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Benefits of GMAT Tutoring for Exam Preparation

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Best GMAT Tutoring

What Are The Best GMAT Tutoring?

GMAT is known as the Graduate Management Admission Test which is a CAT exam in nature and through this exam students are evaluated for their analytical writing, verbal, and reading skills focused primarily on the English language. This exam applies to people who intend to apply for a graduation program like an MBA, which is related to business management. In the countries where the GMAT applies, numerous GMAT preparation courses provide tutoring to prepare for this exam. Some of the tutors are Varsity Tutors, examPAL, e-GMAT, Kaplan, Manhattan Prep, Target Test Prep, and many more. Students can choose from this extensive list to prepare for GMAT.

GMAT tutoring online

In recent years, most tutoring entities have provided online coaching facilities to students around the world. Through numerous study modules and online interactive classes, the teachers provide the necessary training to candidates who want to appear and crack the GMAT. Usually, it is committed that these online tutoring courses will provide mentorship to the students in every step and will make them efficient so that not only they can score well in the GMAT but also can perform well in the MBA at a later date.

GMAT tutoring near me

Here, the location is considered as Melbourne Australia and tutors nearby will be addressed in this section. The first tutor is Stacie who has a legitimate certification in tutor prem on GMAT. The second tutor is John who has an extremely extensive background in dramatic arts. Then, there is Jerry who also provides guidance to students in Melbourne and has a liking for US history. Christina is another profound tutor whose guidance has proven to be extremely beneficial for candidates aspiring to study abroad for an MBA. Aside from those pioneers, some other tutors near Melbourne are Jonathan, Sara, Alex, Elizabeth, Sean, and Evan.

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GMAT Private Tutor India

In India, in recent times private tutoring in GMAT increased majorly. Some of the well-known tutors are Ashwini Walia, Akash Dixit, Mala R, Vibhu Anurag, Renuka N, The Smart Test Prep, Seema D, Mentors and Coaches, Bharat Rathi, and many more. People in India are extremely keen on acquiring skills relevant to management positions in their dream companies. For this purpose, they mostly go for MBA courses. As there is the demand for this course is there, the tutoring supply is also present.

GMAT tutoring worth

GMAT tutoring is worth a significantly high efficiency among candidates. Often individuals second guess if they will be better off while taking private tutoring, but it is overall illustrated that by taking the tutoring classes, the candidates will be better off. By taking these courses the candidates will be learning things better compared to those who do not take any tutoring session. Through these preparation modules, the practice can be optimized. The weaknesses of every student will be evaluated on a ground level and they can work on it to make them better. Also, the tutors get a hand on the extensive contents which otherwise would have been not possible for the candidates to search. This will create an upper hand for them in the GMAT exam.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the fees of GMAT tutors are compared in the international sphere, then it can be seen that the range of fees varies between $200 to $250 approximately per hour. Yet aside from this, there is a lower range of GMAT tutoring which only costs $70 to $90 hourly. This signifies, that for every candidate there is an option for which they can afford the tutoring of GMAT. It has also been noticed that for school students who wish to enlist for the graduation program, the fee is further low to the $50 level.

Generally, to score a good grade in the GMAT exam, a student has to prepare for at least 3 months. It is a known fact that when students prepare for any exam with a lesser time, then, the practice process becomes less than optimal. Hence, it is not highly recommended that a student take only one month for the preparation. However, it is also true that, if sufficient times are given to the preparation process, then one month can be used strategically, which will make them ready for the GMAT exam. When only one month is devoted to GMAT preparation, then on average 200 hours are needed for the entire preparation. This means, that every day a student has to give 7 hours’ worth of effort. If done strategically, then a student can score well in the GMAT exam.

There is an upper limit on the number of times a student can take the GMAT exam. More than five times is too many for this particular test. From this, it can be understood that a student has to prepare for this exam very carefully and it is expected that clearing the test in the first couple of attempts is important. There is a clause that three times it can be given online and the rest two times can be offline, that is in-person. This is a statistic for twelve months. However, the more time a candidate takes to clear this test, the more late they become to start their academic career. That will eventually delay their professional career. Hence, by preparing properly the students must target to crack the exam in the initial attempts. 

This exam can never be labeled as one of the easiest ones. However, good preparation can make it easier. In India, every year almost 2 lakh to 3 lakh students appear for this exam, but only 15% can crack the same. From this data, it can be argued that for Indian students, this exam seemed a bit difficult looking at the success rate. However, it has also been found that the main reason why this exam seems difficult is that students usually do not prepare for this exam properly. 

Student Admission Service Reviews

  • GMAT Mastery Made Accessible's resources were indispensable in my GMAT preparation. The detailed strategies and tips provided a solid foundation, ultimately leading to a commendable score.

    Deepika, Noida
  •'s Tailored Support's support was instrumental in my GMAT journey. Their experienced tutors offered valuable insights, helping me overcome challenges and excel in the exam.

    Jaismin, Delhi
  • Navigating GMAT Prep's interactive platform made GMAT prep engaging. The clear explanations and diverse question sets enhanced my understanding, resulting in a successful exam outcome.

    Sahil, Delhi
  • Effective GMAT Prep provided structured GMAT prep materials, guiding me through each section effectively. Their practice tests were invaluable in boosting my confidence.

    Munmun, Gujrat
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