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How to Send GRE Score

All You Need To Know About How to send GRE score

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How to send GRE score

How to send scores: Step-by-step guide?

Many graduate and business schools use the GRE test for admission which is one of the most important exams for the Master’s program and is offered by ETS. The candidate can send the result of the GRE to the colleges of preference of the candidate after completing the examination. On the final day, one can choose up to 4 graduate schools that will accept the score of the candidate without any charge. There is a step-by-step process for sending the scores for the GRE.

International students who are pursuing their master’s program are asked to send the scores of the GRE. After completion of the test, the read-through score of the candidate will be available to the student within the ETS account. The step-by-step process to send the GRE scores is as follows: First, the students are asked to go to the “My GRE Home Page”.

Then he/she should select “Send Additional Score Reports” under the scores tab. The candidate will get the option of “On-screen GRE test registration”. There, the student can use the option “Send Additional Score Report”. Here, the student is provided with an option by ETS to choose the most recent score or all the scores in the last 5 years.

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How does send GRE scores to universities?

The GRE test delivers the faculty committees a standard and unbiased way to compare students who are from different backgrounds and experiences. Providing the result of the GRE before the deadline to the institutions aids in decision-making related to admission. The recognition of the students who are academically competent for the graduate program by colleges and universities is also appreciated and supported. The GRE score report comprises both the official GRE report after the test and the reports that are essential to send to several universities. In the online test, after completion of the examination, the candidate will get the unofficial quantitative and GRE verbal scores.

The student will get the official GRE score within 10-15 days of the completion of the test. In the test that is a paper delivered, the official score of the candidate will appear on the ETS account of the student after 5 weeks of the test. This type of test does not show the unofficial score after completion of the test. After logging in to the personal ETS account, the candidate can send the additional score report as per the preference of the candidate up to 4 universities free of cost.

After completion of the GRE, a candidate can see the unofficial quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning scores. The candidate then can select the score recipients with whom the candidate prefers to share his/her score. If the preferred colleges of the candidate are not on the list of colleges, then he/she will pay an additional 27 USD. Students can send the scores of the GRE to universities on the day of the test by selecting one of the possibilities like the most recent score, any score from the last 5 years, and all the GRE scores in the last 5 years. 

How long does it take to send GRE scores to universities?

The official score report of the candidate will be sent to the preselected universities by ETS after completion of the GRE. However, there are several cases where sending the GRE score to the universities is time-consuming. It will take approximately 5 days if the candidate has applied for an additional score report that will be sent to other colleges as per the choice of the student. To get transmission, it will take approximately 10 days if the candidate has applied through mail or fax. Around 2 weeks are needed for restoration of the scores of the candidate according to the preference of the candidate.  

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How much does it take to send GRE scores? 

On the test day of the GRE, the student can send the score to 4 universities that are preferred by the candidate. The fee for sending the GRE score to the 4 universities within the test fee of GRE is 213 USD. An additional score report fee is needed when applying for more than 4 universities and that is 27 USD for each additional report. The candidate has to pay 50 USD if the candidate has canceled the score of the GRE on the day of the examination and to get them restored later.

Timeline for sending GRE scores?

Around 5 business days are required to process the request of the candidate to send the GRE score if the candidate has requested online. On the other hand, around 10 days are required if the candidate has requested the GRE score via fax or mail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After logging into the official ETS account and ordering the additional score report that will be sent to the universities. This application can be made online, by mail, or by fax. Then the candidate can choose the best score in the last 5 years and send it to the chosen universities.

Candidates can receive the scores of the GRE within 10-15 days after the date of the examination. The scores which appear in the ETS account of the candidate are electronically sent to the candidate. The institutions prefer to get the scores electronically through the ETS Data Manager Platform or server-to-server to the facility.

Yes. The candidate can send the GRE score after application to the university. However, it is the responsibility of the candidate to submit the score within the deadline which varies with the universities.

The student can send the GRE score to four of their top choices of universities on the day of the test. The cost of transmitting the GRE results to those four universities is included in the 213 USD test fee for the GRE. When applying to more than four universities, there is an additional score report charge of 27 USD for each report. If a candidate wants to cancel their GRE results on the test day and later have them restored, they must pay 50 USD.

The score report of the candidate will ensure that the GRE score has reached the university. If the score report is sent properly to the university, then the score report will show the name of the university and after 5-6 working days, it will show the date that is adjacent to the name of the university. This indicates the date of receiving the score.

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