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What is GRE Score?

The GRE or the Graduate Record Examination is an important examination for admission to graduate school or business school. This exam is considered one of the toughest examinations and the score obtained is accepted in almost every country for admission.

The GRE score is divided into three sections verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. The range of GRE score ranges from 130 to 170. The maximum score is 170. The means score of each section is 150.61 for verbal reasoning, 154.34 for quantitative reasoning, and 3.60 for analytical writing.

What is a Good GRE Score?

The score range of the GRE ranges from 130 to 170. For top universities, the average score accepted is above 160 for both the verbal and quantitative sections. for example, at Stanford University, students require 164 in the quantitative section and 165 in the verbal section to get admission to their courses.

Average GRE Scores

The average GRE score is the mid-way score that is accepted for each section. the average score as stated by the ETS are:

Verbal Reasoning: 150.61

Quantitative Reasoning: 154.34

Analytical Writing: 3.60

GRE Score Validity

After giving the GRE exam, the GRE score is valid for the next five years from the date of the examination. During this time period, the students are not required to give the test again if they get a good score. They can apply for admission to any University accepting GRE with a score. However, after five years, the validity of the score expires. This score now cannot be used for any admission purpose and students need to appear for the GRE test again.

How to analyze your performance based on GRE Scores?

The GRE test is scored in three sections. The verbal and the quantitative test is based on 170 scores and the analytical section is of six scores. The maximum score on the GRE is 340 in the general test. A score above the average score is considered a good score in GRE general test.

In general, the score is analyzed as well as the performance of the candidates with the help of percentiles. A percentile range of 75 to 90 percentile is considered a good percentile. For the GRE subject test, the score range is between 220 to 900. 
The analysis of the GRE score and percentile is based on the following table:


Verbal Score

Quantitative Score

GRE Score Interpretation








Very Good












Below Average






132 and below

134 and below

Very Poor

How Many Days to Get Gre Score Card?

After giving the GRE exam, the GRE test score is published ten to fifteen days after the test in the ETS account. The validity of the test is measured from the day of examination and not the day of publishing or the scorecard. However, an unofficial scorecard is produced soon after finishing the test. After the publishing of the final scorecard, ETS notifies each candidate in their email and the students can go to their ETS account and download their GRE report card within five weeks of taking the test.

How to Download Gre Score Card?

The GRE scorecard is published ten to fifteen days after the date of examination in the ETS account. It shall be notified to the students in their personal email by the ETS. To download the scorecard, each candidate needs to log in to their respective ETS account and download their scorecard from there. It should be done within five weeks of taking the test.

Along with that, the ETS account also sends the score automatically to the university that was selected by the students on the test day.

How to Report GRE Scores to Universities?

In order to send the final official GRE score to Universities, the following step needs to be followed:

  • At first, the candidates need to log in to their official ETS account after the publishing of the official GRE score.
  • Then they have to go to the MY GRE Home Page and select the option Send Additional Score Reports. This option is present under the Score tab.
  • Then the student can use the option Send Additional Score Reports.

The GRE score can be sent fully free of cost in upto four selected universities automatically from the ETS account. These universities can be chosen right after the completion of the test. In further universities, it can be sent via mail or online system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Science GRE is considered one of the toughest exams, it is essential to take full preparation before sitting for the test. In order to prepare, it is necessary to take full-length tests in order to get an idea of the pattern of the test and how much time should one student spend for each section. generally, it is advised that practicing five full-length practice tests from the ETS is sufficient for good GRE test preparation. The students can also take more tests if time permits.

In total, the GRE test is conducted for three hours and 45 minutes. There is a total of six sections and a ten minutes gap is given after the first three sections. The paper-based GRE exam is of three hours and 40 minutes.

The GRE report contains scores of the three sections the verbal, quantitative, and analytical sections. along with the score, the percentile of each section is also mentioned. The date of taking the score is also present on the score card. Apart from that, general information of the candidate like name, address, email, phone number, and registration number are some of the data present on the GRE report card.

The GRE score is calculated from the raw score which is basically the number of questions correctly answered. The raw scores are changed to scaled scores based on the difficulty level of each of the questions.

It is suggested that a student take preparation for at least four to twelve weeks before giving the GRE exam.

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