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Masters in Mechanical Engineering in UK

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Masters in Mechanical Engineering in UK

Why Study Mechanical Engineering In The UK?

The stream of mechanical engineering deals with designing, construction, and the use of machines which helps in the easy running of industries and the development of technologies. The UK has been one of the most opted countries for international students to study mechanical engineering since it is one of the most popular branches of engineering and also promises well-paid employment after the degree. The UK universities also provide state-of-the-art facilities, a great learning environment and a world-class level of education in each subject discipline. The graduates have enough knowledge to boost the start of their careers. The starting salaries of mechanical engineers are also high compared to other fields in the UK. 

The scope of mechanical engineering is also wide. Depending on their interest and career ambition, students can select their choice of discipline. The common career options that are available for mechanical engineers are in aerospace, automotive, biomedical, energy, and manufacturing. In the most field, they are dissolved in the development of machines and high-technology equipment. Starting from planes, rockets, Formula 1 cars, pacemakers, artificial limbs, power industries, and streamlined machines, mechanical engineers are required everywhere.

Some of the top universities for mechanical engineering to studying in the UK are:

  • Imperial College London: famous for MEng Mechanical Engineering
  • University of Bath: Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (Hons)
  • University of Southampton: Mechanical Engineering (MEng)
  • Loughborough University: Mechanical Engineering BEng (Hons)
  • University of Sheffield: Mechanical Engineering BEng

In the UK, Manchester has the largest industrial base compared to any other city in the UK. Thus, most of mechanical engineering have higher chances of developing a career in this city after completion of their course.

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Popular Mechanical Engineering Courses In The UK

There are various branches of mechanical engineering. The most common courses in this engineering are the B.Eng and M.Eng in mechanical engineering. The UK is mostly famous for masters in mechanical engineering for international students like those from India. Most of the famous universities in the country provide a range of undergraduate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering. The academic requirements for each university vary. On this, the admission of students depend.



English Proficiency scores

Imperial College London

Undergraduate degree in engineering with 60-70%

IELTS: 6.5


PTE: 62

Queen Mary, University of London

Undergraduate degree in engineering with 50-60%



PTE: 62

Lancaster University

Undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering 60%

IELTS: 6.5



University of Nottingham

B.Sc with 60%

IELTS: 6.0



Newcastle University

Bachelor's degree in Mechanical or mechanical-related engineering with 58-63%

IELTS: 6.5


PTE: 62

University of Liverpool

Undergraduate degree with 60% in Engineering or Science


IELTS: 6.5



Duration Of Mechanical Engineering Courses In The UK

Undergraduate Students – Most of the mechanical engineering courses available in the universities of the UK are bachelor’s or masters. However, in some universities, a shorter degree or diploma course is available in engineering which is usually two years.

Graduate Students – mechanical engineering for graduation degree takes three years.

Post-graduate Students – the post-graduation or MEng degree in the UK is of four years or five-year sandwich. There are also part-time day release programmes available for over seven years.

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The Cost of Living for MS in Mechanical Engineering in the UK

Masters in Mechanical Engineering in the UK is among the popular top courses’ students pursue for a rewarding career. In fact, over 50 prestigious UK universities offer MS in Mechanical Engineering. So, there is plenty of scope for aspiring mechanical engineers in the country.
The cost of living for an MS in Mechanical Engineering from top UK universities (particularly for overseas candidates) ranges from 21,000 to 38,000 GBP (20 - 37 lakhs INR). 
Of course, this is a rough price bracket. The actual cost may vary among universities and locations.

University Tuition Fee and Living Costs in the UK







Imperial College London

38,600 GBP/37.69 Lakhs (INR)

Accommodation - 670 – 1300 GBP/63,938 - 1,24,060 Lakhs (INR)

Queen Mary, University of London

26,750 GBP/26.12 Lakhs (INR)

Clothing – 100 GBP/9,543 (INR)

University of Nottingham

27,200 GBP/26.56 Lakhs (INR)

Internet – 75 GBP/7,157 (INR)

Lancaster University

26,985 GBP/26.35 Lakhs (INR)

Transportation – 95 GBP/9,065 (INR)

Newcastle University

27,600 GBP/26.95 Lakhs (INR)

Food & Drinks -200 GBP/19,086 (INR)

Queen’s University Belfast

23,150 GBP/22.60 Lakhs (INR)

Other expenses – 50 GBP/4,771 (INR)

University of Liverpool

25,050 (January 2023) | 26,350 (September 2023) or 24.46 lakhs | 25.73 lakhs (INR)


University of Leicester

21,850 GBP/21.33 Lakhs (INR


Swansea University

21,200 GBP / 20.70 Lakhs (INR)


University of Aberdeen

25,100GBP /24.51 Lakhs (INR)


Be sure to check the official websites of these institutions for precise course prices and other related details.

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Mechanical Engineering Courses In The UK With Scholarships

The mechanical engineering scholarships that are identified in the UK are:

Scholarship Name



E fellows scholarship program

Bachelors, masters

Partial funding, GBP 5550 to 30% of tuition fees

Postgraduate scholarships at Manchester Metropolitan University

Masters, PhD

Partial Funding, 3000 pounds in the first year

Oxford Brookes University – John Henry Brookes Scholarships


Partial funding, GBP 1000 to 2000

Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarships


Partial. 2600 pounds payable towards rge first year of tuition fees

Liverpool John Moores University PhD Scholarship


Partial. Annual stipend of GBP 16,062; GBP 1600 per year towards running costs and covers full tuition fees

Nottingham Trent University International Undergraduate Scholarships


Partial funding of 2000 pounds per year

London South Bank International Merit Scholarships

Bachelors, masters

Partial funding of 5,000 pounds

While applying for the scholarship, the candidates need to check whether it is applicable to their country or not since some scholarships are only applicable to certain countries. Along with that, to get the scholarship, the students should have high academic excellence and the will to perform well in the universities. Since the scholarships are available in a limited number, all universities aim to provide them to the student who deserves them the most.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The United Kingdom is one of the top countries for an MS in Mechanical Engineering because of its reputation for providing possibilities for research and high-quality education. Universities in the UK provide a wide variety of programs in this area and are equipped with cutting-edge tools for research and development.

Top universities in UK for masters in Mechanical Engineering are –

  • Imperial College London
  • University of Liverpool
  • University of Nottingham
  • University of Sheffield
  • Queen’s university Belfast
  • Cranfield University
  • University of Southampton

The aspiring candidates must pass the 12th grade with the necessary grades from an accredited institution. They must have received at least 60% grades in their 12th.  Obtain a graduation degree and receive at least a 50% grade. IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and Duolingo English proficiency exams are all necessary for international students.

You will need a first degree in mechanical engineering or a related subject such as aeronautical engineering or manufacturing engineering. You might then pursue further qualification either through a master's degree or professional registration while working.

Through the UCAS system, students can apply to master's programmes in the UK. The majority of the best universities and colleges in the UK accept applications from the portal. You can submit an application directly via the admission portal of the specific university's website if the college you want to attend is not mentioned on the portal.

When they first arrive in the UK, almost all international students experience cultural shock. When compared to what you are accustomed to, the language, food, and demeanour may seem unusual and foreign. It's possible that you won't be able to adjust to all the differences as quickly as you'd like.

In order to apply for Post Study Work, which enables you to remain and work in the nation, you can consult the UK visa handbook. As a result, after earning your master's degree, you are free to continue living and working in the UK. Your chances of getting a job in the UK after finishing your master's degree are influenced by a variety of factors such as your level of education, skills, area of search, job field, and so on.

A MS degree in mechanical engineering in UK is usually a 1–2-year program. But sometimes it differs as per the university. To find out the exact timeline it is best for you to visit the university website. Also, part-time courses and the distant courses can be longer than the full-time courses.

IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE are the most popular English Proficiency examinations required to study MS in Mechanical Engineering program in the UK Universities. Candidates are required to score good marks to secure admission at top universities.

Students must satisfy the following criteria in order to be admitted to the UK's Masters in Mechanical Engineering program: An equivalent bachelor's degree in engineering or science honours with a minimum of 65% from any recognised university. English language proficiency with average PTE or IELTS scores of 58 or 6.5 bands.

Masters’ costs in the UK can vary anywhere between £4,000 to £22,000 depending on your nationality. For home students, the average cost of a Master’s degree in the UK is £8,740. Masters fee for international students is usually much higher at around £17,109.

Middle ranked Universities student needs to have 60 to 80%. Few universities in London accept the students having 50 to 55%. For students who want to go to the UK for studies but have poor grades, clearing UCAS is a useful solution. This option is also applicable to those who have not received an offer from a UK university. The procedure by which UK institutions fill any open spots on their programs is called UCAS clearing.

In general, the GRE cannot replace IELTS as a Secure English Language Testing, and the majority of UK universities do not require GRE scores. If the applicant has never studied at an undergraduate or graduate level in the UK before, certain universities there view the GRE as a crucial criterion.

For overseas students, the cost of living in the UK ranges from about £12,000 to £15,600 annually. Housing, food and grocery costs, household expenses, transit costs, entertainment costs, etc. are all included in the cost of living in the UK.

Here is the process –

  • Start as Early as Possible.
  • Go Through Your Options.
  • Check the Eligibility Criteria.
  • Check the Application Deadline.
  • Check the Requirements.
  • Provide Letters of Reference.
  • Triple-Check the Application.
  • Submit Your Application.

You must have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3 on a scale of 4. Thus, that will nearly be 65 70% or a CGPA of 7.0 to 7.5 under Indian norms. Additionally, you must demonstrate your English language proficiency by submitting a TOEFL (90+) or IELTS score (minimum 6.5 or 7.0).

When evaluating a candidate for employment, a Master’s Degree from the UK is a source of pride and is highly recognised in India. When Indian businesses decide whether to recruit someone with such a qualification, a number of things are very important.

Student Reviews on MS in Mechanical Engineering in UK

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    Kiana, Delhi
  • Empowering futures

    Embodies the concept of providing individuals with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to take control of their destinies and achieve success in their endeavors.


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