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Why Study Psychology Courses In Canada?

It can be stated that most of the students aims at pursuing psychology courses in Canada as the country aims at providing high quality of education, varied number of scholarships, ample research opportunities and high rate of employability. Psychology is one of Canada’s industries that is high in demand for the huge human resources for meeting the needs of the society. The employment rate has been low by 4% to 6% in Canada but the scope is found to be higher in psychology.

The job opportunity after studying psychology is found to be huge where the student will get the opportunity to join as a psychologist at an educational institution, lectures, psychotherapist at the hospital, career counselling and Counsellor in daily life. The psychology degree helps in providing the student with a better opportunity to pursue their career in terms of scientific and art field defending upon the personal interest. The various opportunities which are available for the psychology student includes- private and public health care service, mental health support, to work as a counsellor and to provide therapy to the patient. 

Psychology is present in all fields ranging from mental health well wing to professional development and it also helps in understanding the forensics which will help in better career development. Psychology is an interdisciplinary science that intersects with the practical field and the application of psychological concepts and the knowledge which will be gained from the Canadian University will increase the knowledge related to multi-disciplinary development of the student and gaining a better career.  The course will also help in studying various quantitative and qualitative measures for judging human behaviour and the international scope and project will help in improving the quality of practice and developing professionals.  

The scope of psychology related to mental health is found to be increasing as the public awareness of mental health is found to double and in this case the opportunity which will be gained after studying will help in giving a successful career to the students studying abroad Psychology in Canada. The job prospects after completing master in clinical psychology in Canada includes- Mental health counsellor, Child and Youth Counsellor, Virtual psychotherapist, Advisor, Mental health and psychosocial support, employment counsellor, behaviour consultant, psychological associate, employment counsellor and psychology program manager. 

The psychologists are in high demand in Canada in almost 11 territories and provinces where the highly skilled professionals expect a better career between $71200 and $110400 per year. A number of specialisations is available in Canada in the field of psychology but the most popular courses include- PhD in clinical psychology which is available for the international students, social psychology, educational psychology, experimental psychology and counselling psychology.

However, the Indian degree in psychology is also valid in Canada with present educational qualification. The highest hourly average wages which are earned in Edmonton as a psychologist is- $48.36 per hour and the lowest average wages which is earned is $34.02 per hour. 

Popular Psychology Courses In Canada

The most popular program in psychology courses in Canada are- PhD in clinical psychology which is available for the international students, social psychology, educational psychology, experimental psychology and counselling psychology. The famous universities which is available in Canada for pursuing psychology courses are- University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Columbia, University of Calgary, McMaster University, York University and Western University.

The top 8 universities in Canada for psychology includes- University of British Columbia which ranks 1 in 2023, University of Toronto which ranks 2 in psychology 2023, McGill University which ranks 3, Simon Fraser University, University of Regina and University of Victoria. Hence, Canada is a popular study destination for international students due to number of high-quality Universities and the tuition fees is lower in comparison to other anglophone countries.

The benefits of studying psychology in Canada proper access to some of the world’s best research institutions, the cost is reasonable for living and the students gets an opportunity to experience multicultural society. The students get highest paid in the country 2020. The students get various options for working and staying in the country after graduation. 

Duration Of Psychology Courses In Canada 

It can be stated that at the undergraduate level, psychology subject can be determined and studied as a minor or major and the programme takes 3 or 4 years. The University helps in promoting experiential learning which helps in encouraging the students for undertaking the work experience and the students can take part in various projects, attend conferences and volunteer. 

Undergraduate students- the total duration of course for completing the bachelor degree in psychology is 3 years as the Canadian Universities accepts a 3 year duration bachelor’s degree. 

Graduate degree- According to  CPA publication about graduate guide for understanding the psychology programmes in Canada, it is highlighted that an honours degree in psychology generally takes 4 years to complete. 

Post-graduation degree- The Masters in psychology in Canada generally takes one or two year depending upon the type of specialisation and program. In Canada, psychology is a research based professional courses which helps in offering specialisation in clinical psychology, educational psychology and cognitive psychology.

Cost Of Studying Psychology Courses In Canada

In comparison to other countries, studying in Canada is found to be affordable for the student where a student will need an annual amount of C$30,000 and C$20,000 which will be essential for paying the cost for the tuition.  The cost is found to vary according to the type of university and the subject which is selected by the student before enrolment. The total cost for pursuing psychology in Canada is between 18000 CAD to 48000 CAD. The tuition fees is found to vary greatly from one university or colleges to another such as the cost of Bachelor in Arts in psychology degree in any traditional on-campus school is between P60,000 to P80,000. 

Undergraduate course in psychology- the cost of studying undergraduate degree in psychology in Canada is between 18000 CAD to 48000 CAD. 

Graduate course in psychology- The cost of pursuing graduation degree in Canada is between 18000 CAD to 25000 CAD. The courses often range from CAD 18000 to CAD 29,000 per year depending upon the type of university selected.

Post-graduation degree- The cost of pursuing masters in psychology mostly the tuition fees is between 7000-30,000 CAD/year.

Cost Of Living In Canada 

It can be stated that the cost of living in Canada is highly dependent upon the lifestyle which is chosen by the student.  The cost is found to be highly dependent upon the program which is selected by the student and the city where the student is living. The total cost of living for the international student residing in Canada ranges between CAD$500 to CAD$900 and the cost is found to vary depending on the type of accommodation and the daily expenses. The educational system and the opportunity which is provided to the student in Canada is found to be advanced and with greater reputation and the student gets the course at an affordable price which helps them to develop successfully in their career. The internship opportunity which is provided to the student by the Canadian educational system is found to be advanced with the student getting an amazing destination for enhancing their skills and knowledge related to the psychological courses.

The Canadian educational system is also found to provide the student with various types of case history depending upon the cost of the course which helps in increasing their knowledge in the section and understanding the importance of case studies and disclosures. The international students get a warm welcome in Canada due to its diverse culture and it also provides an opportunity to get involved with other students through various internship programs and the cost of the program and the project. It is also determined that Canada is one of the desired destinations for international students and the major reasons include- non-discriminatory society, quality education and safe country.

The international student must submit a proof of total financial cost and budget to the Canadian government in order to show the adequate money present with the student for matching while studying in Canada. On the other hand, the cost of living depends upon the type of city selected such as the cost of living in Ontario is found to be high in comparison to any other City. The cost of food everyday ranges between CAD $10 to $15. On the other hand, many universities provide the students with a hostel and accommodation facility where the range of accommodation available for the student is between CAD $600 to $2200 per month.

Psychology Courses In The Canada With Scholarships

The various scholarships which is available for the international students in Canada includes- Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship, Outstanding International Student Award, Chancellor Cory Entrance Scholarship, Ya Wei Chen Entrance Scholarship in Science, Dalhousie Entrance General Scholarship, International Students Scholarship, Queen's University International Admission Scholarship, Crocus Scholarship in Psychology. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Canada is a great country for studying psychology. Canadian universities have a strong reputation for providing quality education and research opportunities in psychology. In fact, several Canadian universities are consistently ranked among the top universities in the world for psychology.

There are also many programs and specializations within psychology that are available in Canada, such as clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, and more. Additionally, Canadian universities often offer hands-on research experience and opportunities for students to work with leading researchers in the field.

There are many excellent universities in Canada that offer strong psychology programs, so it is difficult to say which one is the "best." However, here are some universities that are often recognized for their outstanding psychology programs:

  • University of Toronto: The Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto is one of the largest and most prestigious psychology departments in Canada. It offers a wide range of programs and research opportunities in areas such as cognitive psychology, clinical psychology, and social psychology.
  • University of British Columbia: The Department of Psychology at the University of British Columbia is also highly respected and is known for its research excellence. It has a strong focus on neuroscience, cognition, and behavior, and offers both undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • McGill University: The Department of Psychology at McGill University is one of the oldest and most respected in Canada. It offers a diverse range of programs and research opportunities in areas such as developmental psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and clinical psychology.
  • York University: The Department of Psychology at York University is also highly regarded and is known for its innovative research in areas such as social and personality psychology, cognitive science, and clinical psychology.
  • University of Waterloo: The Department of Psychology at the University of Waterloo is a leader in the field of cognitive neuroscience and is known for its cutting-edge research in areas such as attention, memory, and decision-making.

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