus on the scholarships form  like it’s your job
  • Understand which question is more crucial and how much score it takes.
  • Get prepped early with basic to advance level of knowledge
  • Look for regional awards as well
  • Read the application guidelines thoroughly.
  • Send a standout cover letter for a scholarship essay.

For ITI/vocational courses, the federal and state governments both have initiated certain scholarships. In addition to these, a few private companies appropriate financial aid to students pursuing an ITI diploma or vocational training. In fact, programs like the Endeavour Vocational Education and Training (VET) Awards, for instance, offer up to AUD 119,500 in funding.

Yes, there are scholarships like Adelaide Research Summer Scholarships and Undergraduate Research Fellowships during the summer available that allow current undergraduate students to work with renowned scientists on a brief research assignment. Students can improve their research techniques, gain experience in presenting research findings, and gain understanding of the direction that a given research study will take.

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