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Why Study Construction Management In The UK?

In the United Kingdom, construction management is on the list of critical employment and this particular profession is in great demand in the industries. Program in the construction management courses to study in UK enjoys a great heritage, and they have the longest established programme of postgraduate construction. Flexible module selection is offered by the programme compared to the other programmes in the construction. Apart from the profession being high in demand as indicated by the further expectation to grow by 11%, there are several other reasons the profession is preferred to be pursued by the engineering background students.

One of the most convincing reasons to consider construction as the career in the UK is the job prospects availability. Several jobs can be explored by the construction graduates such as quantity surveyor, construction manager, building services engineer and construction professors. Furthermore, presence of universities with global recognition adds to the reason to pursue construction management. The country is well known for their diversified curriculum of education, and some of the best universities to study construction management includes University of Leeds, Loughborough University, University of Liverpool, Cardiff University and University of Nottingham. Studying construction management projects from UK helps in equipping the graduates with the technical and practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge to manage projects and people with the construction industry.  

Popular Courses Construction Management In The UK

Some of the popular courses or master programmes of construction management that can be pursued by the students in the UK includes construction project management, advanced project management in construction, construction engineering and management, construction management and economics, civil engineering with professional practice, construction management, building and construction information management, digital construction, civil engineering and construction management, urban planning and civil engineering, construction science and management, management of durable construction and advanced design and structural design, Construction and Real Estate Management, advanced engineering management, online international construction management and online construction management project, Construction Project Management with Building Information Modelling. 

Duration Of Construction Management In UK

a) Undergraduate students

b) Graduate students

c) Post graduate students

1 years

3 to 4 years

1 to 2 years

Cost Of Studying MS Degree In UK

a) Undergraduate students

b) Graduate students

c) Post graduate students



£12000 -£35000

UK is the most preferred destination to pursue master’s degree after the United States, and it is reported that 8.6% of the international students prefers UK as the suitable destination to study masters’ programs. In UK, pursuing a course in post graduate are cheaper than pursuing undergraduate courses. The fees of undergraduate degree are subject to certain caps, and the universities in UK themselves set the fees for the master’s programs. It is implication of the fact that opting for the degree in the same subject could cost more or less than the others.

Cost for different types of master’s degree in UK are different and the difference arises because of the difference in the way universities are funded. Most of the cost of living for pursuing masters in UK would account for the living cost and tuition fees. Tuition fees for international students and home students, and costs incurred for getting admission to the private universities is considerably higher. 

Cost Of Living In The UK

Since early 2021, the cost of living in the country such as UK has been increasing and in October, 2022, the annual inflation rate has increased to 11.1%, and it is all time high since the 41 years. The affordability of goods and services in the country including the education is affected by the higher rate of inflation. Cost of living in the UK has been increasing, and it requires the students, particularly international students to be mindful of their expenditure in relation to studying courses or pursuing degrees in the country. The cost of living in the country varies and depends on different factors such as spending habits, lifestyle and habits. Other factors that influence the living cost in the country includes the housing choice to the frequency of travel.

Estimated cost of living can be computed based on the time duration that would be spend in the country. Compared to the other countries of the world, UK can be the most expensive as it is most pursued and sought after countries for the international students. Majority of the cost of living for the international students consist of tuition fees, and student can opt for on campus and off campus living in UK. For the students intending to live on campus, the cost of living varies depending on the campus and university. On other hand, there is also a variation in the cost of living off campus because of inclusion of factors such as meal plans and housing chosen.

There are few benefits for the international students in terms of cost of living if they opt to live off campus. The extra benefits are not in the form of reduction in the cost of living, but some of the amenities such as utilities that is often a part of the rent, off campus housing areas, access to some private environment and appealing housing structures. Cost of living also involves the transportation cost, and the price of transportation varies from the type of transports. It also includes miscellaneous expenses such as heating, gas, water, electricity, mobile tariff and internet. 

Cost of living incorporates different costs such as housing price, cost of domestic bills, rental costs, telecommunications, utility bills, cost of foods and drink, cost of public transportation, social security and taxation, healthcare costs and cost of education. For the international students, compared to citizens of UK, tuition fees are higher, and it is indicative of the fact that the general living expense in the country is substantially higher, and it sometimes difficult to afford. Compared to the international fees, domestic fees are lower for the students. If the students opt for studying in the private university, they would be treated in the same way as UK students. 

Construction Management In The UK With Scholarships

Universities of UK offering the programs in the construction management also offers a number of taught scholarships to the international students. In particular, master students are offered with an extensive range of scholarships by the University, while some awards are provided to the students directly, and allocation of others are done by sponsors or donors, and some of them are jointly funded. For instance, M.Sc., scholarship is provided to the students by the school of construction management and engineering at the University of reading.

The previous academic achievement forms the basis of scholarship provided to the students. The scholarship offered are open to the international students as well as students from EU/UK so that they can pursue program of master degree. The objective of program is to provide the students with necessary funds to further help them in the career development by teaching them knowledge and skills.

However, there are eligibility for the scholarships in terms of eligible countries, eligibility criteria and eligible subjects and course. With the help of scholarship programs, student would be able to utilize the resources from the day one of admission to the University. Some other universities offer a wide range of financial rewards in the form of scholarship that assist undergraduate and post graduate students with their educations.

There are different scholarships that can be applied by the international students intending to pursue the programs of masters in the construction management in the UK. These scholarships include Hornby scholarship, JN Tata Endowment Scholarship, MSc Scholarship in Construction Management and Engineering, scholarship of Residential Construction Management, Early Bird Reward, British Chevening Scholarships 2021, Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Program Scholarship, Commonwealth Scholarship and GREAT scholarship. 

Indian students studying abroad can opt for Hornby scholarship, and the benefit of such scholarship varies. Scholarship of residential construction management by Houzz is open to graduate and undergraduate students of the construction management who have interest in pursuing the course of residential construction management. Common wealth countries student studying master’s degree in UK are offered with the British Chevening Scholarships 2021. All Indian students who are studying in the UK are offered with the GREAT scholarship. A range of postgraduate scholarships to pursue the course of construction management is also offered by Kingston University, and this includes inspiring the postgraduate scholarships for international students and future scholarship. Alumni of the University are also offered with the discount such as progression scholarship and alumni discount.

Overseas students are offered with a variety of bursaries and several scholarships. Apart from all this, there are other sources of fundings available from the external organizations such as fellowship plans, commonwealth scholarships, Marshall scholarship, Chevening and Fulbright awards. Loyalty bursaries are offered to the overseas student where 10% discount on the tuition fees are provided to the students who have completed a exchange programme or degree at the University or to those who have a family connection with the University. 

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Here are some of the top universities in the UK to study a Master's in Construction Management:

  1. Imperial College London
  2. University College London (UCL)
  3. University of Bath
  4. University of Cambridge
  5. University of Sheffield
  6. University of Leeds
  7. University of Southampton
  8. Glasgow Caledonian University
  9. University of Salford
  10. Loughborough University

This list is not exhaustive and the ranking of universities may vary depending on the ranking organizations, so it's advisable to research and compare the programs offered by these universities to determine which one is the best fit for your goals and interests.

A Master's degree in Construction Management in the UK typically covers a range of subjects relevant to the construction industry, including project management, construction law, sustainable construction, and building economics. The scope of the program may also include hands-on experience through internships, practicums, or capstone projects, preparing graduates for careers in various areas of the construction industry, such as project management, construction consulting, and building inspection.

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