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GMAT Customized Classroom

A Complete Guide for Indian Students About GMAT customized classroom

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GMAT Customized Classroom

What Is GMAT Customized Classroom?

A comprehensive, 48-hour classroom course with 60+ practise exercises and 15 full-length examinations to help you ace the GMAT. (Approval from the government to hold lessons in a non-online format determines which courses are available.)

All Teachers, Principals, and Group Leaders: Test masters may work with groups to develop a bespoke GMAT course if they find the traditional, intensive, in-class preparation sessions inconvenient. A great perk of the GMAT Custom Courses is that Testmasters may send teachers to your company or school to do the actual GMAT prep classes. The most successful GMAT tactics and a 100-point score increase guarantee are just two of the many advantages of taking a GMAT classroom course. On average, test-takers spend 40-60 hours preparing for the GMAT, and they report a positive relationship between their study time and their final score. Preparation also helps reduce the tension and worry experienced on test day. Investing time in GMAT preparation also helps you gain self-assurance in the fundamental knowledge and abilities you'll need to thrive in business school, which is an advantage that's often overlooked.

Spending time studying for the GMAT will set you up for success in graduate business school. To be ready for the time, energy, and dedication a graduate program would need, it is important to devote some time upfront to preparation. The first stage is the most important since the vast majority of test takers do not even start studying until they have a study plan in place. You can get your best results if you put in the time and effort necessary, and you can do so if you have a thorough, well-executed study strategy. Making a study schedule helps with time management, task organization, and setting priorities. You'll be better prepared to focus on what's most important and get your work done once you're enrolled in a program if you do this beforehand. The Financial Times reports that this is another highly sought-after quality among recent MBA grads.

GMAT Eligibility

  1. People from all over the globe and all academic specializations are welcome to apply to take the GMAT. There is no bias based on a person's background (race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.). However, several prerequisites must be met before an applicant may register for the GMAT.
  2. Candidates must be at least 18 years old to take the GMAT without parental permission. A letter of authorization or approval from a parent or legal guardian is required for applicants between the ages of 13 and 17, however, they may still apply for the GMAT. The maximum age for taking the GMAT is unspecified.
  3. It is possible to take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) if you have a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. The GMAT is available to senior-year students.
  4. A person may take the GMAT a maximum of 8 times in their lifetime. An applicant is permitted to take the GMAT a maximum of five times per calendar year, with a minimum of sixteen days between each try. On the other hand, you will have to wait 5 years before taking the GMAT again if you get an 800 on the test.
  5. Having a certain amount of professional experience in a certain field is not necessary to take the GMAT. You may take the GMAT whether you're fresh out of college or have been working for three to four years. However, the importance placed on job experience varies amongst business schools and universities.
  6. Students who attended schools where English was not the primary language of instruction are not excluded from taking the GMAT; nevertheless, they must have a valid passport and demonstrate English language competency. All Indian GMAT test-takers are required to bring a valid passport with them to the exam.
  7. Master the GMAT – Enroll Now!

GMAT Classroom Training

So trust the process and go to work. With our help, you can reach the same dizzying heights as Sarthak, Zorana, and tens of thousands of other super scorers. If you put in the time and effort required for this course and are committed to learning, you will breeze through the final exam with ease, even at the 770 level.

  1. Using my tried-and-true, patent-protected strategies (OCTAVE, PRIME, ACT, ANT, ACED, and LINGO), you will breeze through the GMAT's most difficult questions (in the 760-800 area) with ease.
  2. You will get closer to your goal score of 760 with every minute you invest in this course [live seminars, ideas, video sessions, practise, and individualized doubt clearing]. Everything from basic principles (at the 200 level) through cutting-edge research (at the 800 level) is covered in this course. However, all of the questions in this course are 'Above-700' level (with a special focus on solving the top-tier percentile questions, the 760-800 range).
  3. Be wary of becoming too comfortable with easy problems (those with a difficulty rating of 500, 600, or 650) while still in the planning phase. Those who don't push themselves to learn the most advanced material will be unpleasantly surprised on exam day (760-800 range). Since the GMAT is an adaptive exam, the difficulty of the questions increases as the test progresses, culminating at the 760-point mark. The main objective of this level of examination is to engage in "mind games" with you. In this sense:
  4. There are two possible answers to every PS question in this range. The funny aspect is that the erroneous answer is included among the options if you misinterpret the question and compute it. This may significantly lower your chances of success.
  5. There is a TRAP in every DS question in this range. You confidently mark the incorrect response.
  6. Each tone-related RC question in this range (really subtle and open to misinterpretation). It's easy to be fooled into picking the incorrect option if you aren't vigilant (the priming effect).
  7. Every single SC question in this range will test your wits to the limit. Most of the time, the first response option you reject (with certainty) is the one that turns out to be the right one. In addition, the semantic clarity of each question in this band is tested, leading to unnecessary back-and-forth (because two responses seem equally correct linguistically). You never feel confident about your last response, and it affects your performance on the subsequent questions.
  8. Each CR question in this range requires you to eliminate the dull (or insignificant) correct answer in favor of the "attractive incorrect choice" (often shown before the right answer).
  9. Throughout this program, I will spend more than 80% of my time teaching you how to avoid falling for such TRAPS. This is the only course of its kind. As the name implies, it is concerned just with 760s. There is no other course elsewhere in the world that only targets students who are doing at the 99th percentile or above.

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Frequently Asked Questions

GMAT Customized Classroom is a type of GMAT preparation program that offers personalized instruction in a traditional classroom setting. In this program, students work with an experienced instructor to create a customized study plan based on their individual needs, strengths, and weaknesses. The program typically includes group classes and one-on-one sessions with the instructor to help students achieve their GMAT score goals. The curriculum may cover all sections of the GMAT, including the Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, and Verbal sections. The program may also provide access to practice tests, study materials, and online resources to supplement classroom instruction. The length and cost of a GMAT Customized Classroom program can vary depending on the provider and the student's needs.

Student Admission Service Reviews

  • Mastering GMAT Excellence's classroom course transformed my GMAT prep. Rigorous exercises and personalized strategies boosted my confidence. Achieving my target score felt like a breeze!

    Sanaya, Noida
  • Tailored GMAT Success

    With's custom GMAT course, I overcame my study hurdles. Expert teachers tailored lessons to my needs, guaranteeing progress. A game-changer for anyone aiming high!

    Sujata, Gujrat
  • Strategic GMAT Triumph's classroom course armed me with invaluable tactics. From foundational principles to advanced strategies, every session elevated my confidence. The path to GMAT success starts here!

    Tripti, Bihar
  • GMAT Mastery Unlocked's classroom course equipped me with the tools for GMAT success. Innovative strategies and targeted exercises propelled me toward my goal score. A game-changing investment in my future!

    Ranjeet, New Delhi
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