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Top Graphic Design Universities/Colleges in UK

Top Graphic Design Universities in UK

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Top Graphic Design Universities

Why Study Graphic Design Course In The UK?

In this global world with massive competition, it is the responsibility of entrepreneurs to establish the name of the brand along with boosting sales and achieving reputed goodwill. The graphic arrangements that are attractive, appropriate and creative will build a strong commercial identity and assist in making the business stand out from all the competitors. Graphic design can attract a large number of customers. This is achieved via the effective visual communication of the product with the customers. Therefore, it is the responsibility of graphic designers to establish their strengths in the field of marketing, development of business and advertising.

The UK is famous for delivering various degree programs that are promising in today’s world. Therefore, a degree in graphic design to study in the UK improves the scope of excellent options for employment in the field. Graphic design is the aesthetic expression and visual communication of experiences and ideas via the usage of words, images and graphic elements and tools.  The role of graphic designers is to plan, implement and execute the designs for the targeted customers in the market. There are various other responsibilities of a graphic designer. They perform the research work and know the computer software. There are various entry requirements for students to enter the graphic design course in universities in the UK.

The International Baccalaureate requirement for the students to apply for the graphic design degree course is 32 points. Academic qualification for the post-graduation degree is a good honors degree or qualification that is equivalent to the honor’s degree in graphic design in a related subject like graphic communication, architecture, computer-related design and fine art. The essential requirement for students to become eligible for the degree course at a university in the UK is having a strong portfolio that demonstrates technical and cognitive skills and having experience in experimental work. The IELTS score that is required for the students is 6.5 overall. Graduates from the courses in graphic design from UK universities have various opportunities in their careers. They can work in the position of creative director, animator, brand identity designer, logo designer, production designer, web designer, Prepress Technician, advertising art director, layout artist, illustrator, Flash designer, fine artist, a multimedia designer and others.

The Universities that offer courses in Graphic Design to International students are Leeds Arts University, Goldsmiths University of London, University of Lincoln, Staffordshire University, Nottingham Trent University, Kingston University, Loughborough University, Arts University Bournemouth, Coventry University, and the University of Edinburgh. Universities in the UK are famous for building the environment that is necessary for higher studies. This environment that is delivered by UK universities will assist the students to stand out from others. Graphic designing courses in the UK will help the students to learn group work and collaboration, self-directed study, presentations and exhibitions, study trips, workshops, the assistance of experts in the field and others. Various reasons attract millions of students to pursue their dream in graphic design at universities in the UK. Graphic design has huge demand but low supply.

Most businesses need a graphic designer who will create a visual concept by using the software to communicate with their audiences regarding the brand images and ideas to captivate the attraction of consumers. In this context, universities in the UK deliver the best quality opportunities that will meet the high demand for designers by making quality graduates from the universities.

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Popular Graphic Design Universities in UK

The top 5 Universities that deliver courses in Graphic Design in the UK are the University of Worcester, Birmingham City University, University of Creative Arts, Coventry University, and London Metropolitan University. At the University of Worcester, eligible students can pursue courses in both the masters and bachelors. After completion of the courses from the University of Worcester, there are various placement opportunities for students in the field of digital university can become freelancers in graphic design. The Bachelor’s and Master's courses that are offered by this university will help the students to grow as an independent identity. Birmingham City University provides Bachelor’s and Master’s level courses in Graphic Designing. The university collaborates with marketing agencies in the UK which is beneficial in the context of providing practical exposure to the students.

The courses at this university are also beneficial for the students to acquire skills that are relevant to the industry. Completion of the courses in the University aids in the professional placement of the students. University of Creative Arts offers Bachelor’s and Master’s courses in graphic design. The courses in the University assist in enhancing and better learning opportunities for the students. Bachelor’s and Master’s courses in Graphic Design at Coventry university improve the chances to collaborate with students from the University of Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. 

Duration Of Graphic Design Courses In The UK

The duration of the graphic design courses in the UK is 3-4 years.

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Cost Of Studying Graphic Design Courses In The UK

The cost of studying abroad Graphic Design courses in the UK varies significantly from one university to others. The cost of studying at the University of Worcester is EUR 13,400 to EUR 18,000 each year. The tuition fee for studying graphic design at Birmingham City University is EUR 13000 to 14000 each year. At the University of Creative Arts, the tuition fees vary for Master’s and Bachelor’s courses in Graphic Design. For a Master’s degree, the tuition fee is nearly EUR 18000/year and for the Bachelor's course in Graphic Design, the tuition fee is approximately EUR 16,800 each year. Coventry University offers Master's and Bachelor’s courses that have different fees structure.

For the Master’s course, the cost of studying is EUR 16000 TO EUR 18,050. The cost of paying for the Bachelor's course is approximately EUR 16,950 EUR. At London Metropolitan University, for the Master’s level, the cost of studying is EUR 14,700 per year. On the other hand, for the Bachelor’s course, EUR 13000-14000 per year. Along with these, there are additional costs that are related to the cost of living of the students. 

Cost Of Living In The UK

The average cost of living for international students is approximately EUR 12000 each year. The cost of living in the UK consists of accommodation, gas and electricity, mobile phones, stationery and textbooks, travel, food, internet, clothing and others.


Graphic Design Courses In The UK With Scholarships

The rising cost of education may make it more difficult for someone to pursue their dream of enrolling in one of the top institutions in the world to study a preferred subject. In this case, financial aid from scholarships enables students to pursue their interests and enhance their professions. Other benefits of scholarship programs include access to high-quality education, offering a diverse learning environment, promoting goal-focused attention, and creating a professional network. Scholarship programs make it possible for students to enroll in prestigious institutions that would otherwise be out of their financial reach.

The scholarship program fosters students' development of both their tenacious personalities and sharp minds. There are various scholarship programs for students who are studying Graphic Design at the University in the UK. Robertson Art and Design Scholarship is a program that offers scholarships to undergraduate students. Cash is provided to the students who are eligible for the scholarship program. This scholarship is offered by the University of Sunderland. Katherine Gamboa Scholarship is provided to the students by the University of the West of England where undergraduate students are delivered with a scholarship that amounts to discounts or fee waivers. The Vaughan Oliver Graphic Design Scholarship is delivered by Northumbria University to undergraduate students. The eligible candidates of the scholarship program get the cash needed to pursue the cost of studying and cost of living.

The University of Reading offers the Ernest Hoch Scholarship for students who are at their Master's level. The amount of the scholarship program is a discount or waiver of the tuition fee at that university. At the University of the Arts, eligible students get access to the Clive Baillie Scholarship for Graphic Design. The benefit of this program is a discount or fee waiver. Information Design Scholarship is provided to the students at the University of Reading to the students at their Master's level courses in Graphic Design. A great scholarship is offered to students who are at their Master's level and the funding type is fee waiver and discount. The Robson Art and Design Masters Award that is offered at the University of Sunderland is for students who are at their Master's level and the funding type is fee waiver and discount of the tuition fee at that university that is specific for the university for any specific course of study.

The scholarship program offers many advantages. Scholarships help students pursue their careers. Student performance is improved through the scholarship scheme. It eliminates all of the students' financial worries. Scholarship programs provide an opportunity to advance knowledge and build skills. The scholarship program assists in lowering the debt required to enroll in top-notch computer science schools in the UK. Scholarship programs help students get into the universities of their choosing and open up the possibility of great professions in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the top UK universities for those wanting to pursue graphic design courses. Refer closely below.

  • ARU Cambridge 
  • Nottingham Trent University
  • University of West England (UWE)
  • Liverpool John Moores University
  • University for the Creative Arts
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • University of Huddersfield

Enquire all course-related details from their respective official websites. 

The top 5 Universities in the UK offering graphics design courses include as follows –

  1. ARU Cambridge 
  2. Nottingham Trent University
  3. University of West England (UWE)
  4. Manchester Metropolitan University
  5. University of Huddersfield

Sign up with us and get more details on studying in the UK. 

Here are some top graphic design courses at UK universities.

  • Introduction to Adobe In-Design
  • Graphic design and desktop publishing 
  • Adobe Photoshop workshop
  • Graphic design (Advanced)
  • Information design and data visualization
  • Web and graphics design

And several more!

If you have a particular UK university in mind, enquire about its graphic design courses beforehand. 

Graphic design course fees will vary among UK universities. On average, it should be between – £9,600 - £15,100!  It's best to confirm with the chosen university's official website.

For any other study abroad information, speak to our professionals today!

Applying for Graphic design courses in the UK is easy. You choose the UK University you wish to enroll in and check its available graphic design courses. Get the admission form for the UK from the official website and follow it step-by-step. However, since different universities have rules, it's best to speak to their faculty about your interest in the graphic design course. 

Graphic design programs from UK universities typically take 3 years to complete. Of course, some learners like doing an Arts foundation course before picking a graphic design course. In such instances, it will take 4 years to complete the course.

Indeed, there are scholarships for students wanting to pursue Graphic design courses from UK universities.

Some common scholarship programs are as follows.

  • Robson Arts and Design Scholarship from the University of Sunderland
  • The Vaughan Oliver Graphic Design Scholarship with 4 AD from Northumbria University
  • Clive Baillie Scholarship for Graphic Design (MA courses) from the University of Arts, London
  • Information Design Scholarship from the University of Reading.

To pursue a Master's degree in Graphic Design from a UK university, students must submit a Bachelor's degree certificate with a score of 60% in the subject field. Besides this, learners must also showcase an IELTS mark sheet with a 6.0 score overall.

For other additional information, contact the chosen UK university help desk or find details from their official portal.

The cost varies from university to region in the UK. Some top universities cost £13,400-£18,000 per year, depending on the graphic design course chosen. The wise move is to pick the university you fancy and check its course costs. Alternatively, you can speak directly with their faculty for more precise information.

Top cities offering graphic design courses in the UK include as follows 

  • Edinburgh
  • Leeds
  • Staffordshire
  • Bristol
  • London South Bank
  • Lincoln
  • Manchester 

Each of these cities has the world's top Universities for vivid course learning, including graphic design. 

Pick one at your convenience and enquire about details from the university's official websites.

English language proficiency is necessary, and students must present their IELTS sheet with a 6.0 overall score. Consult with us for IELTS preparation tips and exam help.

Indeed. Students can stay and work as part-time graphic designers through their student visas. Specifically, you can work 20 hours (give or take) weekly and full-time on weekends. 

There are student exchange programs available between Indian-UK young students 18-30! It is called the India-UK Young Professionals scheme, where candidates can study (anything they want, including Graphic Design), work, and live for up to 2 years. 

You can specialise in any specific area of Graphic design. Plenty of options are available at UK universities for aspirants, be it web and multimedia, portfolio development, typography, image-making or digital media!

BA entails a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, and BSc is a Bachelor of Science in the same field. 

  • BSc graphic design courses give students top-level artistic skills and boost their creative thinking. It also provides all the fundamentals of visual and design communication. 
  • BA graphic design courses teach students about designing, conceptualizing and execution of ideas. It also educates them on color theory, typography, and layout principles. 

Several top UK universities provide placement prospects to top students in the Arts and Design sector. One such name that comes to mind is De Montfort University. 

Learn more from the institute's official website.

The steps are as follows –

  • Show financial proof 
  • Read all UK students' visa requirements beforehand from the official website.
  • Provide passport details and a most recent photograph
  • CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) form
  • Accept the offer and pay the course fee
  • Complete the application form
  • Prepare documents and biometrics 

know more or speak to our study abroad team of experts immediately.

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