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Top Data Science Colleges in USA

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Data Science Colleges in USA

Why Study Data Science In The USA?

Everything in the present time is related to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and all the top organisations want employees who are efficient enough to deal with their company data properly. Thus, pursuing a higher degree course in data sciences will ensure better career opportunities along with providing important real-life experiences through research projects as well as capstone courses. USA has been among the top countries to study data science courses. It has remained on the top spot for pursuing masters in data sciences for several years.

In addition to that, the country is home to more than 500 Fortune companies and thus, possesses one of the largest and most innovative markets for several branches of data sciences such as artificial intelligence, deep learning and machine learning among others. Moreover, there has been a growing demand for data scientists in the United States and as per the statistics provided by U.S. Bureau of labor this will increase to about 28% by the year 2026 (Janssen 2022). The shortage of data scientists will also impact other factors. Data scientists can also earn a great median salary of about $113,736 per year. Thus, USA is an appropriate choice for pursuing studies related to data science. 

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Popular Data Science Courses In The USA

As there is an ever increasing demand of data scientists in USA, it offers some of the best courses in the field. The master degree courses for study in USA are ranked amongst the best in the world. Some of the courses that are most popular data science courses in USA are: 

  1. Professional Program in Data Analysis offered by UC Berkeley Global
  2. Data Science in Real Estate Online Short Course offered by MIT Sloan School of Management
  3. Data Analytics for Business Course – Tableau by FutureLearn
  4. Berkeley Data Analytics Boot Camp by UC Berkeley Extension
  5. Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science by Udemy
  6. Adopting Security and Privacy in Data Online Course by CODE RED
  7. Data Science Masters Course by ACADGILD
  8. TESOL Certificate Program by AMLOTUS Language & Professional School
  9. Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp by Udemy
  10. Data Visualization Using Tableau – Part 1 Online Course by REDCAMP

Apart from these top courses there are several other courses that are offered by the USA and can be pursued either as part time or full time courses (ACADEMICCOURSES 2023). Thus, students who wish to study abroad in the USA should check out the various courses and select one that suits their budget and interest.

Duration Of Data Science Courses In The USA

Undergraduate Students

As with most of the undergraduate courses in the United States of America, any undergraduate course related to data sciences such as artificial intelligence or machine learning also requires four years of full-time study to be completed. There are selected credit hours that every student with their particular specialization needs to complete for their graduation. The U.S. colleges and Universities have student advisers who guide the students regarding this. The undergraduate course aims to prepare the students to become data scientists with adequate technical, and business competencies that are important for the field. They also prepare them to solve real-world problems using various perspectives from statistics, mathematics, information technology as well as humanities. 

Graduate Students

There are various specialized courses that students can pursue after they complete their undergraduate courses. Usually, a master’s degree course in the US can be pursued full-time or part-time. Those students who want to complete their master’s course full-time, take two courses per quarter and usually attend only for two evenings in a week. They need a year and a half to complete the program. Those students who want to part-time, they take one course in each quarter and attend a single class per week. Thus, the typical time needed by such students is 2.5 years.  

Post-Graduate Students

USA offers various master’s programs in data sciences known as MS degree for a period of two years. Thus, a student who wants to pursue their postgraduate degree in the US will require two years. There are 69 universities in the US that offer MS in data science. In addition, some universities such as Northwestern University offer MS in Analytics, which is a related data science program. 

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Cost Of Studying MS Degree In The USA

Undergraduate Students
The average annual expense a student may have to bear for completing an undergraduate course in the US is about $ 35000 per annum. This amount is equivalent to 2852283 INR. Thus, a student may have to spend about 30 lakh INR a year to complete the four year course without any scholarship.

Graduate Students

Students who have completed their undergraduate courses and want to pursue some courses prior to their post graduate courses can opt for part time courses. A data science course in the US will cost something around 3000000 to 5500000 on average. 

Post Graduate Students

Students who want to pursue a master’s degree called the MS in data science from US will require an average of 21,000 to 75,000 USD every year of their course. This is almost equivalent to 15 to 55 lakh INR for an Indian student. This cost is only an approximation of the tuition fee of the course. In addition to this fee, the student will also have additional charges such as travel, accommodation and daily maintenance expenses. 

Cost Of Living In The USA

The US is an expensive country to live for a person from a developing country such as India. Thus, it is important that prospective students calculate their total budget by adding the living cost along with the tuition fee for their course. This cost will include their accommodation, meals, laundry, mobile and internet services, clothing, travel expenses and other miscellaneous expenses. There are various factors that need to be considered while calculating the cost of living in the US. The cost of living will vary for different students even if they are pursuing a similar type of course, that is, data science on the basis of location, residence type, meals and several other factors.

Those students who live off-campus, the distance between their educational institute and their housing situation as well as the frequency of visiting the institute all determine their transportation expenses. On an average every foreign student pursuing their studies in the US has to spend about 25000 USD per year for their living. This amount is equivalent to 20 lakh INR per year. To be able to cover for such huge expenses, students must figure out courses that offer scholarship, either full or partial to international students on the basis of their academic performance or financial needs. Being able to secure a scholarship will help the students to focus on their studies without the financial stress and burden. 

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Data Science Courses In The USA With Scholarships

As the cost of living as well as the tuition fees both are very high for most people from India, it is important that interested students look for proper scholarship programs that are being offered to international students by the US top universities. Many of the USA organizations such as corporations, government agencies and foundations also offer data science scholarships. Thus, students must try to meet all the eligibility criteria of the offered scholarships to reduce their student debts and loans. Few of the programs offered in US that also provide scholarships are: 

  1. Data science scholarships for international students in the USA by the University of Southern California: This scholarship is worth $5000 and is offered to students of all nationalities. Students can apply for this scholarship if they are enrolled in the USC Viterbi School of Engineering’s Data Science Master’s Program. The deadline for applying to this scholarship is the 15th of September of each academic year.  
  2. Northeastern University Data Science Global Scholarship: This scholarship offers $ 25000 to the scholarship holder. This is also open to all nationality students who are enrolled in any data science program offered by the university. The deadline for applying to this scholarship is the 31st of March of each academic year.  
  3. Google India Scholarships for Data Science: This scholarship is only valid for students having Indian nationality. This scholarship can be availed by any Indian student who is pursuing a data science course at any university in the US. The scholarship provides a fund of one lakh INR to 50 selected students. The deadline for applying to this scholarship is the 31st of May of each academic year. 

The scholarship money can be used by the students to pay their tuition fee for the course or other associated charges with their studies. Apart from these most prominent scholarships, there are a plethora of scholarships that are available for international students who want to pursue their education in data sciences from the US because of the increasing need of data scientists in the country. Thus, students need to research a bit to find out the scholarship that meets their needs. 


ACADEMICCOURSES, n.d. Best courses in data science in USA 2023. [online] ACADEMICCOURSES. Available at: [Accessed 18 Jan. 2023].

Janssen, N., 2022. Council post: The Data Science Talent Gap: Why it exists and what businesses can do about it. [online] Forbes. Available at: [Accessed 18 Jan. 2023]. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

List of top data science USA colleges.

  1. Columbia University
  2. Harvard University
  3. Stanford University
  4. University of Pennsylvania
  5. University of Washington
  6. University of Michigan
  7. Georgia Institute of Technology
  8. University of California – San Diego

Learn more about them from their official websites. You can also ask our experts to help you pick a suitable data science college at your convenience.

Due diligence is necessary to pick the right Data Science College in the US. To gather real-time knowledge, you must compare the course curriculums with your educational goals and ascertain research opportunities, placement guarantees, and hands-on project handling.

You must also check the college's reputation and the course's duration. The cost of education and accommodation prospects are other aspects to consider when sorting your options. Our professionals will help you pick a suitable Data Science College in the US and all other study-abroad requirements.

The standard admission process is the same as any for US top colleges. You fill up the application form online. Take the specified standardized test and secure an acceptable score. Acquire educational transcripts and SOPs. You also secure 2 recommendation letters and a specific research statement describing your research aspirations and goals in Data science.

Confirm the admission process from the chosen college's website. Also, sign up today for more details on studying in the USA.

You must secure a bachelor's degree in Computer Science/Statistics/Engineering/Economics.

  1. Recommendation letters
  2. SOPs
  3. GRE scores
  4. Prior work experience and research statement
  5. IELTS/TOEFL acceptable scores.

Clarify more from the college help desk or official website.

The acceptable score for enrolling into Data science US colleges are mentioned below –

  1. 80% in UG degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics, or Economics.
  2. GRE must be 130-140 in verbal + quantitative parts and 2.5 in analysis writing

Of course, some US Data Science colleges don't require GRE scores. So, search them out and check their portals for more details.
Sign up and get customized exam tips and preparation resources from our experts.

There are scholarship prospects at US Data Science Colleges. The most noteworthy is the 'Data Science Scholarship courtesy of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.'

Learn more about this award from the university website. Besides this, more such scholarships exist across other US Data Science universities.

Data Science courses in US colleges are 1-2 years. Part-time students can complete their course in 2.5 years. Book a 30-minute free session to learn more about studying in America.

The American Student VISA allows you to work 20 hours a week during course sessions and 40 hours during holidays or breaks. Several part-time job prospects also exist for interested students. So, there shouldn't be any issues with working and studying.

Top Data Science US colleges' average tuition fees are USD 21,000 and USD 75,000 per annum. Check the chosen college/university's portal for accurate pricing details.

Students must submit GRE/GMAT scores to be admitted to top US data science colleges. GMAT score must be 700+ and 280-310 in GRE for consideration.

However, different colleges have vivid mark requirements. So, it's best to clarify beforehand from the institute's officials or website. Ace your GRE/GMAT preparation with our top-quality consultation and preparation tips. Sign up today without hesitation.

You can apply at multiple US Data science colleges together. Experts recommend targeting 4-8 colleges at once. However, you cannot admit to two colleges together. You have to pick one among your several applications. Consult our experts to determine the best US data science college/university to apply.

International students aren't eligible for financial aid from US Federal. However, they can secure other funding sources like college/university scholarships and financial aid from the US government. It's best to check the sorted US embassy in your city before relocating. You can also check here for non-US citizen financial aid.

You can physically visit the sorted Data Science college in the USA before applying. Some experts believe international students must check out their institution before enrolling. It helps them feel comfortable and get the right vibe before committing to full-time data science courses. Ask our professionals for more study abroad concerns. Sign up anytime.

US colleges possess sterling global ranks for Data Science education. MIIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), USA, is ranked # 1 globally.

Other top contenders include –

  1. Carnegie Mellon University. Pittsburgh, United States
  2. University of California, Berkeley (UCB) Berkeley, United States
  3. University of Washington

Enquire more about these revered US colleges for Data Science studies from their official platforms.

Students must secure a GRE score of over 300 and 160 in both quant reasoning and verbal reasoning. Moreover, a score of 5 or more in the AWA section also adds to your possibilities of securing full scholarships in the US for Data Science education. Seek GRE preparation tips and insights. Don't worry. Sign up today and get all the help you need.

The colleges with the best Data Science placement record in the USA are as follows –

  1. MIIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  2. Harvard University
  3. Stanford University

  1. Enroll in a US college
  2. Get the 1-20 form or DS 2019 form
  3. Pay the SEVIS 1-901 fee 
  4. Correctly fill out the DS-160 form online and pick a US embassy for a VISA application interview
  5. Make the application fee payment (US$ 160) and appear for the interview 
  6. Secure the study VISA when ready.

Learn about US Student Visa application process from our study-abroad professionals.

Most top USA Data Science Colleges adhere to a 'campus policy' including students' accommodation, research labs, classroom teaching, and sporting facilities. All these will be situated on-site, thus making it easier for international students to adapt to the new way of life.

Besides, campus life will also feature students from various backgrounds to interact and share knowledge with. Overall the campus life at US colleges will be refreshing and enjoyable.

You can. Per the US government, Data Science and Financial analytics are added to the course list via which international students can get a 3-year VISA extension post-graduation rather than the previous 1 year.

The 3-year waiver is now called OPT – 'Operational Practical Training.' It is a popular ploy for most international students.

The average salary for MS in Data Science in the USA is 58,230 to 130,000 US$. For Indian students, this equates to 4.69 lakhs to 1 crore INR (yearly). Plus, there are no shortages of Data Science job options for Masters students.

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