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GMAT Test Centres 2023

Choose a nearby, easily accessible test center.

GMAT Test Centres

GMAT Test Centres in India

One should look for a GMAT test centre which is close to their location and easy to reach before signing up for the exam in order reach early on test day. Only authorised Pearson VUE test centres across the world may conduct the GMAT exam. The test centre for GMAT exam is available in all cities and states of India. Some of the GMAT test centres in major cities include Bangalore, New Delhi, Cochin, Mumbai, Lucknow, Pune, Kolkata and Ahmedabad, 

How is the GMAT Exam Delivered?

In order to guarantee uniformity and fairness, the GMAT exam is only done on computers. The computerised test enables:

  • Global examinations on any given day
  • User can track the time and their progress during exam by understanding how many questions they still need to answer.
  • After completing the test, test-takers can obtain their unofficial scores.

How to select a GMAT test centre?

It is important to keep following points in mind while selecting GMAT test centre:

Near your home -

Ensure that the test centre location is close to the home and easily accessible. Whether or not it is conveniently cacheable from the home or current location. The most crucial element is whether candidate can able to arrive in time on exam day.

Easily reachable -

After confirming the test centre’s location, confirm whether it is conveniently accessible. Whether it is connected to various public transportation options. How candidate plan to get there on the day of the test.

Infrastructure of the test center –

It is also important to have certain kinds of facilities in the test centre to enable test taker to conduct the test conveniently. Some equipment that a test centre must have include mouse, computers and functioning keyboards.

Test Centre Special Procedures

Testing has resumed globally following the COVID-19 epidemic. The GMAC has instituted new processes at testing facilities to guarantee the safety and well-being of test-takers and personnel. As part of the improved health and safety measures, hand sanitizer and wipes are provided. Social distance is also maintained, and cleaning practices are improved. Furthermore, during the entire exam, it is made essential for test-takers to wear a face mask.

How to book a GMAT test date?

To book a GMAT test date following steps must be followed:

Step 1: Go to the official GMAT website

Step 2: Build an account on and proceed

Step 3: Click on 'Find test location'

Step 4: Search for the nearest test centre and check the slots and test dates

Step 5: Choose up to 3 test centres based on your state city and time slots available. 

Step 6: By paying registration fee and filling all the required details book the slots and move ahead. 

GMAT Cut-off for Countries

All international colleges and university usually follow same procedure for MBA admission. The applicants were required to submit their GMAT and language exam results (IELTS/TOEFL), in addition to the basic document requirements and visa letters. GMAT scores are accepted in over 114 nations. Generally, universities like Stanford, Harvard, and INSEAD favour applicants with scores of 700 or higher.  According to the Graduate Management Admission Council, more than 2300 business schools accept these scores for over 7000 programmes (GMAC).

The United States of America (USA)-

For US universities, the GMAT cut-off range ranks among the highest. Among American business schools, Stanford's cut-off ranges are the highest followed by other renowned business schools.  Harvard's GMAT cut-off score is 729, whereas MIT, Dartmouth and Columbia all require scores of 720 or higher.


Students who want to enrol in the best business schools in Europe must have a GMAT score of at least 600 as well as Job experience as per the university requirement. 


In order to take admission in Canada's esteemed business school candidate must have a GMAT score of between 600 and 650 in addition to having a significant amount of job experience. To get admission to study in Canada, top colleges such as McGill University candidate must score between 650–690.


Australia is a popular study abroad location, particularly for Indian students due to its closeness to India. One can get into a top business school with a GMAT score of between 550 and 600 in Australia.


All the top business schools in Asia, with the exception of The University of Hong Kong, require a GMAT score of 600 or above.

Personal items allowed in the GMAT Examination Centres in India

There are several objects forbidden on the premises of the GMAT exam. The following is a list of items that are permissible in the centre:

  • Spectacles 
  • Locker key within the exam hall (if offered; no food or beverages allowed in the exam hall; kept inside the locker)
  • Comfortable items like woollen clothes, a neck- or back-supporting cushion, or anything that helps candidate feel better if they have injury in their body.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, passing the GMAT exam without receiving professional tutoring is possible. Candidates must adhere to a study regimen that allows them to their skills and address their weaknesses.

An excellent GMAT score is anything above 650. It will be great if candidate can achieve a score of at least 700. However, before taking the exam, it is important to determine goals. In order to achieving them, candidate must find out grade they need to get admission in their dream college.

Quantitative Reasoning portion is considered as the most difficult portion of GMAT Exam by many students. Instead of asking solve complex equations and advanced arithmetic, this section require candidate to solve logical and analytical reasoning for finding relevant data.

Candidates were allowed to give GMAT online exam a maximum of two times. Every attempt given by the candidate gets counted as 5 GMAT exam attempts allowed to the student during 12-month and 8-lifetime limits.

Yes, interviews are taken after passing GMAT exam. The merits of each applicant are taken into consideration as business schools review each application separately. GMAT score of the candidate is just one part of admission process in addition to this work experience, admissions essays and interviews.

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