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Percentile on the GMAT

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Percentile on the GMAT

What percentile on the GMAT?

GMAT is scored in percentile scores. Each of the five GMAT scores includes a percentile ranking. This indicates the percentage of test takers compared to whom the performance of the concerned candidate was better. 75% ranking of a person means that 25% of the test takers have performed as well as the concerned student or they have performed better than the concerned person.

The 75% candidates who are remaining did not do well in the exam. A good percentile score on the GMAT is 99%. To score higher than half of the examination, one needs to have a total score of above 590 to 600. If the student can score 750 in vitality, then the student will get a 98% rank on the GMAT exam. 740 score will give a percentile score of 97% and the 730 total scores in GMAT will give the individual with 96% score.

What do the GMAT score percentiles mean?

Each of the 5 GMAT sub-tests includes percentile ranking.  percentile ranking indicates the percentage of test takers who have performed better than the concerned examinee who is being evaluated. 99 percentile is considered to be a good person tile score in GMAT. To obtain this percentile, a student needs to score 760 + as a total score on the test. The 99th percentile is the highest percentile that a student can get in an examination.

It means that the student is one of the top scorers in GMAT. He has scored higher than 99% of all the GMAT examinees who have taken the test. Thus, 99% in GMAT would mean that the scorer has performed better than 99% of all the total examinees. Percentile score indicates the percentage of people whom the concerned student has outscored by getting that particular score. Thus, in this case, it can be stated that if a student gains 99% in the exam, he outscored 99% of the total students who have taken the test.  

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What are GMAT percentiles 2021 Rankings?

A Good GMAT score for the year 2021, is generally above 700 to get into top business schools.  a score of 740 + is considered to be an excellent score, whereas a score of 550 + is considered to be an average score in terms of GMAT ranking. According to GMAC, it can be stated that the average score of all the examinees between 2019 and 2021 can be stated to be 574.51.

Hence, a good GMAT score needs to be above 574 for the year 2021. When two students are fighting for the same single seat in an esteemed university, it is the good GMAT percentile that will provide a student edge over the other students to get admission to the esteemed university. Thus, securing a good GMAT score is important to secure a place in esteemed business schools.

How Are GMAT Percentiles Calculated?

Each subsection within a GMAT scale has a certain set of questions all of which are scored in terms of percentile. The GMAT percentile scores are calculated by GMAC which stands for Graduate Management Admissions Council. The council owns and operates the GMAT. such scores compare the Quant scores and the Verbal scores. Both the sub-tests have scores ranging from 6 to 51. These subscale scores are separate from the total GMAT scores.

Each sub-scores are combined to make the total score for the GMAT test. The total GMAT score can range from 200 to 800 points. The percentile for each section in the GMAT test reflects the percentage of applicants whom the concerned student has outperformed on that particular sub-section. For example, if one score 80th percentile on the Verbal section of the subtest, then it can be stated that the individual has scored better than 80% of all other examinees on that particular section.    

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What GMAT Score Do Need?

The minimum GMAT score that is needed to pass the exam is 200, while the maximum that one can score in that test is 800. All the business schools considered the application of a student holistically at the worst majority of schools across the nation will consider students scoring above 700. A score of above 700 is considered highly competitive to have an admission granted in the top business school.  

GMAT is a highly competitive entrance examination, and a good score on the exam is important to get through a top business school. For many students, a GMAT score of 650 or a score around 7 to 5th percentile will also be considered as a strong GMAT score. Even the 75th percentile will make the student a competitive applicant for many MBA and graduate universities that provide business and finance programs. 

Planning for the GMAT Based on Your Needs

While preparing for the GMAT, a student has to understand his or her needs, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. If a student cannot plan how to study for the exam, he can take a personalized study plan based on their strengths and weaknesses from professionals who are excelling in this field. To gain a good GMAT score, one needs to develop a GMAT study plan quite early and follow the plan every day.  The test sections in which the student feels he is not so strong; need to consider that section and the study plan needs to be made wisely so that every section gets equal weightage from the student and every section receives equal investment of time from the student. 

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Interpreting Your Total Score

The total score of the GMAT comes in percentile form. Percentile scores are suggestive of the number of students, one has outperformed and achieved that spot. For example, if the student has scored a total of 90%, then the student can be stated to have performed better than 90 percent of the students who have opted for the GMAT exam as a whole. The total score is also suggestive of the fact that the concerned student has performed well in every section of the test. 

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Gain the Edge with GMAT Percentile Insights!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, GMAT percentiles can change from year to year. This is because the percentile ranking is based on the scores of test-takers from the past three years. As the scores of test-takers change, the percentiles will change as well.

For example, if more test-takers score higher on the GMAT in a particular year, the percentile ranking for a given score will be lower than in previous years. Conversely, if fewer test-takers score higher, the percentile ranking for a given score will be higher than in previous years.

It's important to keep in mind that percentile rankings are relative to other test-takers who took the GMAT in the past three years. So, while the scores required to achieve a certain percentile may change slightly from year to year, the overall difficulty level of the GMAT remains constant.

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