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TOEFL Scores and Results 2023-24

Scores available in ETS account 6 days after test

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TOEFL Scores

How to Get TOEFL Scores 2023-24?

Students who will be taking TOEFL in 2023-24 might be anxious about their results. The TOEFL test scores are available in the students’ ETS account 6 days from the day when the test was given. For the students who have opted for the TOEFL Home Edition, TOEFL results can be checked on their ETS account in 6 to 10 days from the day of the exam.

Validity of TOEFL Scores 2023-24

The validity of a TOEFL test score in general lasts for two years from the date and year of the exam. Thus, it can be stated that the test scores of TOEFL 2023, will last till 2025. A student can use the result of 2023 and continue to prepare for being a student in a foreign university, or students can also prepare for immigration till 2025.  

What does your TOEFL score mean?

The TOEFL score gives the sum of all the four sections that a TOEFL examination questionnaire includes. Each of the four sections is weighed equally which includes reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills. The score would be indicative of the proficiency of the student’s knowledge of English. A score of above 100 on the TOEFL exam is considered a good score.  

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TOEFL Score Range 2023-24

TOEFL iBT total score range is calculated differently from how the TOEFL PBT score is calculated. The score of TOEFL iBT ranges from 0 to 120 in increments of 1. A sum of all four sections of TOEFL PBT gives the score for TOEFL iBT. Each section of the test has a score range of 0–30 which is then added to a total score range of 0–120. 

What is TOEFL iBT Score 2023-24?

TOEFL iBT Score is accepted across the globe by over 11,500 universities. It is equally accepted by various institutions in 160 countries worldwide. TOEFL iBT stands for the TOEFL which is an Internet-based test. TOEFL iBT is undertaken by the candidate through a computer while using a headset to listen and a microphone to speak. Scores that the participant gets by answering the questions by typing on a keyboard in the writing section give the TOEFL iBT Score. iBT stands for Internet-based test.

What is TOEFL PBT Score 2023-24?

TOEFL PBT Score 2023-24 stands for the scores of the test of TOEFL which is to be given in the year 2023-24 through paper-based test form. PBT stands for paper-based tests. Test scores of the 2023-24 test which will be collected through a strict paper and pencil-based exam, will inform how well the student is qualified in English as a Foreign Language in the PBT version.

How do you know whether you have qualified for TOEFL 2023-24?

To understand if the student has qualified for TOEFL, the student has to log in to the specific TOEFL account after going to the TOEFL website and clicking on the tab of 'view scores' to check their scores. Test-takers can also opt for the Special Home Edition of the TOEFL test and such students would have to wait to receive their results for 6-10 days from the TOEFL test date. The university cutoffs will then inform the students of the eligibility criteria for the student and if they have qualified for the exam.  

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How to send TOEFL Scores 2023-24?

The request form can be sent by fax after filling it up with the TOEFL iBT additional score report. The fax then needs to be completed by giving the information with the appointment number. Score reports can be mailed within 10 business days from the receipt of their request. To send the TOEFL scores to different universities, students can add or delete universities according to their choice until 10 p.m. before the day of their test if the student has an online TOEFL account.

How to request for review of my TOEFL Score?

A request for a review of the TOEFL Score can be submitted online by visiting the official website of TOEFL and request there for a score review of TOEFL iBT in both the writing and speaking sections or the specific single section in which the student wishes to have a review on within 30 days from when the test was taken. Documentation review can take approximately four to six weeks from the day when the request was made.

What to do Before the Test?

The days before the test, the applicants need to clear the RAM of the computer and delete all the unwanted files that can occupy much space in the computer. For example computer games. Such big files in the computer can slow down the device’s processing time which will hamper the examination. Students before the exam need to relax and revise what they had been preparing until the exam date.

What to do After the Test?

Once the test is given, the candidate needs to wait for the results. When the student has qualified the exam, the student next can take the GRE and with a successful result in the GRE, the student can search for universities for which they wish to apply for based on their scores and their field of interest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The four sections of the TOEFL iBT 2023-24 Test Content include reading, speaking, listening, and writing. Students can take about 3 hours to complete.

The TOEFL 2023-24 score will include details about the sectional and total score of the applicant in the computer-based and paper-based exams depending on the form of exam that the student has undertaken.

TOEFL 2023-24 results will be declared approximately six days after the commencement of the exam through the ETS accounts of the student. If the scores are under administrative review, the scores will show “on hold”.

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